Mafia Round 12 - Bear Round! (Day Five...??)

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Mafia Round 12 - Bear Round! (Day Five...??)

Postby Grawwbear » July 24th, 2010, 1:59 pm

Mafia Round 12 – Bear Round

Links to previous rounds:

[spoiler]Round 1: [iurl=][/iurl]
Round 2: [iurl=][/iurl]
Round 3: [iurl=][/iurl]
Round 4: [iurl=][/iurl]
Round 5: [iurl=][/iurl]
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Round 8: [iurl=][/iurl]
Round 9: [iurl=][/iurl]
Round 10: [iurl=][/iurl]
Round 11: [iurl=][/iurl][/spoiler]

Ever wanted to fight against the Black Organization?

Or perhaps joining the Black Organization is more your style.  

Either way, Mafia is for you.

You don't know how to play Mafia?

[spoiler]SHAME ON YOU

But I suppose you should be informed. You can either look here: [iurl=][/iurl] ,
or here: [iurl=][/iurl] ,
for the basic rules.  However, we've added some rules of our own so be sure to read what's below as well.

In the game, each player is given a role, of "Mobster", "Townsperson", or something else depending on which additional roles are chosen by the GM.

The game has two phases: Night and Day. The game starts during a Night phase, and switches between the two until the mafia or townspeople win/lose.


-When night begins, all players with a night action will send the moderator (that's me!) a PM, depending on your role. If you are a Mobster, you PM me who you want to kill and that night and which one of you will be doing the killing. This is done by Anokata or, in the lack of Anokata, by any of the mobsters or the one they elect to be a leader.  The mobsters will also use PM the mod individually to use their special abilities (e.g. Gin's slander ability or Bourbon's investigative ability).  

-If you're a townsperson, you will also PM the moderator should your role call for it (e.g. Heiji with his interrogative powers or Megure's ability to investigate).  

-All results are pmed at the end of the night/beginning of the day (unless you died during the night) and the person who the mafia killed is announced in the thread.

-Once the night phase ends and the day phase begins, the Mafia will either have killed their victim (or failed to kill them).


-When day begins, the moderator will say what happened during the night (the results of what happened after everyone's PMs have been looked at), including who died (or if nobody died). All players who had an action during the night phase will get back the results of their actions via pm.  Afterwards, all remaining players vote on who to lynch under suspicion of being a mobster, and then that person is killed. Votes are sent via PM to the moderator (they won't be counted if you just post in the thread) and all votes are posted at the end of the day phase.  If there is a tie then nobody dies.  

-Some roles can have other actions during the day phase (e.g. Haibara's following ability and Hakuba's traveling) so these should also be sent to the mod via PM.  The results (if any) will be sent at the end of the day phase/beginning of the night phase.  

-At the end of the day phase and start of the next night phase, the voted player will be lynched. Rinse and repeat.[/spoiler]

GM: Grawwbear Rohoph(?)

01: xpon
02: Yurikochan
03: Ctu
04: Detective Tommy
05: PhoenixTears
06: nomemory
07: Akonyl
08: Kleene Onigiri
09: Commi-Ninja
10: Beastly
11: Schillok
12: Holmes
13: Abs.
14: James Rye
15: pofa
16: Khinkhun
17: Callid
18: Laurell
19: KainTheVampire
20: xcommando
21: conia
22: TheBlind
23: Sherlock3
24: bluekaitou1412

Arrested: conia, Akonyl
Dead: Beastly, xpon, Ctu, Khinkhun, Abs., TheBlind, Schillok, pofa, Kleene Onigiri, nomemory, PhoenixTears, Rohoph(?), Yurikochan, Callid, KainTheVampire

Subscription Phase: Sign-ups until July 29
Preparation Phase
Night One
Day One
Night Two
Day Two
Night Three
Day Three
Night Four
Day Four
Night Five
Day Five, BO Wins!

Phase change happens at:
6am (0600 hours) Sweden/Germany
4am (0400 hours) GMT
12am (2400 hours) EDT
9pm (2100 hours) PDT

One phase is 24h long.

Summaries/Links to Phases: see #3 post
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Re: Mafia Round 12 - Bear Round! (Subscription Phase)

Postby Grawwbear » July 24th, 2010, 2:00 pm

General rules
- If you play in this game with more than one username, both usernames will be banned from this and all future Mafia games that are GMed by Rohoph.  Since it is also against forum rules to have multiple accounts, at least one of the accounts will also be deleted.
- Don't ask the GM for information about other players' roles or try to influence moderator tasks (e.g. ask them to not give certain hints).  It is frowned upon.
- You may not copy/quote/screenshot etc. the PM from the GM to prove your role to someone else. But you can claim to be a role, whether it's your real role or not.
- You can PM people and post without restrictions (except the GM stuff, see above) when you are alive. If you choose to talk via PM while dead, you must be careful that you don’t give anything away, whether it’s your suspicions, results of actions, deductions, etc.  Don't ruin the spirit of the game.  When in doubt, refrain.
- You may fake/quote/edit other players PM, just not the GM ones. However, the posting or PMing of other players’ PMs via screenshots are prohibited.
- If you don't have time or you'll travel somewhere and can't play for some days or you want to quit the game completely, at least notify the GM.
- In case you can't play for a number of phases, you can make a list of actions (Day 2: Vote for Akonyl Night 3: Slander Kleene etc.) If you have allies from the beginning (BO, Lover, DB's or friends) you can give them the command over your character for those phases only by PMing the GM that your ally/allies can submit actions for you for those phases.  If the GM notices that you have not come online for a number of days without such a PM (for example in the case of natural disaster, death, etc.), it is up to the GM's discretion what happens to your character.
- If your PM confuses the GM, the GM will smash it into a billion pieces.

- You have to PM the GM directly to vote/use your ability. Posting in the thread doesn't count. Multi-recipient PMs don’t count.
- If Vermouth and KID are in the same game and choose the same person to disguise as, they will both disguise as the same role and the targeted individual will get a new role.
- DB's (Ayumi, Genta, Mitsuhiko), Friends (Sonoko + Best Friend), and Lovers will not overlap.
Order of actions
- If multiple incompatible actions are submitted by a player, the last one before time is up is the one that will go through.
- Arrest > House Search > Protection charm > APTX > Discombobulating > Killing > All other actions
Example 1a:
Akonyl) Arrest Abs. for killing Kleene on Night 1.  Investigate if pofa slandered conia.
Abs.) Kill Akonyl.
Result: Akonyl arrests Abs.  Abs. does not get to kill Akonyl.  Akonyl investigates if pofa slandered conia.
Example 1b:
Akonyl) Investigate if pofa slandered conia.
Abs.) Kill Akonyl.
Result: Abs. kills Akonyl.  Akonyl does not get investigation results.
Example 2: (Day 3)
Beastly) APTX pofa = Satou.
pofa) Arrest Beastly for killing Laurell on Night 2.
Result: pofa arrests Beastly.  Beastly does not get to use APTX on pofa.  APTX is confiscated. (See APTX under Day actions)

General definitions
Everyone can vote during the Day Phase, whether you're a Townsperson or a Mafia member.
You're dead
You're not in Japan
You're arrested
You're dying (this is different from injured)
You were hindered by an ability (e.g. Tequila)
Each player’s vote is made public at the end of the Day phase, unless Voice of Reason or Protect is applicable.
If a player investigates if another player committed a crime and the result comes back as TRUE, sometimes a random player with a police role will be tipped off that "(ROLE A) (crime) (ROLE B)."  The report will make sense, e.g. “1412 stole from Araide,â€
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Re: Mafia Round 12 - Bear Round! (Subscription Phase)

Postby Grawwbear » July 24th, 2010, 2:00 pm

-Added a rule concerning screenshots.
-Re-added dreams.

Preparation Phase
[URL=]Night One
[URL=]Day One
[URL=]Night Two

[b]Day Two
[b]Night Three
[b]Day Three
[b]Night Four
[b]Day Four
[b]Night Five
[b]Day Five

As the sun sank beneath the horizon, darkness swiftly spread across the city. Ravens seemed to perch at every lamppost that barely brightened the urban streets of Beika, spooking its citizens into concealing themselves within their homes. The odd avian omen planted seeds of fear within mortal mind, causing some families to close their blinds and curtains and others to leave their homes to stay overnight with close friends. Many crowded around their televisions to watch the news as it reported a sighting of bears outside city limits. A small handful of people took this as another grim warning of things to come, quickly packed their belongings and fled Beika in fear for their safety. However, those few who were not that superstitious talked amongst each other, agreeing unanimously that the odd sighting of these ursine creatures were the least of their worries—or were they…?

Within the darkened city of Beika, the sudden cry of cicadas reverberated throughout the streets. The ravens, still perched upon the lampposts, sang out cacophonously in response. Those who heard the eerie and unusual omen took it as a motion to go to sleep—to sleep and hope these odd occurrences were all tricks of the mind; to hope that the horrors that they thought were about to unfold would be forever locked in the box filled with the rest of the evils of the world… but alas. Such hope can only be gained if the box is opened. The box was far from just opened—it was smashed open, mercilessly torn apart by the black demons that hid themselves within the city to hide and plan the murders they would soon execute…

The ravens suddenly took off in unison to find safer haven as lightning flashed and thunder roared from the heavens. The soft tintinnabulation of the rain now coincided with the still crying cicadas…

Perhaps the people of Beika should’ve followed the handful that fled the city.


[b][size=200]NIGHT ONE ENDS

The skies were ignorant of the mortal people who pleaded for hope—fluffy cumulonimbus clouds kept the skies gray and the city shrouded in darkness and rain. Many people remained in their homes, the seeds of fear steadily growing in their minds. People kept their television on to the news, wanting to know the information that would surely guarantee their safety (none of them wondering why they felt so in danger—sure there were the odd omens of the previous night, but…). Today we look into the home of a random man—let’s call him Touru— with a random job and a random boyfriend girlfriend boyfriend who looked like a girlfriend (who was apparently named Tomoko), who like many others had their eyes glued to his TV screen…

Female Newscaster: …and in Beika today, some light showers will occur throughout the day with a storm that will follow at night. Thankfully the storm will not last long, so by tomorrow we will see storm cloud-free, bright skies! Back to you, Sakuma-san.

Sakuma: Thank you, Miyajima-san. We have just received news that a teenager was discovered dead in front of Beika Police Department. The victim,
Ran(Beastly), was found gagged, with a single bullet wound in the middle of her head and her hands tied behind her back. Upon further inspection, a camera was found in her right pocket. The camera held the footage of her death, as shown:

The footage first shows Beika Park—800m from Police Department. The camera suddenly moves to the right and catches Ran running in park, running and dodging the bullets that buzzed toward her. Ran continued the dash, despite her hands being tied. Throughout the run she would periodically trip and fall, but the will to live pumped adrenaline throughout her body and made her get up. A dive to the left, flank to the right... At first glance, the girl seems to be doing a wonderful job, dodging all of those bullets without getting a single hit…

After a while, however, it’s easy to see that Ran is not the one who dodging the bullets— rather the mysterious shooters are purposely missing to shoot her, almost as if they were toying with her life…

The video now shows Ran running toward the police station. An expression of relief flittered through her face, but suddenly a bullet hit her from behind her head and pierced through her skull right between the eyes. The video promptly stops there.

[i]Sakuma: Police have found out that the bullet piercing the victim’s skull matched to an M118—a bullet that would fit perfectly into an M24 sniper rifle. While the video clearly showed the victim last seen in Beika Park, her whereabouts beforehand are unknown. In other news, the odd sighting of bears that occurred yesterday has been confirmed—about six to nine bears have been spotted entering the perimeter of Beika earlier this morning. We ask that, if you spot them, you do not approach them—call the police immediately. Authorities have been called in attempts to get permission to—

The random man named Touru switches his TV off, continues to eat his random breakfast before taking a random bag from his random fridge and leaving his random house to go to his random job. Several random minutes later the random man hurriedly rushed to his random house. The random boyfriend who looked like a girlfriend had called him, yelling that he’d forgotten his random umbrella. The random man shared a hug with the random boyfriend who looked like a girlfriend (what was her name again, Tomoko?) and ran out of his random house so he wouldn’t be late for his random job.

The citizens of Beika definitely should have left last night.

[size=200][color=brown]DAY ONE BEGINS


Several citizens of Beika talked throughout the day and unanimously agreed: Ran’s murderer would pay for killing her, and s/he would pay for it in blood. The citizens, some hiding under umbrellas and some hiding under raincoats, gathered at the park where a lightly showered gallows was erected. For what little was left of the day the populace readily agreed on whom to lynch, seemingly ignoring the slow increase of rainfall. Eventually, the designated executioner grabbed the accused and tightened the hangman’s noose harshly around her neck. While the accused helplessly tried to plead for her life—a rather futile attempt, why didn’t she try to plead beforehand? —she screamed, "Kill them All and win this game, Aibo! Even without a sniper, our killing force & power is still enough to hunt them down!!"

The floor beneath her was removed, and the unmistakable sound of a neck snapping made silence loom over the mob.

As the clouds continued to darken and the rain worsened, the people finally realized the heaving rain and quickly fled the park to hide within their homes once more. Unlike the night before, they didn’t hear the shrill cry of the cicadas as they mourned—or were they mocking? —the accused, Chianti(xpon), who had been left unmistakably hanging at the gallows, unmistakably dead…

Before the sun could set behind the mourning clouds, Megure(Khinkhun) writhed on the wet stone pavement and drew his last breath… It didn’t take long for the afternoon news to report the death—murder, they said, via poisoning…

As the murder was being reported on the news, there was a group of police officers investigating a house that was pretty much on the opposite side of Beika where the murder occurred. Takabe Kenichi, a police inspector ordered to handle the case, had just arrived on the scene. Inspector Takabe approached the one of the police officers who arrived earlier to the scene.

Takabe: What do we have here?

Police Officer: It seems like suicide… Okiya(Ctu)’s throat was cut about half an hour ago.

Takabe: Wh-what?!! You mean that Mamiya is still alive?!!

Police Officer: O-Oh, no. The slash marks aren’t in an X position…

As the inspector continued to talk with the officer, several other officers scrambled to find clues as to why Okiya had committed suicide. Not too long after, one police officer found several letters written from Megure (Khinkhun). Also, stuffed in the trash can were what seemed to be two wedding rings and two identical glass fishes.

xcommando - xpon
bluekaitou1412 - xpon
Yurikochan - xpon
Laurell - xpon
Callid - xpon
Holmes - xpon
Akonyl – xpon
James Rye – xpon
Schillok – xpon
pofa – xpon
conia – xpon
nomemory –
Detective Tommy - xpon
PhoenixTears – xpon
Sherlock3 – xpon
xpon – Schillok
Kleene Onigiri – xpon
Khinkhun – xpon

Schillok: 1
xpon: 16



Early morning next day the remnants of the heavy storm subsided back to the light shower of the previous day. Despite said rain and deep puddles left from the night, police officers Oida and Fujiwara still continued their early morning patrol at the park. By the time they finished their round the duo spotted the very wet gallows. After a moment of staring the two shrugged and headed back to their police box, finding nothing odd with the erected old execution device. However, it can be agreed that if those who attended the lynching that occurred were in the place of the officers, they would find it so very odd to find a rope (or the body tied with it) not tied around the beam of the gallows. In fact the rope, snapped in half and dampened with rainwater, was slightly bathed in blood and void of the body it had killed yesterday…

True to the newscaster’s word, the last drops of rain ceased an hour later when the storm clouds disappeared, leaving the skies a pleasant azure and the sun to shine bright upon the city of Beika. However that hour later, Oida and Fujiwara found Akai(Abs.) dead in a telephone booth not far from the park with a bullet wound in the middle of his forehead. He was clutching the phone tightly with his left hand, and with the right hand, an old dingy tape recorder. While Officer Oida called for an ambulance and backup, Officer Fujiwara hesitantly replayed the tape, hoping that maybe the victim caught some something about his murderer:


Sent separate private communications to three persons: Kleene Onigiri, TheBlind, Schillok.

Told each I was going to investigate them.

Told each this was going to be stated in my will...*the tape seems to emit a scratching noise here…*

Only one replied in a suspicious, defensive manner.  That one was Schillok.

That is all.


Schillok has reached out to me and another person.  It only serves to make me even more suspicious of him.


Suspicious of nomemory (what was her name again?), due to possible clue of "boyfriend looks like a girlfriend" - ergo, The Killers - she could be a Town/BO Lover.  However no solid evidence yet, and will continue to keep in contact.

Schillok has hatched a plan for our night actions...*scratching noise* ...that would effectively block any possible interrogations by the three of us.  Still suspicious.

Xcommando could be BO.  No one even attempted to defend xpon, as if xpon had wanted to be lynched in the first place.  Going to investigate if Xcommando truly interrogated me tonight, since I have a hunch that's what's really planned to happen (regardless of what I've been told).  He could be BO, and therefore already know whether I (and xpon as well, for that matter) am BO or not without interrogating.

So far none of the above should know my role, if I happen to die via... *scratching noise*

Have not told any of the above what I plan to investigate.

Ten minutes later an ambulance as well as a newsvan arrived at the scene. The murder, along with the tape, was shown on TV not too long after.



Inspector Takabe, in charge of the murder/suicide of the lovers Megure and Okiya, was coincidentally ordered to investigate the murder of [u]Akai. He had stayed there since he was called to the scene, trying to figure out just who killed this man. His thoughts were interrupted by a phone call—a call coming from Tagamichi Takeshi, another police inspector and a good friend of his. He swiftly answered his phone.

Takabe: It’s Takabe. What is it, Inspector Tagamichi?

Tagamichi: You can relax now, Inspector Takabe. It seems that conia here was arrested. Orders say for you to come back to headquarters to further interrogate him. I’ll take over things from there.

Inspector Takabe let out a sigh of slight relief and replied back to the inspector affirmatively before hanging up. Inspector Takabe stared at the crime scene once more before climbing into a police car that would take him back to the Police Department. While he was relieved there was a prime suspect for the murders, he couldn’t help but feel that something bad was about to happen…

The citizens of Beika gathered at the gallows once more, all agreeing that Akai’s murderer was amongst them. While the designated executioner fixed another noose around the beam, the mob argued left and right on who would be killed next. Several people took note of the bloody snapped rope on the floor of the gallows but kept silent about it—or rather, they attempted to get the mob’s attention on it but were drowned out by their feral roars of blame…

[i]“He’s the one who did it! Kill him!â€
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Re: Mafia Round 12 - Bear Round! (Subscription Phase)

Postby Grawwbear » July 24th, 2010, 2:00 pm

I apologize, Schillok and Akonyl, for taking charge for this round D:
*Reserved for my Fettucini Alfredo with baked salmon*

Mafia Round 12 Log:


01: xpon - Chianti
02: Yurikochan - Mitsuhiko
03: Ctu - Okiya
04: Detective Tommy – Vermouth (Heiji)
05: PhoenixTears – James Black
06: nomemory - Hakuba
07: Akonyl -Gin
08: Kleene Onigiri - Yumi
09: Commi-Ninja - Akemi
10: Beastly - Ran
11: Schillok - Satou
12: Holmes - Haibara
13: Abs. - Akai
14: James Rye - Vodka
15: pofa - Kogoro
16: Khinkhun - Megure
17: Callid - 1412 (Chiba)
18: Laurell - Ayumi
19: KainTheVampire - Takagi
20: Xcommando - Shinichi
21: conia - Irish
22: TheBlind - Kazuha
23: Sherlock3 - Araide
24: bluekaitou1412 - Korn


-Detective Tommy disguised as Abs.’s role (Heiji).
-Abs. became Akai.
-Kleene Onigiri chose Ctu and Khinkhun as lovers.
-Callid disguised as Sherlock3’s role (Chiba).
-Sherlock3 became Araide.


-Investigated whether Kleene Onigiri killed Beastly (false), TheBlind killed xpon (false), Schillok killed Laurell (false), Sherlock3 killed Ctu (false), Khinkhun killed Detective Tommy (false)

-Investigated Abs. for BO scent (invalid investigation), PhoenixTears for BO scent (invalid investigation), Detective Tommy (invalid investigation)

-Discombobulated by James Rye
-Had Alcohol stolen
-Special investigated if nomemory is disguised as Kogoro on Night 1 (failed)

-Abducts Eisuke
-Spied on Khinkhun, Schillok, PhoenixTears, Beastly, pofa, and Abs. and manages to find Megure

-Decided to fly to Japan

-Stole Schillok’s Car-keys
-Investigated whether TheBlind killed Akonyl or Schillok (false on both parts), Abs. killed Akonyl (false)

-Interrogated xpon (BO)

-Stole PhoenixTears’s Alcohol

-Slandered himself

Detective Tommy:
-Investigated whether PhoenixTears investigated nomemory (false), nomemory investigated PhoenixTears (false), nomemory investigated Laurell (false), Kleene Onigiri investigated Akonyl (false), Holmes interrogated xpon (false)

-Attempted to detect Vermouth (Yes)

-Healed Akonyl (not needed)

Kleene Onigiri:
-Investigated whether Abs. investigated Kleene Onigiri (true), Schillok investigated Abs. (true)

-Had Car-keys stolen
-Investigated whether Kleene Onigiri investigated Abs. (true), Abs. investigated Kleene Onigiri (true), Abs. investigated Schillok (true)

-Interrogated Ctu (Not BO)

-Protected Akonyl (failed)

-Sniped Beastly

Beastly(Ran) dies.


-Followed Khinkhun (No scent)

-Successfully poisoned Khinkhun as Megure

-Analyzed interrogation from Night 1 (Not BO)

-Received Black Suitcase

xpon (Chianti) dies.
Khinkhun (Megure) dies via poisoning.
Ctu (Okiya) commits suicide.



-Investigated whether Abs interrogated, stole, observed, or discombobulated Holmes, PhoenixTears investigated Xcommando (All failed)
-Discombobulated by James Rye

-Arrives in Japan
-Interrogated TheBlind (Not BO)

-Special investigated whether Xcommando investigated Abs. on Night 2 (false)
-Had Glasses stolen

Kleene Onigiri:
-Invesigated whether Xcommando is disguised as Heiji or Shinichi (both false)
-Had Panties stolen

James Rye:
-Discombobulated Xcommando

-Investigated whether Commi-Ninja stole from Xcommando, TheBlind stole from Xcommando, or Callid stole from Xcommando (all false)

-Healed Xcommando (not needed)

-Interrogated Schillok (not BO)

Detective Tommy:
-Investigated whether Xcommando is disguised as Heiji or Shinichi (both false), PhoenixTears is disguised as Heiji, Akai, or Shiratori (all false)

-Slandered himself

-Used Black Suitcase to interrogate nomemory (BO)
-Stole Kleene Onigiri’s Panties

-Stole PhoenixTears’s Glasses
-Investigated whether Schillok investigated Callid (true), TheBlind killed Schillok or PhoenixTears (false)

-Investigated whether Schillok killed PhoenixTears, conia killed PhoenixTears, nomemory killed PhoenixTears, Xcommando is disguised as Heiji, xcommando interrogated Abs. (failed)

-Killed Abs.

Abs. (Akai) dies.


Yurikochan, Laurell:
-Attempted to Identify nomemory = Hakuba (Yes)

-Followed Kleene Onigiri (no scent)

-Gave Protection Charm to self (no vote change)

-Analyzed interrogation from Night 2 (not BO)

-Successfully arrested conia for killing Abs. on Night 2

-Received Black Suitcase
-Failed to poison nomemory as Haibara

TheBlind(Kazuha) dies.
conia is arrested for killing Abs. on Night 2.



Detective Tommy:
-Investigated whether PhoenixTears investigated Kleene Onigiri (false), Callid investigated PhoenixTears (true) and arrested Akonyl (true), PhoenixTears is disguised as James Black (false) or Jodie (false)

-Investigated whether Callid investigated PhoenixTears (true), KainTheVampire investigated nomemory (true), Commi-Ninja interrogated PhoenixTears (false) or Detective Tommy (true, PhoenixTears investigated Callid (true)
-Had Schoolbook stolen

-Interrogated PhoenixTears (not BO)

-Healed self (not needed)

-Special investigated whether Callid investigated Abs. on Night 1 (true)

-Investigated whether Callid is disguised as Takagi, Shiratori, or Chiba (failed)

-Investigated whether nomemory interrogated Detective Tommy (false), PhoenixTears (true), Xcommando investigated KainTheVampire (false)

-Stole Xcommando’s Schoolbook
-Investigated whether PhoenixTears investigated Callid (true), Kleene Onigiri investigated Schillok (false), Akonyl killed Schillok (false)
-Successfully arrests Akonyl for killing Khinkhun on Day 1

-Slandered Commi-Ninja (fails)

James Rye:
-Discombobulated Kleene Onigiri

Kleene Onigiri:
-Investigated whether Schillok investigated PhoenixTears, Callid investigates Kleene Onigiri (failed)
-Had Headgear stolen
-Discombobulated by James Rye

-Sniped Schillok

-Interrogated Callid (not BO)

-Used Black Suitcase to Interrogate Detective Tommy
-Stole Kleene Onigiri’s Headgear

Schillok (Satou) dies.
Akonyl was arrested for killing Khinkhun on Day 1.



Yurikochan, Laurell
-Attempted to identify if Kleene Onigiri = Yumi (yes)

-Successfully killed nomemory as Hakuba
-Received Black Suitcase

Detective Tommy
-Successfully killed Kleene Onigiri as Yumi

-Followed Laurell (no scent)

James Rye
-Successfully killed PhoenixTears as James Black

pofa(Kogoro) dies.
Kleene Onigiri(Yumi), nomemory (Hakuba) and PhoenixTears(James Black) die via poisoning.



-Interrogated Yurikochan (not BO)

James Rye:
-Discombobulated Callid

-Stole Sherlock3’s Car-keys
-Failed to kill Holmes (target healed)

Detective Tommy:
-Investigated whether Callid is disguised as Chiba (true), Shiratori, Takagi (both false), KainTheVampire is disguised as Takagi, Chiba (both false)

-Successfully healed Holmes
-Had Car-keys stolen from

-Investigated whether Xcommando is disguised as Shinichi, KainTheVampire is disguised as Takagi, James Rye is disguised as Shiratori (failed)
-Failed to steal from Commi-Ninja (discombobulated)
-Discombobulated by James Rye

-Investigated whether Xcommando interrogated Commi-Ninja (false), Commi-Ninja killed Yurikochan (false)

[b]Rohoph “dies.â€
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Re: Mafia Round 12 - Bear Round! (Subscription Phase)

Postby Akonyl » July 24th, 2010, 2:03 pm

*flails arms wildly as first non-gm post*

Rohoph wrote:I apologize, Schillok and Akonyl, for taking charge for this round D: Also, if the time of the phase change isn’t to everyone’s liking, I will change it to someone’s suggestion before my return flight.
*Reserved for my Fettucini Alfredo with baked salmon*

it's fine, you were first in line so I'm cool with it. Though, I secretly hoped you wouldn't be back in time so I could steal it from you anyway.

Also, if at all possible, I would prefer 9PM PDT instead of 10PM PDT, so I can read the round ends before going to sleep.
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Re: Mafia Round 12 - Bear Round! (Subscription Phase)

Postby Grawwbear » July 24th, 2010, 2:10 pm

Akonyl wrote:...I secretly hoped you wouldn't be back in time so I could steal it from you anyway.

Technically, I'm really not back yet. :p
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Re: Mafia Round 12 - Bear Round! (Subscription Phase)

Postby Akonyl » July 24th, 2010, 2:12 pm

Rohoph wrote:
Akonyl wrote:...I secretly hoped you wouldn't be back in time so I could steal it from you anyway.

Technically, I'm really not back yet. :p

well yeah, but you're gonna be back soon enough that people are willing to wait for your return to start the game. Thus, you don't need someone to GM an in-between game. :P
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Re: Mafia Round 12 - Bear Round! (Subscription Phase)

Postby Schillok » July 24th, 2010, 2:25 pm

So... no changes in the rules, no new roles?
I liked how every round was a bit different from the previous one, but on the other hand I didn't have much of a chance doing anything last game, so at least for me it won't matter much.

5 days before the start of the preparation phase? That is quite a lot...
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Re: Mafia Round 12 - Bear Round! (Subscription Phase)

Postby pofa » July 24th, 2010, 2:29 pm

15. pofa

Abs.'s auto-arrest idea didn't really have a chance to get tested, since there was only one policeman and he died the first night. So that will be sort of like a new rule.

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Re: Mafia Round 12 - Bear Round! (Subscription Phase)

Postby Grawwbear » July 24th, 2010, 2:41 pm

Schillok wrote:So... no changes in the rules, no new roles?

Technically, if you re-read my posts, there's a tiny tiny little reinforcement.

Schillok wrote:5 days before the start of the preparation phase? That is quite a lot...

Well, I'm still over here in Europe, and no one really opposed to the suggestion. But Schillok, why so critical I wonder...  ::)
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Re: Mafia Round 12 - Bear Round! (Subscription Phase)

Postby Eve » July 24th, 2010, 2:44 pm

So early... hopefully everyone will be revived in time :P
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Re: Mafia Round 12 - Bear Round! (Subscription Phase)

Postby Akonyl » July 24th, 2010, 2:46 pm

Khinkhun wrote:So early... hopefully everyone will be revived in time :P
didn't you say you wanted to play?


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Re: Mafia Round 12 - Bear Round! (Subscription Phase)

Postby TheBlind » July 24th, 2010, 3:02 pm

Is this game using Abs. rules?
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Re: Mafia Round 12 - Bear Round! (Subscription Phase)

Postby Eve » July 24th, 2010, 3:03 pm

Akonyl wrote:
Khinkhun wrote:So early... hopefully everyone will be revived in time :P
didn't you say you wanted to play?


Wait, I pm'ed GrawwBear now it's up to him to add me :P

WAIT A Cotton picking second: Reading one set of rules(Abs. rules) is enough, there are ore than one? :P
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Re: Mafia Round 12 - Bear Round! (Subscription Phase)

Postby Akonyl » July 24th, 2010, 3:06 pm

Khinkhun wrote:
Akonyl wrote:
Khinkhun wrote:So early... hopefully everyone will be revived in time :P
didn't you say you wanted to play?


Wait, I pm'ed GrawwBear now it's up to him to add me :P

WAIT A Cotton picking second: Reading one set of rules(Abs. rules) is enough, there are ore than one? :P

ah, generally people just tack themselves onto the list in their own post.

As to the ruleset this game, it looks the same as Abs's ruleste, with the added stipulation of no screenshotting PMs.

And yes Khinkhun, hte rules tend to change a little bit every round, depending on the GM's fancy.

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