[INCOMPLETE] 2019 May Anime Schedule (1 New Anime Original, …)

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[INCOMPLETE] 2019 May Anime Schedule (1 New Anime Original, …)

Postby Valentin » April 14th, 2019, 8:46 am

May 4, 2019: New Anime Original (https://twitter.com/conaclu/status/1115845930006323201)
第939話 危ない化石採集 — Episode 939: The Dangerous Fossil Collection

May 11, 2019: To Be Announced

May 18, 2019: To Be Announced

May 25, 2019: To Be Announced

The quest continues: will this be the month where we’re finally going to see the Missing Maria Higashio Case? Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen—but I wouldn’t necessarily put my mones on yes.

Following The Giant Talos’s Deadly Fist that’s about to be broadcast, the title of Episode 939 certainly suggests that they’re exploring uncharted territories to prevent the infinite high number of filler episodes they need to make from becoming too stale. As my expectations couldn’t be any lower, though, I’m almost interested to watch if this might actually work out.

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