(COMPLETE) 2020 February Anime Schedule (3 remasters, 2 AOs)

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(COMPLETE) 2020 February Anime Schedule (3 remasters, 2 AOs)

Postby Spimer » January 26th, 2020, 5:02 am

(COMPLETE) 2020 February Anime Schedule

2/1 Episode 84:
"Ski Lodge Murder Case (Part 1)" (Remaster)

2/8 Episode 85:
"Ski Lodge Murder Case (Part 2)" (Remaster)

2/15 Episode 969:
"Kaga Lady Mystery Tour (Part 1)" (AO)

2/22 Episode 970:
"Kaga Lady Mystery Tour (Part 2)" (AO)

2/29 Episode 182:
『大捜索 9つのドア』
"Big Investigation of the 9 Doors" (Remaster)

https://twitter.com/conan_boxoffice/sta ... 05377?s=20

Still unknown when the next manga-based cased will be aired; either on March or in April; the order might be altered to prioritize episodes with characters related to the upcoming movie.
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Re: (COMPLETE) 2020 February Anime Schedule (3 remasters, 2 AOs)

Postby usotsuki » January 26th, 2020, 7:35 pm

182' is a random choice...
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