Mafia Round 13 - Unlucky Days in Akonyland (BO wins on Day 1

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Mafia Round 13 - Unlucky Days in Akonyland (BO wins on Day 1

Postby Akonyl » August 9th, 2010, 7:15 pm

NOTICECertain people did not receive certain important PMs regarding the happenings of Night 1 and Night 2. They have now received them.

You let our a scream as you jolt upright in your bed, waking up to the sound of rain and thunder. You wipe your brow, which like the rest of your body, is drenched in a cold sweat. Was that... was that all a dream? You remember nothing more than bodies in the streets, the hangings of innocents and guilty alike, and the foaming of the mouths of your friends and allies. It all seemed so vivid, but yet, you can't seem to remember how it finished...

But one thing consoles your soul: a formal invitation to a dinner party in Akonyland. It may not be the most exciting thing in the world, and you question if you really want to go, but at least it'll take your mind off of things. It's not like anything bad's going to happen...


Round 13 - Unlucky Days in Akonyland

prep phase begins: [iurl=][/iurl]
night 1 begins: [iurl=][/iurl]
day 1 begins: [iurl=][/iurl]
night 2 begins: [iurl=][/iurl]
day 2 begins: [iurl=][/iurl]
night 3 begins: [iurl=][/iurl]
day 3 begins: [iurl=][/iurl]
night 4 begins: [iurl=][/iurl]
day 4 begins: [iurl=][/iurl]
night 5 begins: [iurl=][/iurl]
day 5 begins: [iurl=][/iurl]
night 6 begins: [iurl=][/iurl]
day 6 begins: [iurl=][/iurl]
night 7 begins: [iurl=][/iurl]
day 7 begins: [iurl=][/iurl]
night 8 begins: [iurl=][/iurl]
day 8 begins: [iurl=][/iurl]
night 9 begins: [iurl=][/iurl]
day 9 begins: [iurl=][/iurl]
night 10 begins: [iurl=][/iurl]
day 10 begins: [iurl=][/iurl]
night 11 begins: [iurl=][/iurl]
day 11 begins: [iurl=][/iurl]
day 11 ends: BO wins. [iurl=][/iurl]

textfilez: [iurl=][/iurl]

Links to previous rounds:
[spoiler]Round 1: [iurl=][/iurl]
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Round 12: [iurl=][/iurl][/spoiler]

Ever wanted to fight against the Black Organization?

Or perhaps joining the Black Organization is more your style.  

Either way, Mafia is for you.

You don't know how to play Mafia?

[spoiler]SHAME ON YOU

But I suppose you should be informed. You can either look here: [iurl=][/iurl] ,
or here: [iurl=][/iurl] ,
for the basic rules.  However, we've added some rules of our own so be sure to read what's below as well.

In the game, each player is given a role, of "Mobster", "Townsperson", or something else depending on which additional roles are chosen by the GM.

The game has two phases: Night and Day. The game starts during a Night phase, and switches between the two until the mafia or townspeople win/lose.


-When night begins, all players with a night action will send the moderator (that's me!) a PM, depending on your role. If you are a Mobster, you PM me who you want to kill and that night and which one of you will be doing the killing. This is done by Anokata or, in the lack of Anokata, by any of the mobsters or the one they elect to be a leader.  The mobsters will also use PM the mod individually to use their special abilities (e.g. Gin's slander ability or Bourbon's investigative ability).  

-If you're a townsperson, you will also PM the moderator should your role call for it (e.g. Heiji with his interrogative powers or Megure's ability to investigate).  

-All results are pmed at the end of the night/beginning of the day (unless you died during the night) and the person who the mafia killed is announced in the thread.

-Once the night phase ends and the day phase begins, the Mafia will either have killed their victim (or failed to kill them).


-When day begins, the moderator will say what happened during the night (the results of what happened after everyone's PMs have been looked at), including who died (or if nobody died). All players who had an action during the night phase will get back the results of their actions via pm.  Afterwards, all remaining players vote on who to lynch under suspicion of being a mobster, and then that person is killed. Votes are sent via PM to the moderator (they won't be counted if you just post in the thread) and all votes are posted at the end of the day phase.  If there is a tie then nobody dies.  

-Some roles can have other actions during the day phase (e.g. Haibara's following ability and Hakuba's traveling) so these should also be sent to the mod via PM.  The results (if any) will be sent at the end of the day phase/beginning of the night phase.  

-At the end of the day phase and start of the next night phase, the voted player will be lynched. Rinse and repeat.[/spoiler]

GM: Akonyl

1: Khinkhun


10: Sherlock3

26: Rohoph

22: Xcommando: Night 2
18: nomemory: Day 2

6: Detective Tommy (Okiya- Night 1)
8: xpon (Megure- Day 2 APTX)
24: Dus (??? -Night 3)
19: Parkur (Jodie- Day 3 lynch)
25: Beastly (Agasa- Day 3 APTX)
20: Kaia (Hakuba- Day 3 APTX)
14: Schillok (???- Night 4)
13: Yurikochan(Akemi- Day 4 lynch)
4: Abs: (Arrested Day 2- Released Night 4, Day 4 APTX)
16: Laurell (Camel- Night 5)
15: James Rye(Pisco- Day 5 lynching)
2: PhoenixTears(Takagi- Night 6)
3: Holmes(Kid-Araide- Day 6 APTX)
28: bluekaitou1412(Makoto- Day 6 APTX)
5: Ctu(Mitsuhiko- Night 7)
12: pofa(Gin- Day 7 Lynch)
23: Kleene Onigiri(James Black- Night 8)
21: Sebolians(Calvados- Day 8 Lynch)
27: delsie29(Genta- Night 9)
17: KainTheVampire(Ran- Night 10)
11: commi-ninja(Eri- Night 11)
9: Shuuichi Akai(Chiba- Day 11 lynch)


What? You're too lazy to PM people the old fashioned way? Well thanks to xpon, you're covered.

[spoiler]GM :

Player :
Detective Tommy
James Rye
Kleene Onigiri
Shuuichi Akai


Regarding starting times:
I can change phases between 7pm and 12am EST. However, note that the later the phase changes, the more likely I am to be a little late on it on weekends, though I'll try to not have that affect it.

(This topic subject to mass edits)
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Re: Mafia Round 13 - Unlucky Days in Akonyland (Subscription

Postby Akonyl » August 9th, 2010, 7:15 pm

General rules
- If you play in this game with more than one username, both usernames will be banned from this and all future Mafia games that are GMed by Rohoph.  Since it is also against forum rules to have multiple accounts, at least one of the accounts will also be deleted.
- Don't ask the GM for information about other players' roles or try to influence moderator tasks (e.g. ask them to not give certain hints).  It is frowned upon.
- You may not copy/quote/screenshot etc. the PM from the GM to prove your role to someone else. But you can claim to be a role, whether it's your real role or not.
- You can PM people and post without restrictions (except the GM stuff, see above) when you are alive. If you choose to talk while dead (PM or otherwise), you must be careful that you don’t give anything away, whether it’s your suspicions, results of actions, deductions, etc.  Don't ruin the spirit of the game.  When in doubt, refrain.
- You may fake/quote/edit other players PM, just not the GM ones. However, the posting or PMing of other players’ PMs via screenshots are prohibited.
- If you don't have time or you'll travel somewhere and can't play for some days or you want to quit the game completely, at least notify the GM.
- In case you can't play for a number of phases, you can make a list of actions (Day 2: Vote for Akonyl Night 3: Slander Kleene etc.) If you have allies from the beginning (BO, Lover, DB's or friends) you can give them the command over your character for those phases only by PMing the GM that your ally/allies can submit actions for you for those phases.  If the GM notices that you have not come online for a number of days without such a PM (for example in the case of natural disaster, death, etc.), it is up to the GM's discretion what happens to your character.
- If your PM confuses the GM, the GM will smash it into a billion pieces.

- You have to PM the GM directly to vote/use your ability. Posting in the thread doesn't count. Multi-recipient PMs don’t count.
- If Vermouth and KID are in the same game and choose the same person to disguise as, they will both disguise as the same role and the targeted individual will get a new role.
- DB's (Ayumi, Genta, Mitsuhiko), Friends (Sonoko + Best Friend), and Lovers will not overlap.
Order of actions
- If multiple incompatible actions are submitted by a player, the last one before time is up is the one that will go through.
- Arrest > House Search > Protection charm > APTX > Discombobulating > Killing > All other actions
Example 1a:
Akonyl) Arrest Abs. for killing Kleene on Night 1.  Investigate if pofa slandered conia.
Abs.) Kill Akonyl.
Result: Akonyl arrests Abs.  Abs. does not get to kill Akonyl.  Akonyl investigates if pofa slandered conia.
Example 1b:
Akonyl) Investigate if pofa slandered conia.
Abs.) Kill Akonyl.
Result: Abs. kills Akonyl.  Akonyl does not get investigation results.
Example 2: (Day 3)
Beastly) APTX pofa = Satou.
pofa) Arrest Beastly for killing Laurell on Night 2.
Result: pofa arrests Beastly.  Beastly does not get to use APTX on pofa.  APTX is confiscated. (See APTX under Day actions)

General definitions
Everyone can vote during the Day Phase, whether you're a Townsperson or a Mafia member.
You're dead
You're not in Japan
You're arrested
You're dying (this is different from injured)
You were hindered by an ability (e.g. Tequila)
Each player’s vote is made public at the end of the Day phase, unless Voice of Reason or Protect is applicable.
If a player investigates if another player committed a crime and the result comes back as TRUE, sometimes a random player with a police role will be tipped off that "(ROLE A) (crime) (ROLE B)."  The report will make sense, e.g. “1412 stole from Araide,â€
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Re: Mafia Round 13 - Unlucky Days in Akonyland (Subscription

Postby Akonyl » August 9th, 2010, 7:15 pm

Special Abilities
[spoiler]Prep. actions
Roles with Prep. Actions: Vermouth, 1412, Yumi, Sonoko, Hakuba, Makoto

* Disguise
- Roles with that action: Vermouth, 1412
- The player chooses a number of players to disguise as. (GM tells how many players to choose) The player will then disguise as that role and be able to use their actions, just like being that role.
- Scent won't be taken. So KID disguised as Akai or Okiya etc, won't have a scent.
- You choose player names (Akonyl, conia etc.) not roles names (Agasa, Heiji etc.) or roles (Detective, Police etc.)
- The player who originally had that role will get a different role. He will not know that anyone has disguised as his previous role. He will not know that he got a different role either.
- They can't disguise as: BO members, Conan, Haibara, DBs (Ayumi, Genta, Mitsuhiko), and Prep. Phase roles (Sonoko, Yumi, Vermouth, 1412, Hakuba, Makoto)
- If 1412 and Vermouth choose the same player, then both will disguise as that player. So 1412 and Vermouth can both be disguised as Ran. But there will be no true Ran in the game.
- The player will have items from his original role and from his disguised role. So he can have 2x gun in case 1412 or Vermouth disguises as a Police officer.

* Amor
- Roles with that action: Yumi
- Chooses 2-4 pairings to be Lovers (GM tells how many exactly)
- Yumi can choose a player just once. So he can't choose: AkonylxKleene AND AkonylxCallid. He needs to change it into AkonylxKleene and ConiaxCallid for example.
- There can be all pairings that the player chose or just 1 pair or 2 pairs etc. Yumi won't know which pairs really became lovers and which didn't.
- There exists a random factor that none of the pairings chosen by Yumi will actually work out, even if Yumi has chosen valid pairings.
- If Yumi does not choose Lover pairings, the GM will choose them with the help of These pairings are still subject to the same conditions as above. But Yumi will not know anything.

* Friendship
- Roles with that action: Sonoko
- Sonoko chooses a list of players she wants to befriend. (GM tells how many players to chose)
- Sonoko will befriend randomly one of these players. They will become friends and will know the identity of each other.
- Roles she can't befriend: DB's, Lovers and BO members except Vermouth.
- If she befriends Vermouth, she will befriend the disguised role and will not know that it's Vermouth. Sonoko will stay as a Townsperson and will not join the BO.
- If Sonoko befriends 1412, she will also know the disguised role and not that he’s 1412 disguised as someone. 1412 has the freedom to tell Sonoko that he's 1412 or not.
- When Sonoko's friend dies because he/she was killed by the BO, she will learn the attacker’s identity. She will not learn the identity when her friend was sniped or killed with the APTX.
- Sonokos ability > Yumis ability so Friendship > Lovers
During the prep phase, if Sonoko chooses her friend and Yumi happens to choose the same people as Lovers, then Sonoko’s ability comes first. So the players that got chosen as Best friends and Lovers, will become best friends and not lovers.

* Traveling
- Roles with that action: Hakuba, Makoto
- They can choose if they want to travel during the preparation phase by sending a PM to the GM.
- If they do they will be on the plane during Night 1, so they can't use their action during that night. They will arrive during Day 1 and can participate in voting or use their Day-ability (Makoto).
- see more details under Night/Day actions

Night actions:
Roles with Night actions: Gin, Vodka, Pisco, Tequilla, Irish, Chianti, Korn, Bourbon, Akemi, Okiya, Eisuke, Megure, Satou, Takagi, Shiratori, Chiba, Yumi, Akai, Jodie, James, Camel, Shinichi, Heiji, Conan, KID, Hakuba, Kogoro, Araide, Eri

* Investigate #
- Role with that action: Gin, Megure, Satou, Takagi, Shiratori, Chiba, Yumi, Akai, Shinichi, Heiji, Conan
- The player can Investigate a certain number of actions "#". He can only Investigate the actions that are happening in the same night he's Investigating. He may not Investigate actions from previous nights, or Day actions.
- He may investigate if someone is disguised.
- Can be discombobulated. Then the Player won't get any results but a "failed action" as a PM
- If a discombobulated action is investigated, then the action will be shown as "false", because the action wasn't done in the end.
- Healing/First Aid; Investigate/Special Investigate are considered the same actions.
- Black Suitcase actions appear as if they were legitimate actions.
- Example: conia(Vermouth) is disguised as Ran. Akonyl slanders conia. conia kills Ctu. pofa(Araide) heals xpon. Kleene Onigiri (James) investigated Schillok.
"Akonyl Slanders conia" - True
"Akonyl Kills Ctu" - False
"conia is Disguised as Ran" - True, but you don't know if Conia is Vermouth or 1412
"conia is Disguised as Vermouth" - Invalid investigation, since you need to ask for the disguise
"conia Disguised" - Invalid investigation, you need to ask for a disguise
"pofa Heals xpon" - True
"pofa uses First Aid on xpon" - True
"Kleene Onigiri Investigates Schillok" - True
"Kleene Onigiri Special Investigates Schillok" - True
"Kleene Onigiri Fake Investigates Schillokâ€
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Re: Mafia Round 13 - Unlucky Days in Akonyland (Subscription

Postby Akonyl » August 9th, 2010, 7:15 pm

[spoiler]You let our a scream as you jolt upright in your bed, waking up to the sound of rain and thunder. You wipe your brow, which like the rest of your body, is drenched in a cold sweat. Was that... was that all a dream? You remember nothing more than bodies in the streets, the hangings of innocents and guilty alike, and the foaming of the mouths of your friends and allies. It all seemed so vivid, but yet, you can't seem to remember how it finished...

But one thing consoles your soul: a formal invitation to a dinner party in Akonyland. It may not be the most exciting thing in the world, and you question if you really want to go, but at least it'll take your mind off of things. It's not like anything bad's going to happen...



[spoiler]Having fallen back asleep after your rude midnight awakening, you are awoken by the meowing of a black cat outside your window. Eager to shut it up, you jump out of bed (swinging your left leg out of bed first), throwing yourself onto your feet. Unfortunately, you accidentally hit your bedside table, knocking over a salt shaker, spilling little white granules of salty goodness everywhere. Fortunately, this seems to startle the cat, which then jumps off of your windowsill. Unfortunately, an owl then decides to perch on the windowsill, staring intently at you. Fortunately, it is apparently afraid of you, as when you swing your fist at it in a sleep-induced rage, it flies off again.

...unfortunately, you broke the window, which actually wasn't a window, but a mirror, showing the reflection of the window on the opposite side of the room. How could you have missed that? You check your clock, and notice that due to a bad night's sleep, it's already noon and you should probably get going if you want to be at the party on time. It's a long way to Akonyland.

While everyone gets dressed, some people seem to have more important things to do before getting in the car.[/spoiler]


[spoiler]Your drive ends at the end of the paved road, where the road is replaced by a wooden bridge that clearly looks too unstable for a car to drive across. Noting this, you park in the nearby grass, and exit your car as everybody else arrives. After watching the seventeenth car come over the horizon, it seems that nobody else is coming, so you cross the bridge into Akonyland with the rest of the guests.

Though none of you know where you're going, you still manage to find your way into town without any problems, almost as if guided by some magic hand. You find yourselves in a stone-paved circle surrounded by houses, where three children seem to be playing. There's something oddly peculiar about this scene, but you can't quite put your finger on it, and as much as you puzzle over it, you can't seem to see what's wrong...

But you quickly realize that you don't care, because across the circle is a building that looks very much like the one in the invitation. Thinking of course that that must be the place, everybody rushes towards the building, hungry after their long drives. As you approach the building, you notice a man standing outside the doors. He notices the group, and turns towards you.

Man: "Ah! You must be the guests for the dinner party. I was waiting for you, because I seem to be in a bit of trouble right now. You see, I came here to check up on the proceedings, but the doors are locked, and I seem to have lost the key... can you help me force it open?"

You look at the man with a puzzled expression. There is something about this man that just seems a bit off, too, you think. Maybe it's his tackily striped shirt, maybe it's that badge that you could swear was made out of paper, but you're not really sure. Then, you're struck with a realization...

...he, and the three children, all have the same face. Why do they have the same face? How did you not notice this earlier when the children had man-faces? Especially sinec one of them was wearing a dress? Nonetheless, your grumbling stomach ignores your confusion, and tells you to break down the door, a sentiment you agree with. The group forces its combined efforts on the doors, and though they seem futile at first, eventually the doors swing open, revealing what seems to be quite the expensive mansion. And it looked so bland on the outside...

Man: "Thank you all. Now, the dining hall should be this way, where the mayor will hopefully be waiting for you all. Come along, now. Mayor, the guests have... WHAT?!"

You wonder what the man's so shocked about, so you all run into the dining hall with him. It's then that you notice the food on the table. It's quite a tragedy, it's all strewn about, and covered in some nasty looking red liquid. And then of course, there's always the body on the floor. Wait... the body on the floor? The detective rushes to the body and smells it.

commi-ninja: "But... I wanted to lynch him..."
Man: "Hmm, time of death: inconclusive. Cause of death: unknown. No traces of foreign DNA, either. I don't know which one of you did this, but you're good... real good."
delsie29: "W-wait... what? One of us?"
Officer: "Yeah, you heard me. My name is The Officer, and I hereby arrest each and every one of you for the death of The Mayor!"
Schillok: "But you don't even have evidence!"
Officer: "Maybe not, but I certainly wasn't in here, and you're the only people I've seen around, so I see no reason not to believe it was you. Now, we're going to the prison! Get going!"

Maybe it's due to the confusion as to what just happened, but before you know it, you find yourselves in the prison. Or maybe, it's because the prison was next door. The officer turns to the jailor, who seems to be sleeping at his desk.

Officer: "JAILOR! Wake up! We have convicts!"
Jailor: "Mmmrr... hm? Yeah, yeah... and I bet they're guilty too, just like those two with the glasses..."
Officer: "Well, one of them is, and that's what matters! Now send them to their cells!"
Jailor: "Yeah, yeah... well, orders are orders, I guess..."

The jailor sighs, and sleepily gets up out of his chair. One by one, he locks each of you in your cells. As you're all sitting in your steel frame beds, thinking of how horrible this dinner party turned out and wondering why everybody looks the same, the lights shut off and a scream echoes throughout the prison. Curious as to what it was, you try to peek into the darkness from your cell's bars, but see nothing but pitch black. However, you realize that your cell door was never actually locked, and they didn't confiscate your things, either...[/spoiler]


[spoiler]As you're walking around the halls, the power turns back on, revealing that you weren't the only one with the bright idea to sneak out during the blackout. By now, nearly everyone is out of their cells, roaming the halls for one reason or another. The officer appears in the hallway, glaring at everyone. His forehead is noticeably bleeding.

Officer: "I SAID, YOU ARE ALL UNDER ARREST! And yet, not only do you not obey me, not only do you not remain in your cells, not only do you assault me, but you murder The Jailor, too!"

He points to the area near the front door, where The Jailor's body lies, with his throat slashed. There are various cuts and bruises on the body, but from the scene, the slashed throat is definitely the cause of death.

Officer: "Well, though the death is tragic, it gives evidence that there's probably more than one person doing these murders, as the modus operandi is different. Not to mention, the power here doesn't look like it was sabotaged, meaning it was a problem up at the power plant, for which you would need an accomplice. So... wait, wasn't there one more of you before?"

Sure enough, you all quickly realized that you were one person short. As you all turned your gaze to the hallway, you see the body of Detective Tommy (Okiya), lying in plain sight. How did you all miss it? You must have stepped over him, or something. Whatever, you didn't ever put much stock into the whole "respecting the dead" thing. There seems to be a large hole in his chest, inside of which a knife is placed. It doesn't look like the knife was the actual murder weapon though, it was just sort of... put in there. Like the dirty scavengers you all are, you rummage through his jacket, and find a diary with a single entry in it:

Night 1: I'm planning on cooking Yakitori tomorrow. I had all the ingredients except Sake and onions. I ran to the market and didn't find any Sake, and [color=red]forgot to buy onions. Tomorrow I plan to look for some sweet Vermouth as a substitute. I also had a weird dream that this onion tried to befriend me... I decided to befriend her but didn't tell her anything about myself.[/color]

You question why anybody would write about their grocery shopping, and not about the amazing journey to Akonyland they were about to embark on.

Officer: "That... is... it. One of you here is a viscious murderer. And quite frankly, I'm not gonna take it anymore. I'm gonna find you, and I'm gonna shoot you, and that's that."

He pulls out a revolver, and starts tapping his foot.

Officer: "Go ahead, discuss who you want me to shoot. It makes no difference to me, I know one of you's the killer, and we need to get this cleared up quick. It's almost night time."

Clearly, this guy is crazy. But you have a feeling that if you don't tell him who to shoot, he might just shoot you all. And who would want that?[/spoiler]


[spoiler]Nobody seems to want to be the one to start the arguing as to who should get shot by The Officer, because really, none of you wants to get shot. Well, except one of you, apparently.

xcommando: "...well... I mean, Abs. said he wanted to get killed..."

This is apparently all it takes to set the prison on fire, as half of the group starts shouting as to who they would rather have shot than themselves. The group's argument continues, with nobody seeming to reach a definitive conclusion. But among the names, The Officer hears one name a bit more often than the others.

Officer: "Well then, say your prayers, you dastardly villain!"

???: "NNNNNnnnnnnnnnOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo...!"

As the bullet is fired, someone in the group dives in the way of the gun. With a loud bang, the bullet rips through the person's shoulder and sprays a shower of blood onto the group. The Officer is shocked.


???: "Just... a flesh wound."

Officer: "Oh, well then, if you say so. I applaud your bravery, truly you are a fine specimen of bravery, who does their job well. I wish I could say the same for all the rest of you, though... just look at this pair of handcuffs laying on the ground, it seems like one of you must have tried to arrest somebody and failed miserably. So, whoever did that can't even do his job right. I bet he would be suspended from the police force temporarily if anyone found out about this. And guess what? I found out about it! So, I'll just keep these for a bit, and make sure whoever failed at this arrest can't do anything. I mean, if I had my cuffs taken away, I'd be pretty demoralized too.  Really, they should take some notes from me, after all, I just arrested 26 people at once! The fact that you're not still locked up is all The Jailor's fault."

The Officer looks at his watch.

Officer: "Well, it's getting late, so I'm going to have to release you, this prison isn't a very safe place at night, even for murderers. So, I'll show you to your rooms in the Multicolor Mansion! The Prismatic Palace! The Chromatic Chateau! Actually, it's just the top floor of The Mayor's house, but it's pretty colorful. As a matter of fact, every room's a different color. Isn't that a fun little fact? Well then, come along now. We have to get going to Mount Akonylest tomorrow to investigate the power plant there. Well, anyway, let's get going."

As you all leave the prison, you see the children again. However, it looks like one of them is passed out on the ground, and the "girl" must have tripped over him, because her legs are scuffed up badly, and she's crying. You sort of feel bad for her, but you're relived that the fat one at least doesn't seem to be hurt yet. A clocktower you hadn't noticed before sounds its bells in front of the setting sun. Looking at the hands, you see that the time seems to be 8:18...

You arrive back at The Mayor's house, passing the doors where the dead mayor still sits slumped over in his chair, and up the staircase to the second floor. As the sunlight streams through the windows, it hits the gold trim on the walls, illuminating the hallway, with its grey walls, patterned with pictures of The Thinker, that one statue you remember seeing that one time. The Officer leads you all to your rooms, which seem to have no lights aside from the light streaming in from the hallway, and a single candle.

Officer: "Well then, I'll be in a room downstairs if you need me."

As he's walking away, you hear him say one last thing.

Officer: "Oh, and don't touch anything..."[/spoiler]


[spoiler]Officer: "Rise and shine, people, the sun's backup and it's time to go!"

As everyone leaves their rooms, a common theme can be seen... not many people got a good night's sleep. Xcommando and kleene are rubbing their backs, Sherlock3 and Khinkhun are both shaking visibly with a paranoid look in their eyes, PhoenixTears and nomemory are holding their stomachs, Kaia, Schillok and xpon are all crying, and commi-ninja, shuuichi akai and CTU have various scratches on their faces.

On the other hand, Dus, Abs., James Rye, Rohoph, Conia, Sebolains, delsie29 and Parkur seem like they got a good night's rest. Yurikochan looks like she had a great night's sleep.

Nobody bothers to take note of the condition of Laurell, Holmes, Beastly, BlueKaitou1412, KainTheVampire, and pofa.

The Officer sighs.

Officer: "Well, looks like a lot of you fell victim to the wiles of the Hued Hall. Though it looks like I did too, I could have sworn I left some salads around here, but I can't seem to find them..."

The Officer looks over the crowd.

Officer: "Hm...? That's odd... I could have sworn I counted things right earlier, but it seems as if I was completely wrong. And hey there, what's up with you, xcommando?"

xcommando: "I seem to have been arrested."

The Officer looks slightly shocked.

Officer: "Well would you look at that, it seems we might have a competent officer around here after all! Good show, mystery man. Well then, we should be leaving, let's go everyone!"

Everybody walks down the stairs, away from the Hued Hall, and out the front doors. However, The Officer seems to be lagging behind, looking at something in the Dining Hall, and when he finally exits the front doors, he looks visibly worried.

BlueKaitou1412: "Uhh... what's the matter exactly?"

The Officer snaps a glare at the group and pulls out his revolver again.

Officer: "5 more bullets in this thing... one of them's going to find you. I know you're still here, mocking me. Hahaha... do you think this is funny? DO YOU? Well LOOK WHO'S LAUGHING NOW! So go ahead, name your names, but I'm finding you today!"

You're not quite sure what he's talking about, but you feel like you should start naming names...[/spoiler]


[spoiler]Once again, arguments abound, and once again, they're pretty much about the same two people. This time though, the demand for blood is clearer: Everyone wants nomemory's blood.

Officer: "Alright then, you heard the crowd. This time, I'm not missing, this time, you're gonna die."

nomemory: 9
  Kleene Onigiri
xpon: 2
Beastly: 2
Schillok: 1
Sherlock3: 1
  James Rye
Parkur: 1
Bluekaitou1412: 1
Conia: 1

The Officer pulls back the hammer, ready to shoot.


As the bullet is fired, a pair of handcuffs flies out of the crowd, deflects the bullet, and boomerangs around in the air, attaching to nomemory's wrists.

nomemory: "I... I seem to have been arrested."

Everyone is stunned, not knowing quite where the handcuffs came from, or how you manage to make a pair of handcuffs boomerang.

Officer: "...I... I don't even know anymore. Is it so much to ask to be able to shoot someone? Really? I don't think so... *sigh* oh well. Well anyway, we should get moving, because we..."


A second pair of handcuffs is thrown into the air, and does a few flips before coming back down, on the wrists of Abs.

Abs.: "I'm arrested? This is almost worse than that Christmas where dad got me a rock for a present, then took it away and told me I didn't deserve it..."

The Officer looks stunned.

Officer: "Well, now that we've gotten THAT out of the way, are there any MORE interruptions?"

xpon: "Ah!"

The Officer sighs.

Officer: "What now, xpon?"
xpon: "Ah, guh!"
Officer: "What is it, man?!? Spit it out already!"
xpon: "Gack!"

Xpon promptly coughs up a lung (literally) and dies. The body of xpon(Megure) falls to the ground. Well, it's more of a roll, really. Because it's Megure.

Officer: "Well, at least his cause of death is clear. What a pity, I've lost many friends to nocakeitis and decoffeetion. Truly, terrible ailments... we will have to get him an olive coffin, fitting of his... stature. Speaking of which, I should probably get those arrested fellows their rose, magenta and emerald rooms set up at some point in prison for when they move in... and hey... what's that sound?"

The low humming can be heard all around you, slowly getting louder and louder. It sort of reminds you of a soccer game, but suddenly you see the source of the noise as thousands upon thousands of bees swarm the area. As the sky becomes filled with the devilish insects, it seems The Officer is nowhere to be seen, and soon, the sky becomes so thick with bees that you can't even see at all, much less move through the swarm.

It doesn't seem like the bees are attacking you though, as if they have some other purpose. However, you remember back to that one time you took a class in beelzetongue... you could probably tell the bees to do what you want them to tonight, as long as they're here.[/spoiler]


[spoiler]As the bees dissipate, everyone looks around to make sure everyone's okay. Thankfully, it looks like there's no bodies laying around. Another night without bloodshed, it seems! However, it looks like The Officer is still nowhere to be seen... until you see the top of a barrel pop open.

Officer: "Aha, it looks like the bees have gone. Why are you all looking at me like that? I've done nothing wrong. The bees were here to get me, you see, and I'd rather not escalate tensions so I'm just hiding out while they're here. Surely you must understand."

The Officer coughs.

Officer: "However, the fact of the matter still remains that there has been no bloodshed regarding the murder of The Mayor, The Jailor and that one fellow with the glasses. Sure, the killer could be arrested right now, but as I can't rifle through their pockets right now, I have no reason to believe that they are the perpetrators. Not to mention, there must have been an accomplice in the jail incident, and I doubt that BOTH of them are arrested right now. So, there's still someone among you that needs to be shot. Pow pow! But anyway, speaking of accomplices, we still need to scale Mount Akonylest to get to the power plant. Hopefully, we'll find some clues there as to what really caused the outage. So, we'll take one of the buses as far up as we can, then we can hike the rest of the way up. You can all argue about who I shoot when we're on the bus."

The group is led to the bus, along with the fat child from the town who seemed to want to get away from his friends.

Officer: "Now now, come aboard, and oh good, we have more blankets than I thought, you might want to take one from the pile in the back of the bus, it gets pretty cold up on the mountain. Also, I made a seating chart so you don't all fight over the window seats. Alright, you go in that seat, you there, you there, you go over there, you..."

The Officer looks at his sheet for a second, and then the group. He looks perplexed. Looking outside the door, he asks a rather odd question, which only one of you knows the answer to...

Officer: Where's Dus?[/spoiler]


[spoiler]As the bus drives up the mountain, the snow (it's a mountain, that's means it's snowy, of course) becomes thicker and thicker until the bus is forced to stop.

Officer: "Well, it looks like we have to stop here... I'd hoped that we'd get to the plant bridge at least, but it looks like we'll have to hoof it. Not that that's a big deal though, back in my day, we had to walk uphill in the snow both ways... well, we'll have to get going if we want to get to the plant before nightfall now, so let's get going."

The Officer seems to remember something as the group exits the bus.

Officer: "Oh, yes! I was gonna shoot somebody! Did you all decide who?"

The group seems somewhat reluctant, but the majority seems to silently point towards one person-- Parkur.

Parkur: 9
  James Rye
Yurikochan: 4
  Kleene Onigiri
James Rye: 1

Officer: "Oh, well then! Bang bang!"

The shot pierces through the silence of the mountain, and through the lava-colored blanket being worn by Parkur(Jodie), killing her instantly as it pierced her heart. The loud sound of the gunshot can be heard echoing throughout the vastness of the mountain.

Officer: "Oh, so once you all let me shoot someone, it's an innocent person, is it? Out to frame me, are you? Well, I won't take it! Just look at Kaia, laughing at me!"
Kaia: "Aghaghaghagh..."
Officer: "Don't mock me!"
Kaia: "Gackblaaaaaarrrrrg..."

The group is stunned as Kaia(Hakuba) coughs up a cup of tea, saucer and all. The group doesn't have too much time to be surprised though, because soon...

Beastly: "I have a rumbly in my tumbly. BLLLLLEEEEEHHHHH...!"

Beastly(Agasa) vomits up is lungs, throat, and even his spleen. You're not sure how that works. But it turns out that Beastly was indeed Agasa, the second of the fat men to die by vicious poison. As he falls, he drops something:

On nihgt 1 a guy named Xpon told me pls pls pls! Trust me, if you trust me tell me! My car keys was also stolen i knew i left it at my newest invention the automatic lock cabinet, but guess what it still got stolen.

On day 2: I gave pofa my stun gun. I don't know his name, but i think he'll be targetted.

On night 2: Nothing really happen

Once again, the crowd is stunned, not only by the death but also by the writing of a prolific inventor, but you still don't have much time to grieve, because soon a rumbling can be heard...

Officer: "Hmm? What's that? ...OH GOD AN AVA--"[/spoiler]


[spoiler]As the snow dissipates, it seems that the avalanche only passed nearby, saving the group from total white fluffy doom. For this, the group is pleased! The group is rather displeased at a random frozen corpse that was shipped right in front of them by the avalanche, though. It seems to be that of a woman in a suit with a badge, with a face matching The Officer, but you really pay no heed to it. After all, it looks like she's been dead a while... That seems to be the only body anywhere, but you know better! After performing a quick role-call, it seems that everybody is accounted for, except Schillok. He must have been swept away by the avalanche! Woe!

Suddenly, seemingly enraged for no reason, Abs. lets out a fearsome roar, raising his arms to the sky and shattering his bonds in the process.


Everyone looks shocked at what seems to have transpired in front of them. Did that... did that really happen? Since when was Abs. strong enough to shatter his handcuffs, and why didn't he do it earlier?

Abs.: "Ah, I mean... I'm free! Wooo!"
Officer: "Wh... what? How did you break free of the cuffs?!"
Abs.: "My lawyer said there was insufficient evidence of my crime, so I decided to break out!"
Officer: "Insufficient... insufficient evidence?! Is this all it takes for criminals to walk free, nowadays?!"

The Officer is noticably peeved.

Officer: "...well. We have to get moving, so you all can just decide who dies as we're going across this bridge. Move along, people! ...stupid prisoners..."[/spoiler]


[spoiler]As the group reaches the end of the bridge above the snow, they seem to reach a conclusion, all on their own! Nobody dissents to the decision, well, except the obvious dissenter, and Sebolains, who randomly grabs at Kleene Onigiri, but seems to get nowhere with his dragging attempt. The rest of the group knows who they want to kill, and it's Yurikochan!

Yurikochan: 13
  James Rye
  Kleene Onigiri
Rohoph: 1
Kleene Onigiri: 1

As the group picks up Yurikochan, she flails in an attempt to save herself, grabbing at Rohoph. The attempt is futile however, as she's thrown over the bridge nonetheless. As her body falls through the air, various items which the group recognizes as theirs fall out of her pockets, confirming that Yurikochan was Akemi. The story of a woman brought into an evil organization by her parents, but who wanted no part of it... it's pretty sad. As her body hits the snow, a loud crack is heard as her head hits the edge of a large concealed rock, almost like an eggshell splitting. However, her death is not mourned.

Officer: "Whoa whoa... hold on..."

The Officer looks shocked. And giddy. And giddyshocked.

Officer: " took the initiative to kill one of your own and I didn't even have to shoot one of you to do it? I'm... I'm so proud... a new batch of mur-- I mean, a new batch of justice-seekers to keep the world safe! I-it's so... *sniff*... beautiful..."

The Officer composes himself.

Officer: "...ahem. I mean, well we're here at the power plant anyway. It..."
Abs.: "Oh no..."
Officer: "What is it?"
Abs.: "Not agaaaaaaain! BLEERRGGH"

Abs. promptly vomits up fifteen spleens, and falls on the ground dead. In his pocket, an unsent letter can be found, which The Officer quickly snatches and opens.

Dearest Akonyl,


Ahem.  I have received your wonderful invitation and would be overjoyed to attend!  I cannot drive, so it seems I shall be hitching a ride with one of two people with CAR KEYS.  Either way, I am looking forward to it!  :D

I just bought a new book for the ride too!  It's called, "The Wonderous World of Akonyland," by James Bluestripe.  I hope it will give me a more deeper understanding of your country!

I was wondering if Everest was invited to the party too?  I happened to see her walking on the street a COUPLE of NIGHTS ago.  Horribly confused, it seemed she walked under a ladder while trying to find the panic room!  Wasn't sure why she wanted to go there in the first place though.  Maybe she was looking for an ex-friend?  I didn't talk to her, so I don't know.

I sure hope I won't run into any trouble with the law while I'm in Akonyland.  The book doesn't seem to cover the law (few tourist books do), so hopefully in case I am arrested it will only be for my own protection!  The jail there is pretty secure, right?  Maybe I should ask the other attendees if they are lawyers when I get there...

Anyway, take care and don't let any strange men try to usurp your power!  ILU Akonyl!

- Vodka, I mean Gin, I mean James Black, I mean Eisuke <3

Indeed, it seems that Abs.(Eisuke) has claimed his final role, as he dies from coughing up fifteen spleens (or perhaps, he died because he apparently had fifteen in the first place). Nobody really seems to mourn his death either though, because it's Eisuke, and nobody really liked that "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" story anyway.

Officer: "...aaaaanyway, it looks pretty dark though, obviously because the power's out, so you're probably not gonna be able to see a whole lot when we get inside. So, try not to bump into anything, you might get knocked out cold or something! Well then, everyone inside, now!"

As the group enters the darkened power plant, a few of you look back out at the light outside. Things seem to always go so badly when it gets dark, it seems. There even seems to be a shade looming on the bridge, almost as some omen of the bad things to come this night...[/spoiler]


[spoiler]Lightning jumps across the air in front of you, as the activation of two giant tesla coils signals the reactivation of the power plant, illuminating the building. Your attention is quickly drawn to the body of Laurell(Camel), who was fastened to the wall with a large metal pole, which the electricity quickly takes a liking to, electrocuting the body and promptly setting it on fire, making an aura of an aquamarine color as the electricity burned his usual green suit. If Laurell was holding a will, it's clearly destroyed by now.

Everybody looks, stunned, to The Officer, who was clearly respsonsible for the electrocution. His hands are still on a giant lever labeled "POWER".

Officer: "Whoa, hey, don't look at me like that. He was already dead before I turned it on, wasn't he? I mean, I sa... I found some evidence, anyway, here by the giant power lever. It's a book, labeled 'How to Properly Handle Explosives'. I'm sure this was dropped by the culprit, which means he's hiding somewhere in here. And if he isn't, there's only one other place he could be... but nonetheless! One of you did this, and I'm sure you all want to get your hands dirty with mob justice! You all did such a good job last time, after all, and I've only got three bullets left, I'm sure you'll murder someone else just as easily today. But, meanwhile, I'm gonna go look for clues!"

The Officer runs off, leaving the group alone with the quietly sizzling body and the loud crackling of the lightning overhead. You're not even sure why these things are in a power plant, but one thing you are sure of is that somebody did this, and somebody should pay for it. But who? Though some of you seem to have opinions on the matter, several others seem rather lethargic, as if unwilling to do anything. But deep down, everyone knows...

...there will be blood.[/spoiler]


[spoiler]As The Officer is off clue-searching, the group decides on who they want to kill.

PhoenixTears: "I dunno... Rye?"
delsie29: "eh, sure, I mean why not?"
James Rye: "I'd rather kill Sherlock3, I mean why not?"
Khinkhun: "Man why are you trying to kill Sherlock3, what's up with that anyway?"
CTU: "Yeah, that's pretty weird."
Commi-Ninja: "Well, we may as well."
Sebolains: "Well, we could always kill Kleene..."
Kleene Onigiri: "I mean, if we don't have anyone else to kill..."

James Rye: 6
  Kleene Onigiri
Sherlock3: 1
  James Rye

The group decides, rather lethargically, to kill James Rye. Well, half of them do anyway, the other half is too busy picking the dirt from under their fingernails, or something. Those who did vote shamble over to the edge of a railing, and slowly push James Rye off the edge. Just before he falls over the railing, a piece of paper falls from his pocket:

You don't really know what it means, because you can't actually follow urls written on a piece of paper. So nobody really pays much attention.

Kleene Onigiri: "Oh, look at that."
Sebolains: "...I wanted to kill Kleene..."
Commi-Ninja: "How did I never notice those shady looking black and mauve clothes anyway?"
CTU: "Looks like James Rye was Pisco."
Khinkhun: "That's a lot of blood."
delsie29: "Well, at least we have another down."
PhoenixTears: "Yeah, that's pretty cool."

Someone from the other group who didn't take part in the voting overhears this.

???: "What, you got a BO? Wooo! Hey everybody, we got a BO member! Goooooo team!"

It seems like the rest of the group is reveling in the victory and claiming it as their own, though they didn't have much to do with it.

???: "Hey, Officer! Officer! We got another one! Aren't you proud? ...Officer?"

The voice echoes throughout the power plant, but no reply is heard except the faint reverberation, amongst the crackling of the tesla coils. It seems The Officer is nowhere to be seen.

As the group wonders where he could have gone, a gust of wind chills the group, leading them to a door in the back that they hadn't noticed earlier. Certainly, it must have been closed earlier, or the light would have shone through when the power was off, the group muses. Looking at the door, there seems to be a keyring used to unlock it, that looks an awful lot like the keyring The Jailor had, and there's a path of footprints that seem to be leading out into the snow...

The group follows the trail into the snow, and in the distance, they can see a castle. However, it seems that the closer the group gets, the thicker the snow begins to fall, until once again, the group is enshrouded in a blinding blizzard. And you all know what happens when you lose your ability to see...[/spoiler]


[spoiler]As the blizzard dissipates, everybody looks around for a body. Now that Pisco's dead, there should be one, right? It's not long before they find the body, lying in the snow slightly to the side of the path. It's PhoenixTears(Takagi), holding a note with a scarlet heart drawn on it:

Dearest Miwako Satou-san,

I’ve done something terrible and it resulted in the death of an innocent boy. I arrested him for his own protection, but if I had just left him there – if I hadn’t thought it would be better to let him out – he would still be alive now. There is nothing I can do now to make up for that horrible miscalculation, and for that I am truly sorry. His blood is on my hands now.

A plan between James Rye and someone who has identified herself as Kisaki Eri and myself, which was supposed to keep the boy safe for at least a little longer, went wrong. I think one of them must have lied to me about who they are.

This place – Akonyland, was it? – is twisted and disturbing. There are men and small children with the same face, and grapes underneath beds, and dancing men painted on the walls of the bedrooms in the Mayor’s house. I probably won’t be here much longer to wonder about it, though.

If you get this letter, it means they’ve probably killed me, like they killed Beastly and Kaia and the others, but I don’t know if it will be by poisoning or some other strange occurrence, like that FBI agent that was electrocuted or the one with the knife inside the hole in his chest.

Three times now, somebody has called me ‘Yumi’, but I don’t know where they heard her name. I don’t even know if she was also invited to this place. Maybe they dreamed it up. Some people did report having strange dreams earlier, after all.

It seems we had two thieves stealing things from us, but one of them is dead now. I haven’t heard of anything else being stolen since then, either. I wonder if that means the other thief is dead, too?

I know they’ve got you locked away somewhere. I hope more than anything you are still alive to see this. Take care of yourself.

I love you.

-Takagi Wataru

The group also realizes that because they all know James Rye was Pisco, he must have not had much time to rewrite the letter in the blizzard. What kind of person can't write in a blizzard? They also notice that this guy's face looks familiar, like they saw it on a badge, or something. Disabilities and oddities aside, they all realize what this means: that there is still someone else who needs to be murdered, an eye for an eye.

However, not wanting to decide immediately, they trudge through the snowy path, leaving the body behind as they discuss who they dislike the most. Eventually, their journey brings the group to the castle's front doors, which stand slightly ajar, exposing the darkness inside. Looking into the gap in the doors, the group gets a strange feeling of danger, leading them to pause and finalize their decision on who to kill. After all, it feels almost as if once they enter, most of them won't be leaving alive...[/spoiler]


[spoiler]Standing in front of the castle, it seems like the group comes to a conclusion. Together, the group picks up a large rock near the door. It's a group effort to pick up the rock, and much like a Ouija board, the rock seems to have a mind of its own, though really it was just the group's unconscious. With their minds on a common goal, the rock seeks out its target...

pofa: 3
Commi-Ninja: 3
Sebolains: 2
  Kleene Onigiri
Bluekaitou1412: 1
Holmes: 1

...which, as the group struggles to keep the rock held up, ends up being the feet of pofa and Commi-Ninja. The two curse heavily as they hop around, nursing their crushed toes. The rest of the people seem to be amused at the two and their toe situation. The group laughs, but their laughing is halted when someone who spent most of their time until now silent interjects.

Holmes: "Uhh, hey. I hate to break up the merriment, but... is there a doctor in the house? I'm not feeling too..."

Holmes promptly coughs up a large trout, and falls down onto the ground, dying.

Holmes: "Well, I guess not... I really shouldn't have taken the doctor's invitation, I guess..."

As Holmes passes away, the group recognizes that Holmes was Kaitou Kid, disguised as Araide. As his body lies still on the ground, the trout continues flopping on the ground nearby. The GM slaps Holmes around a bit with a large trout, you see. Noticing a surprising lack of items on the body, you wonder what that so-called "Magician of the Silver Sky" was doing with his time...

The fat kid who followed you onto the bus then, in his infinite wisdom, attempts to eat the large trout. Unfortunately, the trout came out of a poisoned person, and thus the kid dies too. You don't really take note of this, though, because it really feels like it should have happened four phases ago. You're not sure why, though! But then, yet another one of the quiet ones speaks up...

Bluekaitou1412: "Ugh... why did the doctor have to die first? Now I... BLEEEEERRRRRGH!"

Bluekaitou1412 promptly coughs up a karate uniform, and dies. It seems to be the gi that Bluekaitou1412(Makoto) used during his tournaments.

Feeling the aura of death surrounding them, the group hurries into the castle, which opens into a large hall with a staircase at the end, which splits in two and follows the walls to the sides. You feel like this is very cliché, somehow. You also notice a strance scene on top of the stairs: there are two men arguing, one of whom seems somewhat familiar.

Officer: "How many times must I say it? YOU. ARE. SO. STUPID! I told you to leave no evidence, and what do you do? You leave a book behind! The book I gave you because you're so stupid! Why are you so stupid? If you didn't leave evidence, we would have been able to end the investigation there easily and wrap things up neatly! We would have had all the time in the world to finish our plans once those pests were sent back home! The entire point of killing the mayor and that cop was so we'd be the only ones here! And look, you ruined it!"
Idiot: "S... sorry, when I shut down the power a bunch of bees came out and attacked me... I had to drop the book and run..."
Officer: "That's it! I'll never trust you with anything else! Now, I'll have to run back to the plant and wrap things up with them before they notice I'm missing. I..."

He turns to run down the stairs and sees the group.

Officer: "...see they're here already. See, look at what you did! No matter, they haven't gotten very far in, so I'll just send them away! Ahahaha!"

The man runs back to the wall, and pulls a giant lever, causing the floor beneath you to fall away, revealing a trap door. As you fall into the darkness, you hear him yelling after you.

Officer: "Have fun rotting in the dungeon... chumps!"

You all hit the ground with a loud thud, which sounds a bit more like a crack. It hurts a lot, to the point where you think you broke your butt. But more importantly, you realize it's completely pitch black down here... uh oh![/spoiler]


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Re: Mafia Round 13 - Unlucky Days in Akonyland (Subscription

Postby Akonyl » August 9th, 2010, 7:15 pm

[spoiler]After stumbling in the dark for a bit, one of you finds a torch on the wall, and lights it. Light, yay! But then, you all notice something scary! It's a long-forgotten skeleton, of what looks to be a high-school girl! Ahhhhhhh! Oh, and CTU(Mitsuhiko) is dead too, his body lying in a... pit of spikes? And the body's sizzling? Indeed, it seems that at one edge of the room, rather than a wall, there's a pit of spikes, filled with acid. Y'know, just in case anyone tried anything. You think maybe he just accidentally fell in during the darkness, but you're pretty sure there was foul play involved, as usual. But he is just a stupid kid, after all. One of you brave souls creeps over to the child's body, and takes a piece of paper out of his hand that's being held above the acid:

Well after everything that has happened I have no leads to go on I know there are a few more members of the ORG around, but I don’t have any new suspects…although there are a few people I trust and I hope everybody in the town will trust them like I did
And my fellow DB’s Ayumi and Genta

You note that only three of these people are actually still alive. How old is this will, anyway?

It's then that one of you points out that the room extends past the pit of spikes into the darkness, and it looks like there's a hallway over there, so you can escape! Freedom! Unfortunately, there's, you know, a pit of spikes in between you and the hallway. But then you get an idea, looking at Mitsuhiko's body...

If you took someone else, and put them on the spikes, with Mitsuhiko's body, you'd have enough of a bridge to jump across to the other side! You wonder if, had Mitsuhiko been an adult instead, you would have been able to cross without needing another body, but realize that there's no helping it now. The only question that remains is... whose body to use?[/spoiler]


[spoiler]After some bickering, the group comes to a conclusion. Pofa's body wasn't completely smashed by the rock, so why not try again? The group turns their gazes towards pofa, who shakes their head and laughs.

pofa: "Don't look so smug. I know what you're thinking, but this is merely a setback!"

pofa: 6
 Kleene Onigiri
Commi-Ninja: 3
Sebolains: 1

The group ignores pofa, and grabs a hold of their clothes, carrying them to the edge of the sizzling acid. As you push pofa into the pit, they scream their final words towards the group:

pofa: "My demise accomplishes nothing! The Organization will have you! You will drown in your own blood! The world shall burn! Aaaaaarggh!"

With the final scream, the body of pofa(Gin) becomes lifeless as the searing acid burns his body. Wasting no time, the group steps over his body, and to the other side of the pit. One person notes a small jade-colored notepad in pofa's pocket, and reads it:

Looks like a group mission. I’m bad with names, so I wrote down the names of all my fellow Org members very clearly so I wouldn’t make a mistake. Unfortunately, I seem to have lost the paper somewhere. Oh, well.

Went to a dinner party thrown by some weird guy named Akonyl, still not quite sure what the mission was. I think just kill everyone, which suits me. But for some reason we all got arrested. Things got intense when the officer started shooting people, but I can take care of myself. And they never searched us, so they don’t know about the poison. A couple of these guys who are looking at me wrong might find a surprise in their coffee tomorrow.
We got out of jail and spent a night in a weird house. The two on the other side of the wall from me were fooling around all night (I told her she should know better, you can’t trust anyone no matter what they say). The walls were thin and I think lack of sleep must have confused me, because it looks like that one guy wasn’t who I thought he was. But it doesn’t matter. We’ll get them all eventually.
We’ve been through power plants and blizzards and the killings are too few and far between for my taste. I’m taking a shot at the officer if we don’t get someone soon. Even if I'm suspected, it’ll be a relief to let loose and at least go down fighting.

You note that the note is much more calm and collected than pofa seemed before dying. Almost as if they were two completely different people speaking...

As the group turns into the hallway, they are immediately dismayed by what stands in front of them: a reinforced metal door. A few of the group members  pry at the door and bang on it, but to no avail- it seems you'll be stuck here. The group stands at the door, with a somber mood overtaking them, as a clanking sound can be heard from the other side of the door. As the door opens, the torchlight shines into the darkness on the other side, revealing the man who just opened the door. You're not quite sure how, but from what he's wearing, he could only be one person...

Mayor: "We... have to get out of here. There isn't much time."

Quickly, a gust of cold air from the newly opened hallway billows into the room, extinguishing the torch and leaving the group in darkness once more.

Mayor: "Come on, let's go. Follow my voice, don't fall behind! It's like a maze in here..."[/spoiler]


[spoiler]As the group runs through the tunnel, a shot rings out through the darkness. The flash of light is quick, so you can't make out who actually fired the bullet, just the sound of the victim quickly falling to the floor.

Mayor: "Dammit! Come on people, help me carry them, we need to stay moving! We might be able to save them!"

The group reaches the mouth of the labyrinth, finding themselves exiting a secret door in the wall behind the staircase they first saw. The group looks at the body, that of Kleene Onigiri(James Black), and is stunned. He is already dead, from what looks like a bullet that killed him instantly. The Mayor is visibly distressed.


The Mayor notes a riceball in James's hand, and picks it up. He takes a bite from it.

Mayor: "...just as moldy as ever... with a hint of plum... just how he always liked it... *sob* ...oh, what's this?"

The Mayor picks the remnants of a piece of paper out of his teeth, and reads it.

Distracted with cookies on Night 4,5, 6, 7.... maybe I should do something against my cookie addiction?

Mayor: "I told him... I told him those cookies would be the death of him. He told me he'd stopped... HE SAID HE WAS DONE WITH THEM!"

After his mourning, he rests the body on the ground, closes its eyes and turns towards the group.

Mayor: "I... I know I said that we have to keep moving, because we do, we really do if we want to stop that man. That man who killed the real Officer, and ruined my dinner party... all because he doesn't know the consequences of what he's about to do! But, we have no hope of stopping him if we have traitors... traitors capable of such heinous crimes... in our midst. I have seen the bodies of evildoers abandoned in the snow as I followed you here, so I know you're capable of finding them. So... please..."[/spoiler]


[spoiler]The group seems to come to a conclusion.

Commi-Ninja: "Well, we could always, like, kill Sebolains, for real this time."
delsie29: "Sounds like a plan!"
KainTheVampire: "We'll get the killer!"
Rohoph: "Y-yeah..."

Sebolains: 4
Conia: 3
Commi-Ninja: 1

The group mobs Sebolains, pummeling him with their shoes, for lack of other instruments. Unfortunately, their shoes don't seem to do a whole lot of good, leaving Sebolains lying on the floor, bloody, but very much alive.

Sebolains: "Heh... who thought it'd turn out this way? Well, if you punks can't finish the job, I guess I'll close the curtain myself..."

Sebolains pulls a revolver from his pocket, puts it under his chin and fires, ending the life of Sebolains(Calvados) in a gruesome, yet familiar way. The Mayor picks up the revolver and opens the chamber.

Mayor: "...4 bullets left... he's only killed one person before now. So, this wasn't the guy... But anyway! We can't spend all day sitting here, we killed one of them and that's good enough for now, we really must be going!"
Commi-Ninja: "Waaaaaaaaaaait a second. Why are we doing this anyway? Why can't we just go home? We haven't eaten in two days, now!"
Mayor: "Well, you see..."

The Mayor takes a deep breath. The group falls asleep.

Mayor: "To keep the story simple, we're currently in the castle of The Original, the one we have been created in the image of. Not just body, but mind, in a machine that continues to make more, in the depths of the castle. Years ago, The Original was in a fierce battle with the Bee Swarms, in a war we know not the reason for. We do know, however, that he devised a weapon of great destruction, that would be capable of destroying every bee in the world, causing the two sides to reach an uneasy armistice. He would never have used it though, he knew that the Swarms were necessary for the planet. But The Jailor... he is new, he knows not what he does! He has become driven mad by the bees, and seeks to use the weapon to destroy them all, and has killed The Officer and attempted to kill me in the process! We must hurry, to the tower!"

The group snaps out of their sleep.

Rohoph: "Mmmh... did you say something?"
Mayor: "If we don't stop him, the world is doomed!"
KainTheVampire: "Doomed?"
Mayor: "DOOMED!"
Commi-Ninja: "Doomed?"

As The Mayor flails his arms wildly and runs up the stairs, heavy cloud cover appears outside, cutting off all the light in the castle. It's almost so dark that...



[spoiler]With a brief parting of the clouds, a ray of sunlight shines through the windows and on to the still body of delsie29(Genta), who had clearly been murdered. You could tell this by the blood stain on his shirt, which stained the orchid-green fabric into an almost brown color. No, wait... that's just a really big chocolate stain. He is, however, bleeding out of the back of the head, and it appears the assailant must have shot him through the mouth. You search for a will, but all you get is smudges of chocolate and eel rice on your fingers as you rifle through his pockets. Why does he even have choclate and eel rice in his pockets? That's pretty disgusting.

But, you don't have much time to spare, so said the mayor, so you leave the body and start to lightly jog up the stairs (you're not that eager to save the world), to wherever The Mayor ran off to. As you reach the end of a long hallway, you come to the entranceway, where The Mayor is standing, catching his breath after shouting for so long and running around. In the center of the room stands the man in The Jailor, still in The Officer's uniform, and his sidekick The Idiot, in front of a giant contraption, which they both seem busy tinkering with. It's a rather menacing looking contraption, containing no less than seven mysterious crystals, and one large bee in a glass chamber. It might even be a young queen, whatever you would call that. All the crystals seem to be aligned towards the ceiling.

Jailor: "Add to that, tweak that, pull this, sl--"
Mayor: "Stop this, you fool! You will only destroy everything!"
Jailor: "Yes, for the bees, at least! I... wait... it's The Mayor! It's you! I was wondering where you had gotten off to! I saw your body disappear, and thought to myself 'drat, what if he escapes and divulges my plans?' and  'How did I not kill him the first time?', but here you are, not doing so! And not only that, but you seem to have done the work for me, bringing everyone here! And I can try killing you again!"
Mayor: "What are yo--"

A shot rings out, and The Mayor collapses to the floor, blood pouring out of his knee.

Mayor: "Aaagh! Jailor... what is this? Do you even know what you're doing?"
Jailor: "Ahahahahaha! Ahaha! Yes, of course I do! I'm bringing the victory that The Original could not! With this, we will be free! And now that such an unfortunate incident has befallen you, you'll stay put, as I put an end to these pests here too! And then I can kill you later! Two bullets left, here we go!"

The Jailor aims his gun at the group, ready to fire. Uh oh, who do you dislike enough to push into the line of fire?[/spoiler]


[spoiler]The group hustles to choose who they want to sacrifice.

Commi-Ninja: "Khinkhun!"
Khinkhun: "Rohoph!"
Rohoph: "No, you!"
Sherlock3: "We have to sacrifice Rohoph!"
KainTheVampire: "Are you crazy? Khinkhun!"
Conia: "Over my dead body! It has to be Rohoph!"

The two groups each succeed in pushing Rohoph and Khinkhun in the way. The two look at each other, frightened, and begin wrestling to get the other one in front of the bullet.

Jailor: "Aaaaaand heeeeereeeeee iiiiiit coooooooomes! Bang!"

Rohoph: 3
Khinkhun: 3

As The Jailor fires the shot, the two end up wrestling each other to the ground, causing the bullet to miss entirely. The group looks relieved, shocked and annoyed, at the same time. The Jailor looks even more annoyed.

Jailor: "I... AGAIN! AGAIN WITH THE LIVING! ALWAYS WITH THE LIVING! You have evaded my bullets too much. And now I only have one left! You aren't worth the time! You pests, I won't let you stop me!"
Mayor: "Stop this... now... man my leg is killing me..."

The Jailor hits a giant red button on the contraption, and the crystals begin spinning and discharging electricity. With a loud cracking sound, tendrils of lightning shoot from the machine, shattering the windows into thousands of pieces, one by one. As the rain billows in, being turned into a thick misty steam by the lightning, the shards of glass begin to rain down on the group. You all cover your heads to shield yourself from the downpour of rain and glass, obscuring your vision...[/spoiler]


[spoiler]As the last of the windows shatters, you're able to unshield your eyes and look at the scene around you. Glass litters the floor, and everyone is covered in cuts from the falling shards, but one person is definitely worse off than the others (even including The Mayor, who was cut pretty badly considering he's just lying on the floor defenseless). In the middle of the group lies the body of KainTheVampire(Ran), with shards of glass forced through her chest and neck. You would almost blame it on the falling glass, but really, you know better than that by now. She has been murdered! And, even though you could have sworn the glass had stopped falling, you hear the sound of shattering glass nearby, and the sobbing of one of your group members...

The Jailor laughs, as crazy-looking energy continues to shoot through the air, growing more powerful every second. And thus, you note that with every second, the world is closer to doom. Whether you care about this doom or not is another question.

Jailor: "Ahaha, even when I can't do it, you continue to do it for me! Marvelous! I know that I could keep it up to you, but I really want to get one more in! But I only have one more bullet... Mayor! Shoot them!"
Mayor: "What?! Why would I do that?"
Jailor: "Well, if you do it, maybe I won't kill you."
Mayor: "I don't believe you!"
Jailor: "Mayor, you do not yet realize your importance. You have only begun to discover your power. Join me, and I will mend that knee of yours. With our combined strength, we can end this destructive conflict and bring order to Akonyland."
Mayor: "I'll never join you!"
Jailor: "If only you knew the power of this machine. The Officer never told you what happened to The Original."
Mayor: "He told me enough, he told me you killed him!"
Jailor: "No, Mayor, I am The Original."
Mayor: "No. No. That's not true. That's impossible!"
Jailor: "Search your feelings, you know it to be true!"
Mayor: ", I'm pretty sure it's impossible. Heck, you're newer than me and we all know The Officer was a nutjob who you shouldn't trust a word from. And why do you need my strength anyway? I'm pretty sure you don't even need my help, if this machine is allowed to work everything will be destroyed anyway!"
Jailor: "...oh."
Mayor: "Seriously! You're the worst criminal ever! It's insulting that I'm probably gonna die because of you!"

The Jailor's eye twitches.

Jailor: "The worst... criminal? EVER? I... I won't stand for this. I'll show you how good I am. Just watch! I'll shoot someone, just you watch!"

The group sighs. This again? At this point

Jailor: "One more bullet, I can do it! I think I can I think I can I think I can..."

The Jailor takes a deep breath.

Jailor: "Ready, set..."[/spoiler]


[spoiler]As the bullet's about to be fired, a voice of reason shouts out from the group.

Eri: "Wait!"
Jailor: "G-- wait, what?"
Eri: "This is stupid! This whole thing is stupid! And you know what? You're stupid!"
Jailor: "Psh, you act as if that's a good insu--"
Eri: "And your gun is stupid too!"
Jailor: "Wh... what?!?! I... I can't believe this. I really can't. Here I was, all pumped to kill you, and now... and now... I... I... ARGH!"

The Jailor gets so mad that it's almost like steam is coming from his head. In reality though, that's just the machine behind him, getting closer to its critical mass of doom. As the group is looking at him, they hear the sound of clanking metal nearby. It seems somebody has dropped a pair of handcuffs.

Jailor: "Wahaha! It looks like someone's still trying to arrest the ne'er-do-wells, but being unsuccessful! I bet they won't be able to do any pesky arrestings or investigatings for a while! I don't even know if you'll all be alive for that long, ahahaha!"
Eri: "Give it up, Jailor! We'll put an end to you! After we take care of ourselves!"
Jailor: "I doubt that, look at you, you can't even arrest yourselves correctly. And really... WHY WON'T THIS MACHINE JUST WORK, ALREADY?!"

The Jailor kicks the machine, and a great bright light shoots out from the machine, blinding the entire group. Argh, your eyes! Now how will you know who murders who?! And why won't this day just end?!

You're so, so hungry.[/spoiler]


[spoiler]Everyone rubs their eyes, trying to regain their vision after the searingly bright light blinded the group. As everyone's vision starts to return, they start to make out shapes: of the people around them, of the room, and of the body of Commi-Ninja(Eri), with a bullet hole in her chest. She's holding a piece of paper, which someone notices, and takes from the body to read it to the rest of the group:

To my stupid, drunk husband:  Sober up already!  Our daughter is dead, for heaven's sake!

I think my time is coming.  After successfully releasing an innocent man from jail and preventing the town from lynching a different innocent man, there's not much left I can do.

I'm surprised they haven't killed me already.  I wonder why that is?  Is it possible they're keeping me around for a reason?  What could that reason possibly be?

Actually, I am terribly concerned about one thing.  My husband.  I think he's being unfaithful.  And with one of them, no less!  But not one of their women, oh no!  That would certainly be one thing.  On the other hand, it makes so much sense now, why we never could have worked it all out in the end.

With most of the police force dead, and the only one left suspended, there's not much hope for this place.  Even that girl with the charms is ready to give up.  There's not much she can do when they're tricking her at every turn.  She's the only person I fully trust right now.  Why do I have a feeling if they don't come after me, they'll go after her?  If only I could protect her somehow... She reminds me so much of my own daughter.  Ran!  I can't believe they killed her!  And after she protected one of them back at the beginning of this mess...

That guy that's completely unresponsive, except to lynch someone, I wonder about him.  Is he one of them?  It seems likely, but I can't be sure of it.

Ran, it looks like I'll be joining you soon.  I can only hope that my stupid husband gets what he deserves in the end.

Though the group is sad to see her die, they're relieved that her final words could be heard. After all, so many people have died without so much as a peep...

The Jailor laughs, dancing around in ecstacy.

Jailor: "HA! Hahaha! HA! Take that you wench! You get me to calm down temporarily to not shoot anyone, and now you're dead! That'll serve you right! Nobody messes with me! Ooh, ooh! And now that that's out of the way, I'm so happy I could just... I could just..."

He raises his gun again.

Jailor: "I could just shoot someone! I'll do it! I'll really do it! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee here we go!"

Time to vote someone off the island of life again![/spoiler]


[spoiler]Without thinking, the majority of the group reflexively grabs Shuuichi Akai, throwing him into the line of fire. Only one voice, that of Rohoph, is heard dissenting the decision. Shuuichi Akai says nothing as the decision against his life is made.

Shuuichi Akai: 3
Khinkhun: 1

As the final bullet from The Jailor's gun sounds, a splatter of red on the group's bodies indicates the end of Shuuichi Akai(Chiba)'s life. As the ominous gunshot echoes throughout the room, Rohoph and Sherlock3 are both stunned. However, Conia and Khinkhun can't help but laugh.

Khinkhun: "Hahaha."
Conia: "Heh..."
Khinkhun: "I can't believe it, Korn. We did it... we actually did it."
Conia: "Yeah, Vodka. It was close, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Humans really are the most dangerous game..."
Khinkhun: "Huh?"
Conia: "You should read more, Vodka. But, we should end this now."

Sherlock3 looks at them both in disgust.

Sherlock3: "I... I can't believe it. I trusted you... and you killed...?"
Conia: "Your pretty wife, yes, that was me."
Khinkhun: "And I killed your little daughter... heh, though that Jailor guy'd shot her anyway."

Sherlock3(Kogoro) shakes his head in disbelief.

Sherlock3: "I'll... you'll pay for this!"

Conia laughs.

Conia: "You're such a pitiful fool. Don't you realize it? It's us two, versus you two. This is over, you can't win. Accept your fate, and say your


Sherlock3 breaks down crying as Conia points his rifle at his head, while Vodka pulls out his gun, aiming at Rohoph(Kazuha), who still isn't

quite sure what's happening. As the guns go off simultaneously, the remaining two townspeople fall to the floor, lifeless.

Mayor: "What are you doing? Don't kill each other, you have to..."
Conia: "Save the world? That's ridiculous."
Khinkhun: "We're evil, duh. We don't care about Akonyland."
Mayor: "But, the world...!"
Khinkhun: "Or the world either!"
Conia: "Don't pay attention to him. Come on, let's go. I'm starving."

As they leave, The Mayor gets desperate.

Mayor: "Hey, Idiot."
Idiot: "Sh...shut up!"
Mayor: "You have to stop him."
Idiot: "Why would I do that? He's my boss!"
Mayor: "But think about the flowers... without bees, there will be no more flowers... or anything else..."
Idiot: "Th... the flowers?! Nooooo!"

The Idiot pulls out a gun and fires all six rounds into The Jailor, killing him instantly. The machine continues to crackle and sizzle as it reaches

critical mass.

Idiot: "Wh... what do I do?"
Mayor: "You know what you have to do... it's exploding... take the core..."
Idiot: "I... I know how to handle explosives! Properly!"

The Idiot rushes over to the machine, and grabs the glass-encased bee, which seems to be the power source for the machine.

Idiot: "This is for the flowers!"

The Idiot runs and jumps out of a broken window. As he falls out of sight, a giant explosion is seen, the shockwave shaking the foundations of the

tower. The ceiling begins to crumble.

Mayor: "Heh, just my luck. The building's crumbling and I can't do a thing to..."

The tower collapses, crushing The Mayor and the body of The Jailor, the last citizens of Akonyland. As Conia and Khinkhun hop back into their car, the rumbling of their engine fading into the distance is the last sound to ever pierce the air of Akonyland.

Somewhere nearby, a bee sits on his throne.

He turns to a subordinate nearby, and laughs.

King Bee: "Those fools... just according to plan."

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Re: Mafia Round 13 - Unlucky Days in Akonyland (Subscription

Postby Akonyl » August 9th, 2010, 7:15 pm

ending dibs
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Re: Mafia Round 13 - Unlucky Days in Akonyland (Subscription

Postby PT » August 9th, 2010, 7:17 pm

I noticed that, too. :P
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Re: Mafia Round 13 - Unlucky Days in Akonyland (Subscription

Postby Akonyl » August 9th, 2010, 7:17 pm

PhoenixTears wrote:I noticed that, too. :P
look at this person, responding to khinkun's deleted post.
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Re: Mafia Round 13 - Unlucky Days in Akonyland (Subscription

Postby Eve » August 9th, 2010, 7:18 pm

Dibs Spamming!

LOL I tricked her!!!! again!
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Re: Mafia Round 13 - Unlucky Days in Akonyland (Subscription

Postby PT » August 9th, 2010, 7:18 pm

Akonyl wrote:
PhoenixTears wrote:I noticed that, too. :P
look at this person, responding to khinkun's deleted post.
When I responded, it wasn't deleted. ::) Khink's out to get me today, I think.
pofa wrote: I have never done a single thing wrong in mafia, never one lie or act of violence
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Re: Mafia Round 13 - Unlucky Days in Akonyland (Subscription

Postby Akonyl » August 9th, 2010, 7:22 pm

PhoenixTears wrote:
Akonyl wrote:
PhoenixTears wrote:I noticed that, too. :P
look at this person, responding to khinkun's deleted post.
When I responded, it wasn't deleted. ::) Khink's out to get me today, I think.

PS: I'm taking the fact that you're posting in this topic as a formal acceptance of playerage.
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Re: Mafia Round 13 - Unlucky Days in Akonyland (Subscription

Postby Eve » August 9th, 2010, 7:23 pm

Akonyl wrote:
PhoenixTears wrote:
Akonyl wrote:[quote="PhoenixTears"]
I noticed that, too. :P
look at this person, responding to khinkun's deleted post.
When I responded, it wasn't deleted. ::) Khink's out to get me today, I think.

PS: I'm taking the fact that you're posting in this topic as a formal acceptance of playerage.

Wait wut???
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Re: Mafia Round 13 - Unlucky Days in Akonyland (Subscription

Postby PT » August 9th, 2010, 7:23 pm

Akonyl wrote:
PhoenixTears wrote:
Akonyl wrote:[quote="PhoenixTears"]
I noticed that, too. :P
look at this person, responding to khinkun's deleted post.
When I responded, it wasn't deleted. ::) Khink's out to get me today, I think.

PS: I'm taking the fact that you're posting in this topic as a formal acceptance of playerage.
[/quote]I think it's cause I don't like Shiho. :P

Playerage isn't a word. But yes, I'm playing this round. ;D
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Re: Mafia Round 13 - Unlucky Days in Akonyland (Subscription

Postby Holmes » August 9th, 2010, 7:28 pm

I will subscribe for this unlucky game.
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Re: Mafia Round 13 - Unlucky Days in Akonyland (Subscription Phase)

Postby Abs. » August 9th, 2010, 7:31 pm

What is with Khink and deleting posts lately  ???

Also, I accept this dinner party invitation!  :D :D :D

WHAT SHALL I WEAR!!!  8) 8) 8)
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