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Secret Santa 2019 Gift Reveals.

Posted: December 25th, 2019, 2:57 pm
by Kamite
Oh boy oh boy, its finally here. Hope everyone is excited for this joyous moment, that our community keeps bringing together.

Re: Secret Santa 2019 Gift Reveals.

Posted: December 25th, 2019, 2:58 pm
by Kamite
Reveal #1: From Cinna to the great hero of Hyrule Link!!

Reveal #2: From MoonRaven to the best workout Moderator of the DCTP Land, Abs.

Re: Secret Santa 2019 Gift Reveals.

Posted: December 25th, 2019, 2:58 pm
by Kamite
Reveal #3:
From Raifuujin to the greatest Heiji lover of them all, Iwamoto Yuri


Reveal #4:

From StopWatch to the previous Secret Santa host, and to the known Santa Korn, Jecka

Re: Secret Santa 2019 Gift Reveals.

Posted: December 25th, 2019, 2:58 pm
by Kamite
Reveal #5:
From Jecka to the darkest Raven of the Night, shines brightl by the Moon, MoonRaven

Reveal #6
From Abs. to the greatest Mold of all time. Who keeps getting moldy by second, Kleene Onigiri
For Kleene: A Draw-Your-Own-Adventure!

Once upon a never-ending year, there was an onigiri named Kleene. (closeup of nametag on onigiri "Kleene")

But Kleene was not like other onigiris. Kleene was moldy, but that wasn't a bad thing. (zoom out to show happy moldy Kleene)

For one thing, moldy onigiris don't get eaten. (other onigiri getting eaten RIP, Kleene is safe, maybe not even realizing what is happen, reading DC manga)

Kleene also had friends who were moldy, just like her! (Kleene with moldy Ako and moldy Peets, and a moldy "insert yourself here" cutout)

One day, Kleene and her friends decided to become pirates. (Captain Kleene and friends, happily donning eyepatches and brandishing wooden swords)

They found a ship and claimed it as their own. (is Shitty Ship)

After setting sail, they realized they didn't have a destination in mind. (Kleene and crew on the deck facing each other, with ???s above their heads, shrugging)

At that exact moment, a balloon drifted down to them and attached to it was a treasure map! (purple balloon in the distance with treasure map attached, coming closer)

They thanked the errant balloon by tying it onto the gunwhale, and then they were off! (X_X pofa tied to a gun-toting whale, speed lines)

On their journey, they encountered storms, (raiden throwing lightning bolts)

whales (more gun-toting whales)

scorching rays (akobo lasers)

and random kitten attacks (huh, it's rai again)

until they finally reached their destination... (treasure map with big red X and "You Are Here" pointing to it)

an island called Shitty Island. (is an island shaped like poop emoji)

Upon landing, they immediately set off in a random direction (all running into the vegetation, wielding wooden swords)

where they came across various (everyone in shock, watching Araide and Vermouth (as Araide) make out)

amorous (everyone blank face, coming across Vernon Roche x Iorveth undressing each other)

couplings romantic arrangements. (everyone sharing popcorn, looking on as Loki, Bucky, and Natasha flirt with each other in super awkward fashion)

Finally, they found a clearing, and in the middle of the clearing, there was a complete setup for 4 people to play FFXIV together (big FFXIV banner, huge screens, Bluetooth headsets, super cushy chairs, etc.)

"Surely, this is the treasure!" they all exclaimed, as they ran towards the middle of the clearing. (just the words "IT'S A TRAP!" written in huge letters across the page)

They found themselves tied up by the natives (the natives look like loaves of bread with stick-figure arms and legs, and they keep saying, "Sorry about this")

And found out they were going to be sacrificed to appease the angry island deity (the island, with a dotted line showing their path from the clearing to the top of the island, and a big arrow pointing to the top, labeled "Angry Deity's Home")

They fell into the hole (everyone falling with speed lines and X_X faces)

and landed on... something soft? and white? and green? (everyone sitting up, unhurt, with ??? above their heads)

"My word... You lot were ALREADY moldy, aren't you? What luck! You're not affected!" (giant mold with a royal crown and ^_^ face)

"I tried to cushion the fall for my visitors, but the others all unfortunately turned into mold zombies the minute they touched bottom." (gesturing to about 100 completely-moldified bread natives with X_X face)

"Can you help me?" she asked. "If only all these stupid yellow rocks weren't in the way, then the vents wouldn't be blocked, and everyone could slowly float down when they visited me, and leave whenever they wished!" (mold diety lifts a thick section of mold to reveal SO MANY GOLD COINS underneath)

So they thought (everyone huddled, brainstorming)

and they thought (everyone distracted, rushing to send in their mafia actions/votes via mobile before phase change)

and they thought, when suddenly Kleene had an idea! (lightbulb above a confident Kleene)

"Our friend, the balloon!" she exclaimed triumphantly. (recalling the balloon bringing the map)

They sent word to the gunwhale to bring pofa to the island. (pofa is still X_X tied to the gun-toting whale, speed lines)

"You're in luck, pofa said. "For I am the god of my people. We can carry these rocks out in two, three days, tops." (happy, confident pofa, with thought bubble of her legions of balloon people)

"What's more, I know of many peoples who have been searching for you, Mold Deity, in order to pay their respects, so once we clear out enough of the rocks to get the vents working again, we can bring them here!" (collage of pofa meeting various fungi in various locales, all inquiring about the Mold Deity)

And so it went. Meanwhile, Ako and Peets set about helping the mold zombies clear off most of the mold (Ako directing Akobo's lasers, Peets using mad science... in the background, balloon people are clearing away the gold coins)

and Kleene and the Mold Deity helped the rest of the island natives get just moldy enough so that they could live long and happy lives. (natives line up in front of Kleene and MD to apply mold to the region(s) of their choice)

Finally back home, Kleene and her friends used the yellow rocks to set up a real FFXIV ultimate gaming center, and lived moldily ever after. (wide, angled, cutout shot of the gaming center, to reveal SO MANY rooms with Kleene, Peets, Ako, tens of moldy cutouts, moldy pofa, moldy gunwhale, kittens, bread people, and the Mold Diety all playing FFXIV together and having fun... on display at the entrance of the center is a trophy, saying "BEST PIRATES EVER")

The Moldy End!

Re: Secret Santa 2019 Gift Reveals.

Posted: December 25th, 2019, 2:58 pm
by Kamite
Reveal #7:
From Memesu to the greatest Kaitou Kid fan out there, Raifuujin
Kaito was running through the street, towards his home. School had let them out early that day, and although he usually walked home with Aoko, this day was different and he didn’t want to waste any time.
Besides, Aoko would forgive him after seeing her present, he was sure of that. Now if only he could figure out what said present was gonna, he’ll manage something. Something great! Grinning, he stopped in front of his house, looking around before walking in.
Mother wasn’t home, luckily enough. He didn’t want any interruptions. Kaito rushed to his room and locked the door.
He had prepared the stuffing and the cloth beforehand, but what kind of animal to make...something Aoko would like, but also easy – this was his first (and last, he swore) time of doing this after all.

After pondering for a while, he settled for a rabbit and started to sew.

It wasn’t going well. Kaito had already pricked his fingers more times he could count, and was running out of band-aids. Maybe he should’ve asked his mother to help in the end. Kaito stood up and almost left the room to call for her – she had come home a while back – but in the end decided not to. He had promised to make this himself after all. Although his fingers stung, he kept smiling.

It took him almost three hours before he was somewhat satisfied with what he had done.
It didn’t look like bunny, not exactly, but for first-timer it was okay. Aoko better appreciate all the effort that went into making this, Kaito thought before heading down to eat. He would wrap the gift tomorrow.

Finding good enough paper for the gift wasn’t easy, but he eventually settled for red and reindeer covered one. It had been pain avoiding Aoko once more after school – Kaito wanted to spent time with her after all – but he was sure she had guessed what he was planning and pretended to play along. It eased his guilty mind a bit, thinking that.
So here he was, wrapping the somewhat bunny looking stuffed animal. His mother had laughed at it, but praised his efforts afterwards. She had suggested they invite Aoko and her father to dinner at christmas day and Kaito happily agreed.

The day arrived faster than he’d thought. Santa had managed to sneak by without Kaito noticing, much to his disappointment, and had left a whole bunch of gifts for both him and Aoko both. He couldn’t wait to open them, struggling to stay still during the whole dinner. His mother and Aoko’s dad talked mostly about their work, leaving the kids to their own devices, for the most part. Kaito’s mom chided him few times after he tried to leave the table without her noticing, to make for the presents, of course. Aoko looked at him sternly too, but it only made him grin wider – she really was cute like that. He couldn’t wait to show his own gift to her.

And finally, it was time. After Kaito had helped his mother clean up the table, he sneaked back to his room and picked the gift to present to Aoko. He could hardly wait! Jumping in excitement, Kaito headed back to the living room, keeping the gift safely hidden behind his back. Aoko was busy unwrapping her presents and didn’t even notice him at first, but Kaito’s fidgeting finally broke her concentration and she turned to him. Kaito suddenly felt shy and pushed the gift to her, before sprinting away. His mother caught him before he could make it too far however, and gently kept him still. For some reason he didn’t dare to look up, before he heard the sound of wrapping paper being ripped apart.
Before he could react, Aoko was hugging him, smiling brightly. It really had been worth it.

Gift Reveal #8
From Kleene Onigiri to lover of knives and darkness, to love of the When You Cry series, Memesu

Re: Secret Santa 2019 Gift Reveals.

Posted: December 25th, 2019, 2:58 pm
by Kamite
And now for the final reveals.

Reveal #9
From Iwamoto Yuri to the youngest member of the DCTP crew, StopWatch

Reveal #10:
From Link to the greatest Baker of all DCTP, Cinnamoroll

Re: Secret Santa 2019 Gift Reveals.

Posted: December 25th, 2019, 4:28 pm
by Kleene Onigiri
Thank you Abs.!! <3 Now I want to draw that story! :D

And thank you Kamite for hosting! \o/

Re: Secret Santa 2019 Gift Reveals.

Posted: December 26th, 2019, 3:56 am
by shinichi'sapprentice
Now I want to draw that story! :D

do eet!

Thanks again, cinna, for my gift!

Others’ were great as well, as usual! ;O

Re: Secret Santa 2019 Gift Reveals.

Posted: December 27th, 2019, 3:19 pm
by MoonRaven
Thank you Jecka for my gift! Combining Layton and Moomins was very creative and cute! \o/

Re: Secret Santa 2019 Gift Reveals.

Posted: December 29th, 2019, 3:42 pm
by Jecka
MoonRaven wrote:Thank you Jecka for my gift! Combining Layton and Moomins was very creative and cute! \o/

Yay!! I'm so glad you liked it. sorry about the lack of a background.