Never noticed hint, demon in the darkness (Anime only, up to chapter 1048)

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Never noticed hint, demon in the darkness (Anime only, up to chapter 1048)

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I wanted to point out a possible hint which i believe that was never noticed before. Since i am not up to date with the last chapters, i don't know if it will still be relevant, but i still want to share this conjecture. In chapter 753, Haibara tells Conan a strange phrase, after being found while playing hide and seek. She refers to Conan as "someone who will stubbornly chase after someone who's hiding like their life depends on it and smoke them out; someone with demonic abilities". Now, knowing chapter 951, this strange sentence, that was out of context even in the original chapter, has a different meaning and could imply a more profound connection between Karasuma Group and Sera's family. Even if Mary's intentions are not clear, Gin explicitly refers to sleeping Kogoro as the "Demon in the Darkness" with the same underlying meaning of Haibara's sentence. This seems to suggest that Shiho heard this sort of proverb in two possible scenarios: from her family through Akemi or her mother's tapes, or from inside the BO. Considering that Mary Sera seems to be unaware of Black Organization in chapter 1048 (as in chapter 1037 flashback), because she seems oblivious when the fake Tsutomo Akai reveals himself to be the target of a large organization, the "Demon in the Darkness" could be the common link that hints at the common origin of BO and Sera's family. However, in chapter 1011, Mary warns Elena and Atsushi of the shady Karasuma Group, thus implying a certain knowledge of the BO (and this happens before the Haneda Kohji's case, because Elena was pregnant and Shiho is now 18). 1) So it is possible that there is a link between Mary and Karasuma group that dates back to before/to the time of the White Dove Pharmaceutical/private clinic and that Shiho heard the proverb from her family or inside the BO. 2) Or it is possible that Shiho and Gin heard the proverb from the BO, and so Mary heard of the proverb from Haneda Kohji's family, which seems related to BO (1042, implicit). Thesis) However, since Shiho would difficulty quote a BO member without feeling unsafe and since Mary was probabily not a true friend/acquiantance of Haneda's wealthy family, because she is English while Tsutomo is Japanese and he is more suited to be the real close friend of Kohji's father (as it is stated in 1037), i would say that there is a link between Mary's family and the early Karasuma Group and that Shiho heard the proverb from her family. Furthermore, I would say that there is a link between my thesis and the fact that Kohji Haneda's hand mirror was the same as Akemi's one, passed on to her by her mother.
I excluded the hypothesis that Gin heard the proverb from Shiho or that Mary heard the proverb from Elena because it seems improbable. I implied that Gin heard the proverb inside the BO.
Mary has met Haneda's family, so she could have heard the proverb there. She speaks in an old/complex unnecessary way, even if Elena was quiet (maybe because she didn't know Japanese very well (chapter 398)). So it is possible for Mary to have heard an ancient Japanese proverb in the noble Haneda's family and it is possible that she learned Japanese language from Tsutomo or Haneda. Maybe she was working as a spy in Haneda's family? Anyway, all these hypothesis means that there was a very strong connection between Haneda and Karasuma family. And, based on my actual knowledge, i can't confirm it.
Feel free to answer even with spoilers from manga chapters after 1048, but use the spoiler tag if you do. Please. This is my first post here, so, Hello There.
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Re: Never noticed hint, demon in the darkness (Anime only, up to chapter 1048)

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