Mafia Round 14 - The town strikes back (Town Wins!)

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Mafia Round 14 - The town strikes back (Town Wins!)

Postby Schillok » September 7th, 2010, 5:17 pm

Current Phase: Day 7

The nightmare is over. The BO is defeated, and peace can slowly return to the town...

Links to the beginning of each phase:
Beginning of Night 1
Beginning of Day 1
Beginning of Night 2
Beginning of Day 2
Beginning of Night 3
Beginning of Day 3
Beginning of Night 4
Beginning of Day 4
Beginning of Night 5
Beginning of Day 5
Beginning of Night 6
Beginning of Day 6
Beginning of Night 7
Beginning of Day 7
Ending of Day 7

Round 14 - The town strikes back

Again, you wake up sweeting heavily. Another bad dream... or was it? Everything seemed so real, the major, the janitor, the darkness... And the bees! And the bears?! Crazy colors?!?
Fragments from your dream are flooding back into your consciousness, making less and less sense the longer you think about them. Just a stupid dream, right?
But why is that feeling of dread weighing so heavily on you? It is just a diffuse memory, but you remember dying in your dream. You, and the people around you. Looking out of the window you see heavy fog clinging onto the streets of Beika, drowning out the sun.  

You are not the only one - lots of people had the same dream and slowly you realize that it might not have just been a dream. It was not a mere trick of your imagination, it was a foreboding of the things to come - or worse...

Welcome to Mafia Round 14. Try and stay (alive) for a while...

Links to previous rounds:
[spoiler]Round 1: [iurl=][/iurl]
Round 2: [iurl=][/iurl]
Round 3: [iurl=][/iurl]
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Round 11: [iurl=][/iurl]
Round 12: [iurl=][/iurl]
Round 13:[/spoiler]

Ever wanted to fight against the Black Organization?

Or perhaps joining the Black Organization is more your style.  

Either way, Mafia is for you.

You don't know how to play Mafia?

[spoiler]SHAME ON YOU

But I suppose you should be informed. You can either look here: [iurl=][/iurl] ,
or here: [iurl=][/iurl] ,
for the basic rules.  However, we've added some rules of our own so be sure to read what's below as well.

In the game, each player is given a role, of "Mobster", "Townsperson", or something else depending on which additional roles are chosen by the GM.

The game has two phases: Night and Day. The game starts during a Night phase, and switches between the two until the mafia or townspeople win/lose.


-When night begins, all players with a night action will send the moderator (that's me!) a PM, depending on your role. If you are a Mobster, you PM me who you want to kill and that night and which one of you will be doing the killing. This is done by Anokata or, in the lack of Anokata, by any of the mobsters or the one they elect to be a leader.  The mobsters will also use PM the mod individually to use their special abilities (e.g. Gin's slander ability or Bourbon's investigative ability).  

-If you're a townsperson, you will also PM the moderator should your role call for it (e.g. Heiji with his interrogative powers or Megure's ability to investigate).  

-All results are pmed at the end of the night/beginning of the day (unless you died during the night) and the person who the mafia killed is announced in the thread.

-Once the night phase ends and the day phase begins, the Mafia will either have killed their victim (or failed to kill them).


-When day begins, the moderator will say what happened during the night (the results of what happened after everyone's PMs have been looked at), including who died (or if nobody died). All players who had an action during the night phase will get back the results of their actions via pm.  Afterwards, all remaining players vote on who to lynch under suspicion of being a mobster, and then that person is killed. Votes are sent via PM to the moderator (they won't be counted if you just post in the thread) and all votes are posted at the end of the day phase.  If there is a tie then nobody dies.  

-Some roles can have other actions during the day phase (e.g. Haibara's following ability and Hakuba's traveling) so these should also be sent to the mod via PM.  The results (if any) will be sent at the end of the day phase/beginning of the night phase.  

-At the end of the day phase and start of the next night phase, the voted player will be lynched. Rinse and repeat.[/spoiler]


01. Akonyl - Calvados
02. Yurikochan - Boubon
03. Conia
04. Kleene Onigiri - ? ? ?
05. pofa - Anokata
06. PhoenixTears
07. xpon - Irish
08. Abs. - James Black
09. Sherlock3 - Conan
10. Edogawa4869
11. CTU
12. Commi-Ninja
13. breva
14. blurfbreg - Chianti
15. shihokudo
16. nomemory - Hakuba
17. Dus
18. James Rye
19. Holmes - Akai
20. delsie29
21. KainTheVampire
22. Kaia
23. Detective Tommy - Akemi
24. Sebolains - Vermouth (Okiya)
25. Parkur
26. Crap4869
27. Xcommando - Yukiko Kudô
28. Paix672
29. Beastly - Pisco

Regarding starting times:
Phases will change (=deadline) at 11 PM Middle European Summer Time. That should be 1 PM "forum time" (5 PM EST; 2 PM PST). Posting the results and sending the necessary PMs will take some additional time.  

(This topic will be subjected to mass edits)
Please also read the next posts for information on the roles, rules and the state of the game.
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Re: Mafia Round 14 - The town strikes back (Subscription)

Postby Schillok » September 7th, 2010, 5:17 pm

- Changes -

There will be some changes from the rules of the previous games. Make sure to read them to not get confused. Also, some additional roles will be added, and some old roles will be changed.

1) Ghost Talking

"Ghosts" (dead players) are only allowed 1 post per phase after they died. That one post can be edited if wanted, but you are not allowed to delete it and post a new replay again.
Like before, dead players are not allowed to give out any information concerning the game.

2) Spaming, Off-Topic

Please reduce the off-topicness in the thread. It makes important information so much harder to find and there are enough other threads that allow (and even encourage) you to go off-topic.
Players who ignore this rule might have information about their roles revealed by the GM...  ::)
This rule will not be in effect until the start of the first night. Until then everyone can talk as much as they want.

3) Timing of "identical actions"

If two players "discombobulate" each other, both of their "discombobulations" will be successful, but each of their other actions this round will fail.
If two players steal from the same person, they will both steal different items. If that player only has one item left, only one of them will take it. The other player will get no item, but he/she will be notified that they saw a person steal from their victim just before they arrived. If the victim had no items, both will fail to take a item.
If two people try to arrest the same player, both will get the results of their arrest attempt. If one of them was wrong, he/she will be suspended normally.
If Araide and Okina/Kobayashi are healing the same target, Araides healing will take precedence.
If Ran and Makoto are protecting the same target, Makotos protection will take precedence.

4) Status

All players - except the travelers Hakuba and Maktoto - start the game "alive" (normal). However, their condition might worsen during the course of the game...

Alive: An alive player may use any of his/her abilities according to the rules. They can talk freely and participate in the lynch-voting.
Abroad: This player is out of the country until he/she returns to japan. Any actions used on him will fail. He/she can't be killed. Such players can talk freely, but not participate in lynch-voting or use any ability themselves.
Injured: An injured player can not use any abilities and loose any of their passive abilities like for example a disguise. The only exception is the nightly killing action from BO members (though, they will loose any advantages they normally have like erasing the body or sniping). Injured players can still talk freely and participate in the lynch voting.
Arrested: An arrested player can't use any abilities, but at the same time they also can't be killed. Any actions, except for "lawsuit" on them will fail. They can talk freely, but not participate in the lynch voting. Arrested players are considered "out-of-the-game" to determine if a side had won. The arrested players role will (normally) not be revealed upon the arrest.
Fleeing: This player had fled from the town, never to return for the reminder of the game. Such a player is treated similarly to a dead player (no actions; no talking (ghost); no voting), however they might still be allowed to send PMs to certain players still in game. (The GM will tell them who they are allowed to PM, and these players will also be allowed to send PMs to the escaped player.) A fleeing players identity will be revealed.
Dead: That player was killed during the game. They can no longer participate in this round, however they will still win the game together with their side. Dead players may not give any information concerning the game to others and are only allowed one post per phase (see point 1)

5) Individual Objectives

This will be one of the major changes this round.
In the previous games, everything was about the big conflict of town VS BO. But in Detective Conan each of the characters also have their own agenda, things that they want to achieve. So together with their role (or right at the start of the game for Preparation Roles) they would be given a task that they can try to achieve.

A task for Shinichi could for example look like that:

Catch Kaito Kid
Despite the crisis you think it is the perfect time to arrest KID once and for all. After all he somehow seems to connected to the BO, though you are not sure how.

Objective: Have Kaito Kid arrested by the police.
Reward: You will be notified that the arrested player really is Kaito Kid. Furthermore, you will learn the results from all of his actions during the game. In turn, KID will get a PM confirming that you are Shinichi. You may work together for the rest of the game.
Failure: You fail your task if Kaito Kid is killed.
Punishment: none

Or be something completely different, like for example:

Find Ran!
You would feel much better if you knew that Ran is well... and what she is doing. You should hurry to find her, since the BO seems to be targeting everyone now.

Objective: Find Ran before the end of day 3. Send a PM with the player you think is Ran to the GM at any time. You can only send one PM, if it is wrong you fail your task.
Reward: You form a group - similar to lovers - with Ran. You will both have each others identities be confirmed by the GM. If one of you dies, the other one can continue to play.
Failure: You fail your task if Ran is killed, if you suspect the wrong player or did not reply until the end of day 3.
Punishment: You will be shaken by your inability to find Ran and will be unable to do anything during the next night.

And so on. Of course the rest of the town - and the BO - will also get similar missions. Sometimes their tasks could conflict with each other. Or the mission could even be to stop each other.
If a player completes his/her task he/she will get a reward. This is to replace dreams... which honestly, were quite random and could have horrible results for one group if their opponents got them. Since the players will actually have to do something to get that advantage it should reward good play instead of hoping on good luck.

Tasks should be fairly balanced between the difficulty, the reward and the failure. For example the first task is rather difficult and even if carried out successfully the advantage might not justify the disadvantage of having KID arrested. On the other hand there is no punishment if Kid gets killed so Shinichi might even just ignore his tasks. He already has two advantages after all: He knows there is a KID in the game and in case he is arrested by chance he will also benefit a bit from it.
The second task is a little bit easier and the reward is slightly better. However, this time there is both a time limit and a punishment for failing the task. So Shinichi should be more focused in finding Ran as well... while not losing track of the overall task of finding the BO.

As I said, every player will get one, depending on their role. Yes, even the BO.

6) Changes in existing roles and abilities

This is just an overview. The new rulings will be described in the post below.

a) Chianti, Mafia Sniper and Korn, Mafia Sniper
The snipers will get a new ability (in addition to "snipe"): Revenge
- When they get lynched, the target of their own lynching vote will become "injured"
- When they become arrested, the officer(s) arresting them will become "injured". However, it also means that their identities will be exposed due to their resistance to their arrest.

The snipers will not go down without a fight now. As a final act of vengeance they will (similar to Akai) get a final act of revenge. This should compensate for their rather weak ability to hide themselves among the town.

b) Homesickness
Players will no longer die by homesickness if they stay abroad too long. It always irked me why they would die - so, instead... they will now be considered as "fleeing" if they stay abroad for more than 5 phases. Staying away so long while the people in Beika need their help is a clear indication that they are too afraid and rather hide themselves from the BO until everything is over...

c) First Aid
Okina and Kobayashi-sensei improved their skills in first aid - the target will survive, but become injured now. However they also have to concentrate more on what they are doing and will no longer be able to learn the identity of the attacker.

d) Detective Boys (Ayumi, Genta, Mitsuhiko)
The Detective Boys can no longer be killed. Instead, their parents decide to flee with them just the moment they would be killed normally ("fleeing"). A fleeing Detective Boy will still be in contact with the other Detective Boys.
The DB should never have been a high priority target if the whole town knew about the BO. "Killing them" is now less attractive for the BO.
It also helps me not to have to write a death scene for them. And Akonyl if he gets killed again early as a DB, just because he is such a dangerous player for the BO.  :P

e) Kazuha, Charm Maker
Kazuha will now have only one charm again - the one that protects against APTX. Like before, that charm can be given out only once (to herself as well) per game, and will protect only for that specific day.
Additionally, Kazuha will now be able to accompany another player. This will be a day-action and the accompanied player is treated as if he/she had one lynch vote less.
The message for the accompanied player will be the same as for a player who was followed by Haibara.
Increases the safety of Kazuha and Haibara a little bit. The target will not be able to tell if it was Haibara or Kazuha who followed him/her.

f) Haibara, Ayumi
Rejoice, the two will be wearing panties again!  ::)
Minor change, but all other females have panties as well. Leaving those two out seemed odd.

g) Anokata
As suggested by Akonyl, Anokata will start with the Black Suitcase in his possession during night 1. This will allow him to the perform a fake action during that night... if he wants.

7) New Roles!

The new roles will be:

- Officer Tome, Crime Scene Investigation
- Asami Tsuburaya, Trickster
- Sumiko Kobayashi, Elementary Teacher
- Yukiko Kudô, Talented Actress
- Yusaku Kudô, Genius Author
- Azusa Enomoto, Café Waitress
- Genji Kojima, Bar Owner

Officer Tome, Crime Scene Investigation
Night action: Special Investigate
Night/Day action: Arrest
Interrogation: "Not BO"
Scent: No
Disguise: Yes
Items: Gun, Car-keys, Glasses, Headgear

He is the "usual" police headquarter Crime Scene Investigator, so it makes sense that he can investigate past actions (mostly crimes).

Asami Tsuburaya, Trickster
Night action: Discombobulate
Interrogation: "Not BO"
Scent: No
Disguise: Yes
Items: School book, Panties

Mitsuhikos teenage sister. The same as poor Eisuke who had to fear for his live (both from the BO and by an arrest from the police). Should make Eisukes role a bit more save from APTX. And allow Vodka to blend in a bit better.

Sumiko Kobayashi, Elementary Teacher
Night action: First Aid
Day Action: Voice of Reason
Interrogation: "Not BO"
Scent: No
Disguise: Yes
Items: Car Keys, Glasses, School book, Panties

Kobayashi-sensei is a teacher so she should be able to convince others to calm down and have some knowledge in first aid (which is usually a requirement for teachers). So she is now some kind of Dr. Araide who can only use First Aid, but has the Voice of Reason to stop a lynching once instead. Again, it will also help to protect the two already existing healers a bit better from APTX, but her items might give her away quickly.

Yukiko Kudô, Talented Actress
Day action: Temporary Disguise
Prep. Action: Choose Costumes
Interrogation: "Not BO"
Scent: No
Disguise: No
Items: Car Keys, Panties + the items of her current disguise.

Choose Costumes:
- Roles with that action: Yukiko Kudô
- During the preparation phase, Yukiko will be given 5 roles she could disguise as during the play. The player has to choose 3 of them.
- All disguises will be town roles. Yukiko will NOT replace that role - so even if Yukiko decides to take the disguise as Shinichi, another player could get the role of Shinichi (or Conan).

Temporary Disguise
- Roles with that action: Yukiko Kudô
- During the day, Yukiko can choose one of the costumes to disguise as that role during the next night. During the next night she can use any of her disguises abilities.
- After the night Yukiko will no longer be disguised.
- She can not disguise as the same role twice. (So she can only be disguised during a total of 3 nights.)
- House-search will lead to Yukikos arrest, if she disguised already during the game.
- An arrest will only succeed if the officer arresting her adds the correct time of her disguise. If no time is given during the arrest attempt, it will be checked if she is disguised duri8ng the CURRENT phase.  
- Consequences of actions will still affect her, even when she lost her disguise. So if she got suspended she can not use any action during the next 2 phases. If she got injured while disguising as Ran she will stay injured.
- She won't be disguised during the day. So no day actions of her costumes can be used by her.

Yukiko will have a lot of flexibility and - depending on her disguises - can be quite powerful. However she can use each disguise only once, so she has to plan well when to use each of them.

Yusaku Kudô, Genius Author
Night action: Interrogate
Night/Day Action: Insight
Interrogation: "Not BO"
Scent: No
Disguise: Yes
Items: Car Keys, Glasses

- Roles with that action: Yusaku Kudô
- Once per game Yusaku can ask the GM any question about the game that can be answered with "Yes" or "No". The GM will answer that question.
- The GM might refuse to answer the question if it is too... clever. Just to make sure it won't ruin the whole game.  ::) The player may then ask another question.

Azusa Enomoto, Café Waitress
Day/Night action: Listen and Watch
Interrogation: "Not BO"
Scent: No
Disguise: Yes
Items: Car Keys, Panties

Genji Kojima, Bar Owner
Day/Night action: Listen and Watch
Interrogation: "Not BO"
Scent: No
Disguise: Yes
Items: Car Keys, Alcohol

Listen and Watch:
- Roles with that action: Azusa Enomoto, Genji Kojima
- Players with this action will either "listen" or "watch" during the day and nights. They can change which one they want to do each phase.
- A listening player will learn which players succeeded in completing their "Individual Objectives" - but not which role they are.
- A watching player will learn one town role who succeeded his/her "Individual Objective" - but not which player it was.
- Azusa will start the game "listing". Genji will start the game "watching".
- This ability can not be investigated.
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Re: Mafia Round 14 - The town strikes back (Subscription)

Postby Schillok » September 7th, 2010, 5:17 pm

- Rules and Roles -

General rules
- If you play in this game with more than one username, both usernames will be banned from this and all future Mafia games.  Since it is also against forum rules to have multiple accounts, at least one of the accounts will also be deleted.
- Don't ask the GM for information about other players' roles or try to influence moderator tasks (e.g. ask them to not give certain hints).  It is frowned upon.
- You may not copy/quote/screenshot etc. the PM from the GM to prove your role to someone else. Neither can you copy/quote/screenshoot PMs from fleeing players you are in contact with (only those PMs sent after they escaped). But you can claim to be a role, whether it's your real role or not.
- You can PM people and post without restrictions (except the GM stuff, see above) when you are alive. If you choose to talk while dead (PM or otherwise), you must be careful that you don’t give anything away, whether it’s your suspicions, results of actions, deductions, etc.  Don't ruin the spirit of the game.  When in doubt, refrain.
- You may fake/quote/edit other players PM, just not the GM ones. However, the posting or PMing of other players’ PMs via screenshots are prohibited.
- If you don't have time or you'll travel somewhere and can't play for some days or you want to quit the game completely, at least notify the GM.
- In case you can't play for a number of phases, you can make a list of actions (Day 2: Vote for Akonyl Night 3: Slander Kleene etc.) If you have allies from the beginning (BO, Lover, DB's or friends) you can give them the command over your character for those phases only by PMing the GM that your ally/allies can submit actions for you for those phases.  If the GM notices that you have not come online for a number of days without such a PM (for example in the case of natural disaster, death, etc.), it is up to the GM's discretion what happens to your character. Likely, you will be considered as "escaping", unable to participate in the game any longer.
- If your PM confuses the GM, the GM will smash it into a billion pieces.

- You have to PM the GM directly to vote/use your ability. Posting in the thread doesn't count. Multi-recipient PMs don’t count.
- If Vermouth and KID are in the same game and choose the same person to disguise as, they will both disguise as the same role and the targeted individual will get a new role.
- DB's (Ayumi, Genta, Mitsuhiko), Friends (Sonoko + Best Friend), and Lovers will not overlap. "Personal Tasks" might allow for overlapping over the course of the game though.
Order of actions
- If multiple incompatible actions are submitted by a player, the last one before time is up is the one that will go through.
- Arrest > House Search > Protection charm > APTX > Discombobulating > Killing > All other actions
Example 1a:
Akonyl) Arrest Abs. for killing Kleene on Night 1.  Investigate if pofa slandered conia.
Abs.) Kill Akonyl.
Result: Akonyl arrests Abs.  Abs. does not get to kill Akonyl.  Akonyl investigates if pofa slandered conia.
Example 1b:
Akonyl) Investigate if pofa slandered conia.
Abs.) Kill Akonyl.
Result: Abs. kills Akonyl.  Akonyl does not get investigation results.
Example 2: (Day 3)
Beastly) APTX pofa = Satou.
pofa) Arrest Beastly for killing Laurell on Night 2.
Result: pofa arrests Beastly.  Beastly does not get to use APTX on pofa.  APTX is confiscated. (See APTX under Day actions)

General definitions
Everyone can vote during the Day Phase, whether you're a Townsperson or a Mafia member.
You're dead
You're not in Japan
You're arrested
You're fleeing.
You were hindered by an ability (e.g. Tequila)
Each player’s vote is made public at the end of the Day phase, unless Voice of Reason or Protect is applicable.
If a player investigates if another player committed a crime and the result comes back as TRUE, sometimes a random player with a police role will be tipped off that "(ROLE A) (crime) (ROLE B)."  The report will make sense, e.g. “1412 stole from Araide,â€
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Re: Mafia Round 14 - The town strikes back (Subscription)

Postby Schillok » September 7th, 2010, 5:17 pm

- Abilities -

Special Abilities
[spoiler]Prep. actions
Roles with Prep. Actions: Vermouth, 1412, Yumi, Sonoko, Hakuba, Makoto

* Disguise
- Roles with that action: Vermouth, 1412
- The player chooses a number of players to disguise as. (GM tells how many players to choose) The player will then disguise as that role and be able to use their actions, just like being that role.
- Scent won't be taken. So KID disguised as Akai or Okiya etc, won't have a scent.
- You choose player names (Akonyl, conia etc.) not roles names (Agasa, Heiji etc.) or roles (Detective, Police etc.)
- The player who originally had that role will get a different role. He will not know that anyone has disguised as his previous role. He will not know that he got a different role either.
- They can't disguise as: BO members, Conan, Haibara, DBs (Ayumi, Genta, Mitsuhiko), and Prep. Phase roles (Sonoko, Yumi, Vermouth, 1412, Hakuba, Makoto)
- If 1412 and Vermouth choose the same player, then both will disguise as that player. So 1412 and Vermouth can both be disguised as Ran. But there will be no true Ran in the game.
- The player will have items from his original role and from his disguised role. So he can have 2x gun in case 1412 or Vermouth disguises as a Police officer.

*Choose Costumes:
- Roles with that action: Yukiko Kudô
- During the preparation phase, Yukiko will be given 5 roles she could disguise as. The player has to choose 3 of them that can used during the game.
- All disguises will be town roles. Yukiko will NOT replace that role - so even if Yukiko decides to take the disguise as Shinichi, another player could still get the role of Shinichi (or Conan).

* Amor
- Roles with that action: Yumi
- Chooses 2-4 pairings to be Lovers (GM tells how many exactly)
- Yumi can choose a player just once. So he can't choose: AkonylxKleene AND AkonylxCallid. He needs to change it into AkonylxKleene and ConiaxCallid for example.
- There can be all pairings that the player chose or just 1 pair or 2 pairs etc. Yumi won't know which pairs really became lovers and which didn't.
- There exists a random factor that none of the pairings chosen by Yumi will actually work out, even if Yumi has chosen valid pairings.
- If Yumi does not choose Lover pairings, the GM will choose them with the help of These pairings are still subject to the same conditions as above. But Yumi will not know anything.

* Friendship
- Roles with that action: Sonoko
- Sonoko chooses a list of players she wants to befriend. (GM tells how many players to chose)
- Sonoko will befriend randomly one of these players. They will become friends and will know the identity of each other.
- Roles she can't befriend: DB's, Lovers and BO members except Vermouth.
- If she befriends Vermouth, she will befriend the disguised role and will not know that it's Vermouth. Sonoko will stay as a Townsperson and will not join the BO.
- If Sonoko befriends 1412, she will also know the disguised role and not that he’s 1412 disguised as someone. 1412 has the freedom to tell Sonoko that he's 1412 or not.
- When Sonoko's friend dies because he/she was killed by the BO, she will learn the attacker’s identity. She will not learn the identity when her friend was sniped or killed with the APTX.
- Sonokos ability > Yumis ability so Friendship > Lovers
During the prep phase, if Sonoko chooses her friend and Yumi happens to choose the same people as Lovers, then Sonoko’s ability comes first. So the players that got chosen as Best friends and Lovers, will become best friends and not lovers.

* Traveling
- Roles with that action: Hakuba, Makoto
- They can choose if they want to travel during the preparation phase by sending a PM to the GM.
- If they do they will be on the plane during Night 1, so they can't use their action during that night. They will arrive during Day 1 and can participate in voting or use their Day-ability (Makoto).
- see more details under Night/Day actions

Night actions:
Roles with Night actions: Gin, Vodka, Pisco, Tequilla, Irish, Chianti, Korn, Bourbon, Akemi, Okiya, Eisuke, Megure, Satou, Takagi, Shiratori, Chiba, Yumi, Akai, Jodie, James, Camel, Shinichi, Heiji, Conan, KID, Hakuba, Kogoro, Araide, Eri

* Investigate #
- Role with that action: Gin, Megure, Satou, Takagi, Shiratori, Chiba, Yumi, Akai, Shinichi, Heiji, Conan
- The player can Investigate a certain number of actions "#". He can only Investigate the actions that are happening in the same night he's Investigating. He may not Investigate actions from previous nights, or Day actions.
- He may investigate if someone is disguised.
- Can be discombobulated. Then the Player won't get any results but a "failed action" as a PM
- If a discombobulated action is investigated, then the action will be shown as "false", because the action wasn't done in the end.
- Healing/First Aid; Investigate/Special Investigate are considered the same actions.
- Black Suitcase actions appear as if they were legitimate actions.
- Example: conia(Vermouth) is disguised as Ran. Akonyl slanders conia. conia kills Ctu. pofa(Araide) heals xpon. Kleene Onigiri (James) investigated Schillok.
"Akonyl Slanders conia" - True
"Akonyl Kills Ctu" - False
"conia is Disguised as Ran" - True, but you don't know if Conia is Vermouth or 1412
"conia is Disguised as Vermouth" - Invalid investigation, since you need to ask for the disguise
"conia Disguised" - Invalid investigation, you need to ask for a disguise
"pofa Heals xpon" - True
"pofa uses First Aid on xpon" - True
"Kleene Onigiri Investigates Schillok" - True
"Kleene Onigiri Special Investigates Schillok" - True
"Kleene Onigiri Fake Investigates Schillokâ€
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Re: Mafia Round 14 - The town strikes back (Subscription)

Postby Schillok » September 7th, 2010, 5:18 pm

- Overview of the previous Phase Changes -

Day 0

The fog had retreated. The sun was shining occasionally.
But you know that the good weather means nothings... the Black Organisation for the town is gathering already. Some townpeople use this last day to prepare for the coming battle. Some try to enjoy what is probably the last peaceful day for a long time.

Tonight it will start. People will die. Beika will be in terror. Who will stand up and face the threat of the BO?

Night 1
The sun is setting with a strong, red color. People are hurrying to get home soon. Some are even leaving town already.
Everyone can feel it: It has begun. THEY are here.

But not everyone is giving up. Some are accepting the challenge, hoping to get things settled once and for all. Will they be able to find the Mafia hiding amongst them?
The battle between the Town of Beika and the Black Organisation begins now.

Day 1

The morning is dawning in Beika and the citizens are gathering in the park. They are trying to determine if the BO found its first victim.



Nothing. No 29.
People are looking around, who is missing?!? Finally, the missing person was identified. It was CTU.
However, his body was nowhere to be found. He had just disappeared without a trace.  

The town was searching for him the whole morning, to no avail. Finally they came to a conclusion: The BO must have gotten him! They are among them! They must be stopped, before more victims follow!

Day 1 begins.

Night 2

The town was gathering in the park, trying to find the Bo amongst them. However... things were developing SLOWLY. Very, very slowly.
Some names were thrown into the round, but after some discussion another name would be called and the discussion started again. In the end, there was no clear decision. Too many different names, no side outnumbering another one.

The sun was already starting to set again. Finally... the town decided to calm down. CTU disappeared, sure. But maybe he was one of THEM in the first place? There was no reason to kill each other over a small incident like that, right?

The people are on their way home. Or so they said. Most of them would have a busy, busy night in front of them...  

Akonyl - edogawa4869
Conia - delsie29
Kleene Onigiri - Conia
pofa - Paix672
PhoenixTears - Parkur
Sherlock3 - PhoenixTears
Edogawa4869 - xpon
Commi-Ninja - Beastly
breva - Kleene Onigiri
blurfbreg - delsie29
shihokudo - yurikochan
James Rye - Detective Tommy
delsie29 - Beastly
Crap4869 - edogawa4869

edogawa4869: 2
delsie29: 2
Beastly: 2
Conia: 1
Paix672: 1
Parkur: 1
PhoenixTears: 1
xpon: 1
Kleene Onigiri: 1
yurikochan: 1
Detective Tommy: 1

A draw - noone was lynched.

Night 2 starts now.

Day 2

When the town woke up, the events of the last night were already in the news:

[move] Exclusive Report - Bomb exploded in Beika. Several injured [/move]

Tonight, a bomb exploded in Beika city, at about 4:12 local time. Fortunately, no one was killed in the attack, however, several people suffered severe injuries. The exact circumstances of the explosion are still unknown, the police assumes it was organized by a criminal syndicate that became active in the town recently.

People were shocked. A bomb, in their town? Who would have done something like this?
Before they could recover, another exclusive report made it into the news however...

Bomb explosion - famous actress found dead near the site!
The famous actress XCommando - better known under her real name Yukiko Kudô - was reported to be found dead close to the site of tonights bomb explosion. Further information about her death were not released by the police yet.

If possible, the citizens of Beika were even more afraid now...

Those close with the police would have learned that Yukikos death apparently happened shortly before the explosion. It was clear that she was not responsible for the bomb.
What was way more mysterious was Yukikos appearance - she looked remarkably similar to her son, Shinichi Kudo. She even had a fake wig on her head. Did she try to lure out the BO? If yes, she wasn't careful enough... and paid dearly for it.

Slowly, fear turned into anger. The BO killed one of their most famous citizen! Some people even knew her personally. Not to forget the bomb explosion...
Someone had to pay for it! There was no way the town would just return home like yesterday...

Day 2 begins.

Night 3

In the park where everyone met the voices of the people were much louder, much more aggressive now.  Suspicions that have been kept back last time were now thrown around unrestrained. The town demanded for blood... and soon two possible victims accused have been found.

"xpon!", shouted some of them "Sebolains!", retorted another part of the crowd. Being civilized they decided to vote democratically... and then lynch one of them!

"lynch xpon" - supporters: Akonyl, pofa, PhoenixTears, Abs., blurfbreg, Kaia, Detective Tommy, Beastly (= 08)
"lynch Sebolain" - supporters: Kleene Onigiri, Sherlock3, Edogawa4869, Commi-Ninja,  nomemory, Dus, James Rye, delsie29, KainTheVampire, Paix672 (= 10)

Breva, who was bravely shouting Lynch Edogawa4869! all the time was completely ignored. Just as was xpons lynch Detective Tommy!...

Quickly, the town organized some rope and started hanging Sebolains on a tree. He didn't last long... but just to be sure everyone waited a few minutes before approaching him.
What no one dared to do before - but which might have been a good idea - was finally carried out by everyone: They took a good look at their victim.
Slowly they realized that their victim was no other than the university student Okiya. Guilt started to creep up to the people in the park... was he really one of them?

They already wanted to start going home, but suddenly someone decided to go back to their victim once more. Something was odd with that body!
Pulling at the face, slowly a perfect mask was torn of the face, revealing the face of a woman. The town gasped: It was actually Vermouth, disguised as Okiya!

Relieved people were chattering among themselves a bit longer. They got one!

Suddenly the bushes were rustling. Everyone had just one word in mind: Bears! Or worse: "Bees!"
Everyone was escaping in a hurry, running back to their house, ignoring whoever might have gotten left behind.

Too bad, because if they had stayed, they would have realized it was CTU, who was trying to approach the group. Looks like he wasn't dead after all...  

The town remained quiet until the sun was setting. Except for someone coughing loudly for a while.
But what they did today was just one of them... it would not be enough to stop the BO!

[Night 3 begins]

Day 3

Satisfied with their recent success, the town had drawn back for the night, for the most part tending their wounds or seeking out for the remaining members.
But the BO was far from defeated. Right in the morning, a heavy blow waited for those fighting against them...

Sherlock3 was found killed in the streets, killed by a single bullet. When he was found it was way to late to do anything for him...
Sadness creped into the people. And fear. Because the dead was no other than Conan, a child with a bright mind that was thought to be some kind of secret weapon against the BO. But now this secret weapon was dead.
Of course it was much worse for those knowing him more as a friend than a means to defeat the BO.
Especially Detective Tommy seemed devastated by his death, mumbling something like "I failed... I am sorry... I wish I would...", before hiding the face and slowly hiding in the crowd again.

Sherlock3s body was searched, but no suspicious items were found, not even some kind of death message. It seems like he did not even see his end coming...

A short count revealed another problem... one more person was missing!
Searching for Holmes yielded no results... and to be honest, no one did remember seeing him during the past days as well. Deciding it might be an emergency everyone walked to his house, broke down the door... and found an empty room.
A quick check of the items in the room showed that he was Akai... and that he seemed to have left the town in a hurry. Everyone is sure that he had fled the town for reasons only known to him... and you guess that he will not return. Ever.

[Day 3 begins]

Night 4

The last day the town was undecided before choosing their lynching target. This time they did not waste any time.

"LYNCH AKONYL!", could be heard everywhere. The few voices who had different ideas were just drowned out by the shouting.
The mob was pushing Akonyl towards the "Lucky Tree", where they had hanged Vermouth just the day before. Someone had already put a rope and a ladder next to it so thelynching swift delivery of justice would not be delayed.

"Wait, one more thing I want to say...", Akonyl pleaded. The crowed stopped for a moment. A confession? Would he tell them everything he knew?
Akonyl used the chance, and drew a gun from his mantle. Why didn't anyone check him for weapons in the first place? But he had no chance, there was no way he could fend of all the people here...
Akonyl smiled. "It looks like Calvados is blasting off agaaaaaainnn!!!", he suddenly shouted, turned the gun towards his head... and shoot.

Throwing the now useless rope beside the tree (There would be a use for it the next day for sure...), the town took a good lock at the corpse. No doubt about it: Akonyl was Calvados. The town was victorious once more. In his pockets they found a crumbled letter: Again? This whole 'death' thing is truly bothersome...

What could this have meant? The town shrugged. Not important, right? The sun was setting once more and the town went home, leaving the dead Akonyl leaned to the "Lucky Tree", right next to Vermouth hanging there. Dead they were quite a pleasant pair, weren't they?

Night 4 beginns

Lynch votes:

Lynch Akonyl: Conia, Kleene Onigiri, pofa, PhoenixTears, xpon, Abs., Edogawa4869, Commi-Ninja, breva, nomemory, Dus, James Rye, Delsie29, KainTheVampire, DetectiveTommy,  Paix672

Lynch xpon: CTU, Parkur,

Lynch Kleene Onigiri: Akonyl

Lynch yurikochan: shihokudo

Day 4

The town was already bathed in light before the sun event set. To be more precise, in a red light... and smoke was hanging over the town. One building seemed to have caught on fire, taking the firefighters until the morning to get the fire under control.

It was not just a random house... some people recognize it as the house of Kleene Onigiri. Searching for her was fruitless... she was nowhere to be found.

Arson was quickly determined to be the cause of the fire, but no body could be found in the debris of the scorched ruin. The town did not need any more proof. This was the work of the BO! The fire destroyed everything, any hint who Kleene Onigiri might have been or why the house had caught flames would be lost forever. What did she do to become the target of the BO? And who would be next?
Again, the town cried for someone who had to pay for that loss. One among them would have to die this day!

Day 4 begins

Night 5

Again the people have gathered in the park. Some people had removed the bodies of the recent... trials, from the tree, they were probably lying in a morgue somewhere. Only a cut rope was still hanging there and a few drops of blood somewhere in the grass, hardly noticeable. The town was out for blood again. So far they had killed 2 BO, and they were sure there would be a 3rd today. There was already a clear victim of their wrath...

"Lynch Blurfbreg!" was already shouted by 14 people - by Conia, pofa, PhoenixTears, xpon, Abs, Edogawa4869, Commi-Ninja, nomemory, Dus, James Rye, Delsie29, KainTheVampire, Crap4869 and Paix672.
Blurfbreg himself tried to convince the crowed that Dus might be a better target... without any success.

The town was quickly pushing him towards the tree where Vermouth and Calvados had already met their end.
Suddenly, blurfbreg took out a gun out of one of his pockets. Was he going to shoot himself, just like Calvados did yesterday? It certainly saved the town the efford of hauling the body up the tree, that's for sure.

"Die!", Blurfbreg shouted, not trying to hide the fact that he was actually Chianti and fired into the crowed. A loud scream could be heard, but at the same time the town collectively threw themselves again Blurfbreg, knocking her down to the floor and preventing any further move. When she finally stopped resisting, they took a look back.
Dus was heavily injured by the shoot, bleeding from the shoulder. An ambulance was quickly called to treat the wound.

The people had to notice that they didn't have to hang Chianti anymore. It seems like she hit her head at a stone while she was knocked down, and was dead already. Which would have explained why she didn't try to resist more. Again, the town felt confident... they had just taken down another member of the BO.

But right during their euphoria, Abs suddenly started clutching his chest, end felt to the ground right where he stood. Any try to revive him failed...
Abs. certainly was old - but people who knew him also knew that he had kept himself in a good shape over the years. A sudden heart attack was nothing that James Black, leader of the FBI would just suffer at random. People were sure: The BO had their hands in this someway.

The death of James Black certainly reminded everyone that the thread was far from over. People hurried back into their houses before the sun had completely set.

Night 5 beginns

Day 5

The people were meeting again. They had a bad feeling about last night, who did die this time?
To their amazement... everyone was still alive. Did the BO escape the town already?

Probably not, because no one was reported to have left. And... well, the citizens were sure that the BO was already among them. When all people were still present, it would also mean that those who had mixed among them are still there, right?
No, this was not the time to let the BO catch their breath again. Someone had to die today, until the BO learned that they had no chance here in Beika.

Day 5 begins

Night 6

And once more the town had gathered in the park, determinated to root out the BO hiding among them. They had shown an impressive series of figuring out who their enemies where...

And again almost everyone had a clear target for this day...

"Lynch xpon!": pofa, Parkur --- (2)
"Lynch parkur:" xpon --- (1)
Those three voices were mainly ignored by the big crowd.

"Lynch Detective Tommy" - a total of 13 person where determined to make Detective Tommy their next victim: Conia, PhoneixTears, Edogawa4869, CTU, Commi-Ninja, breva, nomemory, Dus, James Rye, KainTheVampire, Kaia, crap4869 and Beastly!  

This time it seems like the town learned their lesson, tying up the hand of their victim so it could not draw a weapon again. They had also already prepared a rope to hang their victim and where dragging Detective Tommy towards the palace where he would find his end soon.

"I want to say something!", he tried to reason. "I..." - but before he could say anything more, the town had already pulled on the rope, cutting his air supply and preventing him from talking. The execution was over rather quickly... and the people finally had the courage to take a look who they just killed.

It was the body of a young woman. Only few knew her... her name was Akemi, and again the suspicions of the majority was correct. She was another one of THEM.
The town, somehow relieved that they had just made the next step towards ridding their town of the BO suddenly remembered what happened to Abs. yesterday. In deed, quickly some of them started feeling strange, but... no one started screaming or feel down. Looks like everyone else survived this day.

Of course the people knew that even now they were not save. The night was beginning again, and this time the BO would surely try to attack them again...

Night 6 begins

Day 6

When the people gathered again they already knew something horrible has happened. Because once more one of them was missing...
It did not take long for them to find the dead body of nomemory, lying dead beneath the tree where the previous lynchings have taken place. A grim reminder that the town had not won yet.

Nomemory - better known as the English high-school detective Hakuba - seemed to have been shot in the head. There was no sign that he was able to resist against his attacker. However, a thorough search revealed a short note that he had hidden among his pockets. The writing seemed to be the work of a foreigner, so it was assumed that it was Hakuba himself who wrote the note.

Note wrote:+ Del

++ Raccoon, Bat, Communist.

+++ Bird, Riceball(, Tea, Chilli). knowledge.

see Lily.

What could this lines have meant?

The people did not let this loss discourage themselves, though. It was day again, and it was time to let one of the (supposed) BO members feel their wrath again!

Day 6 begins  

Night 7

Again the people did not hesitate long before they had decided of someone "guilty" being a member of the BO. This time the victim would be non other than xpon. The accused had no time to defend against the claims. Was the town correct once more?

At least he did not fight back when the town put the nose around his neck. Which was probably because he was already injured before. His struggle once he was hanging was short as well.
So, who did the town kill this day? Checking on the body hanging from the tree it quickly became evident that xpon was none other than Irish.
In his pockets the town found a short note and a key. The note read:
Please don't think badly to me! I just played my role, thats all... the fireworks should only serve as a prank.. I don't know it will go KA-BOOM!

And the key... the town quickly figured out that it fit into a supply room in Beika Station. Rushing there - hoping to find more clues about the remaining BO members - they were surprised to find a sleeping kid in there. Food and water had been left, as well as a blanket.
The kid was well known to most of the people - it was no one else than Genta, a member of the Detective Boys.

Some people were utterly confused? That kid, didn't they... naw, impossible. It was more important to know why the BO abducted him in the first place.

Again, the town was confident. They found another member of the BO this night, and they rescued a kid from them at the same time. They shouldn't have much power left to resist much longer, right?

Voting for xpon: 12 - Conia, pofa, PhoenixTears, Edogawa4869, CTU, Commi-Ninja, breva, Dus, James Rye, Delsie29, KaintheVampire, Paix672
Voting for Kaia: 1 - xpon

Night 7 begins

Day 7

Another night was over, and again the people gathered to see who of them was missing.
Surprisingly... everyone was still alive!

People seemed relieved. Was everything over already? No... there had to be more BO amongst them, trying  to hide and wait until they got their guard down again. But there wouldn't be enough time for that - the town would not rest until the last one of the BO got their punishment...

Day 7 begins

Ending of Day 7

It had been rainy half of the day. Moisture was still on the ground, and clouds where still covering the sun. The town had met once more, determined to eliminate yet another member of the BO to bring peace back to town.

They did not try to hide their target: "Kill pofa!", they screamed. "He must be their boss!", a few added. Pofa was resisting, but way too many people were pushing him towards the "tree of the guilty", as it was called now. The tree famous for being the place of death of 5 BO already. And no member of the town so far.

When the nose was around his neck, pofa finally gave up resisting. Instead he shouted what could be considered his will.

Admit it, you guys totally believed me for a second.

Prince Charming is an even bigger liar than I am. 

Kill the beast!

With that he jumped down the small ladder that the town prepared on his own, breaking his neck long before he started suffocating. A look on his face and his pockets showed: The town was right: He was Anokata!

The town was happy. They got the boss! If there were any members remaining they would be easy to pick up in a few days. People started cheering, congratulating each other...

"This is Ayumis!", a little girl suddenly complained. "Give it back!"
It was PhoenixTears - also known as the female Detective Boy Ayumi, who had taken a small bottle of milk out of her backpack. However, Yurikochan had snatched it from her hand roughly... and was drinking it in front of Ayumi and the rest of the town.

Before anyone could fully grasp what just happened, Beastly suddenly started gasping for air and clutching his chest. Within second he felt to the ground - dead, the same way James Black had died a few days ago.
"Traitor!", Yurikochan laughted.  "That is  for not erasing my body when I suicided, Pisco!"
The town was stunned... that body... Beastly really was Pisco. But why? And who?
"What a waste to poison this milk...", Yurikochan added, his breathing suddenly becoming heavy. "Could... have..."

He never finished the sentence. Just like Pisco, Yurikochan felt to the ground. It was now obvious that he was Bourbon.
He had a letter in his pocket. No, actually two letters.

The first one:
Dearest Townies,

I have done what no one else could do. Killed the last remaining ones of us. I couldn't do my job and since you were better than I thought you were, that darned bomb united you all, didn't it...Thanks, Irish, I'm going to punch you in heaven. This stressful life I've led has put me on the run, once you are in the org, you don't get out....I knew you were close with that trap you set up and you will probably laugh at us for years to come. Those murderous traitors...I'm coming clean with the things we did, though I never got my chance to kill...*sigh*

The second letter:
To my dearest Conia,

Never forget me, and please take care of our Koihime. I've kissed her good night and knew that would be my last time. It breaks my heart. But you will be better off without me, maybe you will even learn to love again. I told you not to go near that building, but no...did you listen to me!? You went and almost got yourself killed. A piece of me died inside and that is why I must leave you. I love you from the bottom of my heart...I promised I would protect you and never let you get hurt and I failed.


Yours forever,

This was it. Beside those letters nothing special was found...

The people started talking amongst each other again. They had lynched 5 BO the days before. Today another 3 died...
Did that mean... it meant.

Yes, it was exactly as they had expected: The threat coming from the Black Organisation was over. All 8 members that were sent here were now dead. The town could finally come back at peace again...

The BO is defeated. Town wins!
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Re: Mafia Round 14 - The town strikes back (Subscription)

Postby Schillok » September 7th, 2010, 5:18 pm

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Re: Mafia Round 14 - The town strikes back (Subscription)

Postby Schillok » September 7th, 2010, 5:18 pm

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Re: Mafia Round 14 - The town strikes back (Subscription)

Postby Akonyl » September 7th, 2010, 5:20 pm

The Town Strikes Back?

I dibs Luke Skywalker.

(and yeah I'll join)
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Re: Mafia Round 14 - The town strikes back (Subscription)

Postby Yurikochan » September 7th, 2010, 5:24 pm

Definitely in. :-P
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Re: Mafia Round 14 - The town strikes back (Subscription)

Postby Conia » September 7th, 2010, 5:26 pm

I'll join too. No mystery 8)

12 PM phase change for me? terrible timing :-[ I'll have to cope I guess...
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Re: Mafia Round 14 - The town strikes back (Subscription)

Postby Kleene Onigiri » September 7th, 2010, 5:27 pm

I'll join too ;D
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Re: Mafia Round 14 - The town strikes back (Subscription)

Postby pofa » September 7th, 2010, 6:25 pm

I'm in, although school means I'll have to be somewhat less active.

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Re: Mafia Round 14 - The town strikes back (Subscription)

Postby Akonyl » September 7th, 2010, 6:28 pm

Fleeing, eh? I'm gonna go ahead and guess that this is related to players that fail their missions or whatever you decide to call them.
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Re: Mafia Round 14 - The town strikes back (Subscription)

Postby Schillok » September 7th, 2010, 6:59 pm

Akonyl wrote:Fleeing, eh? I'm gonna go ahead and guess that this is related to players that fail their missions or whatever you decide to call them.

No, this is mainly to prevent people from getting "killed by homesickness" and prevent me from having to kill one of the (real) children.
And to remove inactive players in general, without having to kill their characters.
Of course it might also be used to remove a player who failed their mission from the game, but on the same token it could also be used to "safe" player when he gets killed after a successful task. And even keep lovers alive...
I think there are lots of useful applications for it. ;)

BTW, the list:

GM: Schillok

1. Akonyl
2. Yurikochan
3. Conia
4. Kleene Onigiri
5. pofa
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Re: Mafia Round 14 - The town strikes back (Subscription)

Postby Eve » September 7th, 2010, 7:24 pm

Schillok wrote:
I think there are lots of useful applications for it. ;)

since it's only subscription phrase my comments won't affect anything, and I'm not joining, just randomly commenting to try to understand the rules :P
If a town can be "save" from killing b/c they complete their task, how can BO be "save" ? Just wondering ::)
and I think DB are target not b/c BOs want to see their death scene, but to rid of their identifying ability :P, and now Bo's priority will be: kill ALL DBs first thing :P lol
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