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Postby Conia » December 26th, 2017, 3:17 pm

Gifts will be revealed in groups, every 15 minutes a new batch of gifts will be shown. Once everything is revealed, the senders' name will eventually appear! Get hype!
This post will remain locked until all gifts are revealed. For early words on the gifts, you can use this thread viewtopic.php?f=9&t=13396 or use IRC, channel #minimafia
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Postby Conia » December 26th, 2017, 3:36 pm

Last Come First Serve! The very first gift goes to the newest member around, lightbound

Spoiler: From PhoenixTears to lightbound

Semold comes our beloved onigiri, Kleene Onigiri

Spoiler: From Meme to Kleene Onigiri, some liberties have been taken

Kleene woke up with a start. It was pitch black, and she reached for her phone. Seeing that it was just barely past midnight, she cursed loudly. But, as she was putting the phone back to try to get some more sleep, a cold breeze flew across the room.
Realizing that her bedroom door was open, Kleene grabbed her phone again and got up as silently as she could. Listening carefully, she tip-toyed to the door, and opened it. More cold air flew in, but aside from the sound of the wind, she couldn’t hear anything abnormal.

After gathering her courage for a while, she headed towards the living room. Turning on the lights, she could see that the backdoor was open, swinging slightly. Kleene walked briskly to it, now feeling angry. She could see footprints leading towards and away from her house, before slamming the door shut.
She looked around. Tv, bookshelf, sofa… everything seemed to be alright. The only thing missing was… her life-sized statue of ballerina-Vodka, gifted by unknown person some years back. She had been using it as Christmas tree.

Looking closely, Kleene could see dragging marks in the floor. Thinking about the repair costs for both the floor and the statue, she clenched her fists. Whoever did this was going to pay.

After checking other rooms just in case something else was stolen, Kleene returned to the living room. Aside from the dragging marks and some water on the floor, presumably from the thief’s shoes, there didn’t seem to be any clues about their identity.

The sound of a vehicle snapped Kleene out of her thoughts. Realizing it was a snowplow, she hurriedly put on her coat, and rushed outside. The footprints in the backyard headed east, towards the road – and then vanished, as the blower drove past. Cursing, Kleene jumped after it, trying to attract the driver’s attention. Unfortunately, the driver was blasting B’z, and didn’t pay attention to their rear-view mirror.

Kleene gave up soon enough, and turned to return to her house. Maybe there had been something she had missed after all.

And sure enough, as Kleene reached her backyard, she noticed something glinting in the snow. Picking it up she saw it was shiny yellow rupee. “But everyone has these! This is the least helpful thing I could possibly find!” she yelled in frustration, and threw the rupee away as hard as she could.

…Right in the head of shadowman peeking out behind a nearby tree, causing him to pass out. Momentarily stunned, Kleene could only stare. Then, a thought occurred to her. Jumping to shadowman, she removed his shoe, and went back to her backyard to check the size.

The shoe matched the footprints perfectly. Of course, Kleene thought, sighing. Who else could it ever be? She returned to the shadowman, and started slapping his face. “Wake up!”
With a groan, the man opened his eyes, and Kleene stopped mid-slap, bringing her hands to his shoulders instead. “Did you steal my Ballerina-Vodka statue?” She asked.
. “…What statue? “
“Don’t play dumb! Your shoe size matches the prints and- “she stopped to pick something from shadowman’s sleeve- “This moldy star was taped to its hat!” The shadowman gulped as Kleene tightened her hold on his shoulders. “Where is it?” she asked.
“I- fine, fine. I hid it behind the swamp.” “Show the way.”

With shadowman’s flashlight showing the way, the two arrived at the swamp. They were greeted with truly sad scene: the statue laying face down, slowly sinking deeper on the swamp. “I though you said you hid it ‘behind’ the swamp.” Kleene was shaking. The shadowman started to back away but it was too late. Moving almost too fast for him to see, Kleene’s fist struck him in the stomach, sending him flying into the night sky and out of the story.

Kleene shook her head. “Great, now I have no light.”

It took some time to drag the statue out of the swamp, and once it was finally out, Kleene was exhausted. Rubbing her eyes and yawning, she held the statue on top of her head, and began to slowly make her way to her house. Once there she placed the statue back to the corner, turned around and fell asleep.

“What I don’t understand is why didn’t you just call the police?” asked Akonyl, having arrived later the same day, after hearing the story. “Because we’re in middle of Yamamura case right now.” Kleene answered, sipping her drink. “Ah.” “Anyway, thank you for cleaning Ballerina-Vodka. Shame most of the decorations were lost.”
Akonyl turned to look at the statue. Only some bee-shaped ornaments hung from its arms. “Where is the moldy star? I thought you got that back.”
“I did, but…Most of the mold came off. I put it in the bathroom, so hopefully it should grow back before Christmas.”
“I hope so too.” As Akonyl rose to wash his mug, a sharp knock came from the front door. Kleene jumped down from the chair and hurried to open it.

She was greeted with worried looks from Phoenixtears and hopelessidiot. “We couldn’t help but hear about what happened to you, so we wanted to come and check you were all right.” hopelessidiot started. “Also, PT had some ideas about improving your recovered statue.” In the kitchen, Akonyl started to laugh. Kleene felt bit uncertain, but as all three of her guests kept insisting, she relented and allowed Phoenixtears take the statue with her with the promise that she would return it before Christmas party Kleene had planned to hold in her house.

Phoenixtears kept said promise, bringing the statue before anyone else had arrived. “Happy holidays!” she said as she placed the statue covered with black cloth back to its corner. It looked bigger than before. Kleene wanted to check it out right away, but the doorbell kept ringing as more and more guests arrived, so she didn’t get the change.

It took a while, but after everyone was done with eating, drinking, and exchanging presents, Kleene ushered everyone to the living room, where the still covered statue stood. She held the remote Phoenixtears had given her as a gift and removed the cloth. Some people gasped – they had never even seen the original statue – and with this one now standing in gorgeous miniature stage, decorated with Sonoci’s comics, everyone was awed. Kleene smiled and pushed the remote’s only button. Beautiful music emitted from the stereos at the stage’s bottom and as it began turning, slowly, delicately, the statue started dancing.
It truly was a Christmas miracle.


Third in line comes the third Kaito after BK and Raifuu, KaitoRizu

Spoiler: From Stopwatch to KatoRizu

And fourth one comes shinichi'sapprentice! Too bad he's stuck as purple Link...

Spoiler: From KaitoRizu to shinichi'sapp

15 minutes for the next batch to come!
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Postby Conia » December 26th, 2017, 3:37 pm

Número Unou of this group is none other than miyano_shiho!

Spoiler: From Fujiwara to Miyano

Second on this list comes the true dummy, Dumytru!

Spoiler: From Iwamoto Yuri to Dumytru

Kaming in third, we have Kamite!

Spoiler: From MoonRaven to Kamite

And the last one comes right in time to stop that wa-ok even I feel this joke has run its course. It's Stopwatch!

Spoiler: From Kamite to Stopwatch
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Postby Conia » December 26th, 2017, 3:37 pm

Number Nini on our list and first of this batch belongs to Jecka!

Spoiler: From sstimson to Jecka
Jecka, I hear you want an Elephant for Christmas. How bout we start with this:

Santa was able to get the Elephant to help the reindeer


And finally some music:

and a classical piece of Camille Saint-Saëns's "The Elephant"

Hope you enjoy this collection and Merry Christmas!

Second to none on our list belongs to Abs.!

Spoiler: From Kleene Onigiri to Abs.

Third one belongs to MoonRaven!

Spoiler: From miyano_shiho to MoonRaven

And the fourth one of this group goes to the coffe lover, Fujiwara!

Spoiler: From Yurikochan to Fuji


“Yes, coffee!”

The confused man looked up, “Coffee...just coffee...”

“Any kind of coffee, as long as its my coffee.” Fuji shook her head, hired help can be so annoying, she swore. She had only explained her perfect cup 10 times. Once should have been enough.

She reached for the tv remote and flipped on the movie, Detective Conan: Movie 20 was on, but it didn’t really hold her attention at all. The phone rang, but she ignored it.

The office was quiet, and her new lamp she had just bought was shining. A knock came at the door. “It feels like an eternity!”

A man entered almost knocking over the plant Charlie! He was yelling about something. Fuji really didn’t seem to care, she was too focused on something else at the moment, the latest mafia game, an anonymous round in which she was Godot.

“So the BO is probably PhoenixTears, Abs-, Jd-, but wait Jd- can’t be mafia if Abs- is mafia, what GM would do something so bad as that, she tried to read a message from the GM, but the person was anonymous as well, and leaving no hints to who the person even was. “Aww, man, I want to be BO if its that awesome!”

“We all do.” The voice of the coffee runner came quickly. “U-um, the shop said they are out of they don’t have any coffee.” The boy looked terrified, a coffeeless Fuji was not something to mess around with ever.

“I brought you some hot tea!” He said enthusiastically.

Fuji frowned, “I haven’t had my 17 cups!” She slapped the desk in front of her like those lawyers would in the game. 17 cups of coffee per work day, a rule Fujiwara lived by...

“Maybe we should search for some.” The assistant suggested...

“I’m really busy...” she looked at her schedule, and started to name the many things she still had to do... “But...”

The assistant nodded, “Coffee.” She nodded perfectly.

“We should go now!”


The search started, at first coffee shops, some apparently closing due to the missing beans! A horrible sight for any true lover of the dark aromas of the night. Now even her assistant was missing the taste, she hadn’t realized just how much this assistant enjoyed the coffee as much as she did herself.

It was good to know, but the problem was if they didn’t find any, coffee-less people were bad. Angered easily and work was almost impossible to finish.

Now the stores were starting to have signs, some saying the horrid words of ‘Sold Out’ and beans being sold on Ebay for the price that no one could afford.

“This is terrible.” People were shouting, starting to show off their true colors, as the coffee was out of their systems. People had fallen asleep when crossing the street even. The world was falling apart!

“Any ideas what we should do?” Fuji asked the assistant.

They shook their head. “It’s like everyone has become a jerk...”

“Well they kinda have.” Raiden sipped his tea happily. “Without coffee, its turning people into monsters!”

“So let’s start a coffee bean business.” The assistant piped in.

“With what, our good looks?” She frowned.

“Hey Fuji!” She heard a loud voice.

“Um hi...” she had no clue who the person was, or actually knew her name. “Can I help you?”

“Of course you can help me, you look upset, Fujiwara.” The person smirked.

That was quite suspicious to her, “And why don’t I know you?” She asked quickly.

“Not important...” came the quick response.

“Totally not creepy...” She whispered to the assistant underneath her breath.

A quick nod. “I’m selling something...”

“We’re not bu...” Fuji started, but was cut off by the assistant.

“We’ll take them all!” Fuji shook her head, she needed an assistant to remind her she needs to fire her assistant.

“That will be two thousand dollars.” The satisfied person grinned, waiting for the money.

“I’m a bit short...” The assistant whispered.

Fuji pursed her lips, maybe they just need to be murdered. She pulled out the money and paid. The assistant was handed golden coffee beans, by the time she was about to freak out, the seller had already disappeared.

“Well this sucks now, I was gonna use that money to buy coffee!” She groaned walking back to the office, now very poor. “I borrowed that money from the office.” She took the beans and chucked them out the window.

“Now why’d you go do that!?” The assistant asked, glaring at the boss.

“Because they are useless.” She slammed her desk. “Also you’re fired, but come back tomorrow so I can fire you again.” She left the office quickly. The assistant did as well.


The next morning they had both returned and they were both quite amazed at the giant coffee bean looking stalk.

“Like seriously, how has no one else seen this monstrosity?” Fuji wondered.

“Everyone but us went home for Christmas, plus DCTP headquarters is in a secret remote area no one knows about.” The quick answer shot out almost immediately.

“Well, yeah, I guess so, but still...” She looked at the giant coffee bean. “We could be rich if we grind this...”

“Or we climb it like that story Jack and the Beanstalk!”

“Well, yeah but this isn’t a story and we could like fall off and die.” Fuji glared daggers at the assistant.

“Yeah, but we’d go out with a bang.”

“Or we’d become another ‘murder’ for Akobo...”

“What’s wrong with that, maybe we could fall from the clouds to murder people...”

Fuji shook her head. “So how do we even climb this?”

“One foot at a time.” The assistant grinned.

Fuji decided she’d rather not figure out if it was a pun or not...

She grabbed it to make sure it was sturdy, surprisingly it was. She did exactly as the assistant said, one foot at a time.

The assistant followed her quickly. A golden castle sat at the top of the beans. The smell of coffee in the air, “Dude, this is absolutely amazing!” The assistant exclaimed.

They started to walk, the clouds like a giant coffee bean.

All of a sudden a black and white wasp-looking Naganadel swooped down and attacked the two explorers, Fuji screamed, as the white needle barely missed her.

The two took cover behind another bean, the great dragon flying around, searching for the intruders, calling out for its prey, ready to bring ruin to the humans.

It searched and screeched hurting their ears. “It’s so loud.”

Fuji grabbed a steel rod that was conveniently in their hiding spot, and using it as a javelin, threw it at the dragon, it missed, and roared as it attacked them!

They noticed the castle door opened and decided to head into the building. I mean what could be worse than a psychotic Wasp Dragon...”An angry Psychotic Wasp Dragon is angrier!” The assistant grinned.

“Or so you claim.” Fuji forced a laugh at the joke, even though neither needed the question asked.

“So where are we?”

They looked around at the strange hallway, it was too plain, in a strange way.

“Who are you!?” The loud voice rang out, surprising Fuji and the assistant.

“My name is Fuji...” she yelled as loud as possible, hoping to be heard.

“How did you find my fortress of coffee?” Came the booming voice.

“That person bought and I threw them!” She pointed at the assistant quickly. The assistant waved.

“Well I am the Giant of coffee, my name is Godot. This is my castle of moon lit deliciousness. Here...take this.” He almost squished them with a cup of his coffee.

Fuji unthinkingly jumped in, enjoying the aroma of blend 168, “To Paradise and back...” the taste was amazing, she couldn’t describe it, the assistant jumped in as well and began drinking.

“Mmm, I missed this so much!”

The Giant Visored Giant watched her swimming. “You’re too cute to drink, fine, join me!” He grinned. “And you can have your coffee back!”

The assistant blinked, “You were gonna drink us...”

He nodded. “Well you have two choices...”

Godot turns to Fujiwara, his face very serious, “Will you stay with me and the coffee beans, or shall we allow the people down there to have it...

Good ending:

Fuji frowns at Godot, “If we don’t give the coffee away, we will cause pain and suffering to those poor people” she said smirking, taking a sip of her coffee, then she pointed to one, who looked terribly distraught. “I can’t do that to those good people, some of them are my friends, and others will cause war and strife.”

The assistant let out of sigh of relief, he wanted to go back home as well. The giant Godot laughed. “Coffee, blacker than moonlight.” He started, but was cut off by the assistant.

“First off, that’s not the quote...” He was then cut off by Fuji.

“Dude, remember this guys a giant...he can like squish and eat you.” She glared, the assistant nodded quickly.

“Then you guys can go, and the spread the joy of beans all over the world.”

“Thank you, Mr Godot. For everything including teaching us the joys of Christmas and sharing.”

“Oh, I didn’t he laughed, your sweet, delicious, dark coffee brought it out.” With a wave of his hand they were back at the office.

“Well, that was weird.” The assistant frowns.

Suddenly a red portal opened up into the wall. “OUR BONDS GIVE US STRENGTH” was announced through the room. “Oh hey is that coffee!?” He grabbed a cup and poured the dark liquid.

“Father, I don’t think we’re in the right place...” Lucina’s voice rang from inside the portal.

“Sit down and enjoy the coffee, we could have gone into a world where there was none!”

Lucina listened and took a cup herself. “We have things to do, Father, instead of drinking coffee...”

Fuji clinked her cup with Chrom and they drank up til their hearts were content.

Leaving Lucina and the assistant to wonder what even was going on any more...

Merry Chromas to all and to all a good night!

Bad ending:

Fuji frowns at Godot, “If we don’t give the coffee away, we will cause pain and suffering to those poor people” she said smirking, taking a sip of her coffee, then she pointed to one, who looked terribly distraught. “But I think we should keep it for ourselves...if there ever was a shortage, I might not find this place...besides let them suffer!” Little horns grew upon her head.

The people went to war, while Godot and Fuji sip their coffee. She smirks, “Hmm, maybe next year we should take their tea...” they clink their coffee cups.

“We toast to a beautiful friendship.”

“And coffee!” Fuji finished.

No one actually knew what happened to the assistant.

Merry Christmas, Fuji, may your bonds give you strength! <3



Let's give it 20 minutes for this one, so I get a breather!
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Postby Conia » December 26th, 2017, 3:37 pm

And since everyone was so patient, let's give out 5 gifts for this round :O

First one of this batch goes to the rose giver, Raifuujin!

Spoiler: From cinnamoroll to Raifuu

Second one goes to Iwamoto Yuri!

Spoiler: From lightbound to Iwamoto Yuri

Third one goes to Yurikochan!

Spoiler: From Jecka to Yuriko
To Yuriko~
I still haven't played BW/B2W2 but I tried my best drawing N. I hope you like it. <3

Fourth one just behind her wifey comes in PhoenixTears!

Spoiler: From red.orchid to PT

And the last one of the group belongs to sstimson!

Spoiler: From shinichi'sapprentice to sstimson

Last waiting round! 15 minutes should be enough!
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Postby Conia » December 26th, 2017, 3:41 pm

Last ones incoming! :O

First of the last comes for our famous Cleaver Girl, Memesu

Spoiler: From Abs. to Meme
To: Meme
From: (Redacted)

(On phone)
(Redacted): ...for Meme, HALP!
Sera: Don't worry, we got this!

hi u called?
on our way
me too me too
mebee after a sllep
i'm up!
winging it over!

Hello I heard you needed help petting all the animals. I am here.


Second one comes for the business man, Jd-!

Spoiler: From Raifuujin to Jd-

Third one goes to the IRC inactive cinnamoroll!

Spoiler: From Dumytru to Cinna

AND THE LAST ONE comes with a special taste! It is for red.orchid (From Jd-!)

This gift is a sequel to last year's video for Stopwatch which is recommended viewing prior to venturing into the madness that awaits below. Otherwise, it'll somehow make even less sense.
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Postby Conia » December 26th, 2017, 5:13 pm

And a Merry Christmas to all DCTP from our community feline!


Topic is now unlocked :D
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Postby Kleene Onigiri » December 26th, 2017, 5:26 pm

Thank you Meme! <3

The picture for Abs. with the signature:
Keyhole drawn by Yuri Iwamoto <3

Spoiler: Secret Santa gift from Commi-Ninja <3
A Black Organization Christmas Carol (need to fix the link)

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Postby Jecka » December 26th, 2017, 5:30 pm

Thank you sstimson xD
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Spoiler: Yay Nini! \o/

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Postby dumytru » December 26th, 2017, 5:34 pm

Thanks a lot Yuri! :) The quality of it is just--- holy--- amazing!! Really great work :D ;D

And thanks again Conia for hosting!
shinichi'sapprentice wrote:dumytru hasn't acted very 'evil-like', but that's his specialty though...

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Postby Jd- » December 26th, 2017, 6:02 pm

Yet another year full of hype and good tidings—I continue to be impressed with the talents inherent to this group of the most secretive of santas.

Annnnnnd of course, Raifuujin will always be the MVP—!!

In case anyone is wondering:
All of the 'new' things in that gift were 100% hand-animated. Almost 10,000 frames and spread over 2,000 layers. It was an immense research project, learning what 'those' were about and how to copy them, but I loved it! Next year... something else!?
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Postby cinnamoroll » December 26th, 2017, 6:13 pm

Thanks Dumy!!! <3 I love my gift ^_^

And thanks for hosting Conia!! \o/
Spoiler: Present for the host!
Chocolate Soufflé! :3
Spoiler: Awesome Christmas present from Kain <3

Spoiler: KL's cute Christmas present ^^

Spoiler: Cute Christmas present by Stoppy ^^

Spoiler: PT <3

Spoiler: Jeck's Frosty :3
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Postby Raiden » December 26th, 2017, 7:49 pm

Good going everyone─you never cease to amaze with the quality of the gifts! :D

My apologies for not being able to make it for this year's SS*. I hope the little extra present for everyone keeps the lynch mob away from my door. Happy Holidays to all! <3
* If had I know it would be late I might have been able to make it..but that ship sailed it's course. ^^'

Yours truly,
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Postby Kamite » December 26th, 2017, 9:12 pm

Moonraven, I thank yioiu for the gift. I love chespin so cute.
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Postby Iwamoto Yuri » December 26th, 2017, 9:47 pm

dumytru wrote:Thanks a lot Yuri! :) The quality of it is just--- holy--- amazing!! Really great work :D ;D

And thanks again Conia for hosting!

Glad you like it! Making up an ugly Christmas sweater was a lot of fun, haha.

Thanks a bunch light! I loved my present :)
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