Black Star adaptations

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Black Star adaptations

Post by Itsabere »

Does anybody know what these stills are from? It's not the 1412 anime, the heist (if I recall correctly) wasn't adapted for the specials, and the art style doesn't seem to mesh with episode 219... ... 54acd7.jpg

If anyone can shed some light on this, I'd be grateful! It's driving me insane.
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Re: Black Star adaptations

Post by Raifuujin »

* comes in late with Starbucks

Well, the Nakamori is definitely from episode 585. That background can only be the warehouse from that heist, with that kind of light.

The Kid I don't actually think is a screenshot, because it looks like one of those promotional things they make into a poster. Granted, I can't provide proof right now, but they've done similar things for promotions and the calendars, where they take a scene from the anime and make a new drawing of it.
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