Aftermath of Sherry

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Jouliana Rose


Aftermath of Sherry

Post by Jouliana Rose »

Well, we all know that BO will be destroyed one day, the whole world will know about it's existence... truths will be resurfaced and the most darkest secrets will be revealed.

Most characters fates are almost well known, with exception of Sherry/Haibara Ai.. What about her?

I always wonder about the topic of "Aftermath of Sherry" in the end of DC story!

For example, let's imagine that the BO has fallen. Its members as well as their boss were all captured and brought to justice, and Haibara regained her true identity as Miyano Shiho after creating the final antidote. Maybe it sounds like a good and expected ending, but the hardest part has yet to come. Returning to her original body, Shiho will be left to pick up the pieces of eighteen years living with a noose around her neck.

Not only that, but I've always had a weak spot for story dealing extensively with the aftermath of the BO fall, especially when it's around Shiho, who will be trying to rebuilt a new life on the ruins of the old one.

In addition, I'm curious and interested to see Shiho dealing with the consequences of her work in the organisation, facing and/or atoning for her sins in the past. I do not know how she will be treated by PSB, police or any other secret service intelligences. Will she be treated as a suspect/ criminal/ victim? Also, how she will be viewed according to her country's laws?
And what will be her punishment if she was viewed only as a high-ranking criminal from BO with codename "Sherry"?

However, I have different theories/ideas about her aftermath once BO is destructed:

1- Abandoning Shiho Miyano and living as Ai Haibara (I don't think so)

2-Returning to Shiho Miyano, handing herself to police station. Transferred to Teitan High School with suspended sentence, and joined Shinichi Kudo and Ran.

3-After returning to Shiho Miyano and paying for her crimes (imprisoned for several years), she will return to Ai Haibara and live with Dr.Agasa as well as DBs again.

4-She will return to Shiho Miyano, handing herself to police, but would not be prosecuted due to insufficient evidence. After receiving a thank-you for some rescue drama from the detective boys, She says goodbye to Shinichi and others, aiming to develop a drug that makes people happy, and go on the path as a scientist and researcher. Or choosing a career that saves people lives (being a doctor for example) !!

5- The fact that Haibara is accused means that the existence of APTX4869 will be known to the world. If that happens, nations and terrorist organizations around the world will make a leap toward APTX4869, which could be out of control. Perhaps the FBI and PSB will hide APTX4869 data, as well as concealing its terrifying effect as lethal poison which doesn't leave any trace in body, and of course the shrinking effect on Conan and Haibara. Therefore, Haibara will not be accused or arrested and APTX data will be kept as a secret. But, of course, with the exchange of information about BO from Haibara since she was deeply involved in BO, knowing much more than she wanted about them (plea deal as I guess).

That all I have thought about until now. Only God knows what Gosho has stored for Haibara in the end of this great series, but since he stated before that's her ending is gonna surprise everyone, I'm -on the other hand- looking forward to see it. I know her ending being a surprise scares fans. And while there are so many ways to screw up her ending, I'm optimistic Gosho will deliver us an ending worth the wait.

So, what are your ideas for the "Aftermath of Sherry" ?
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Re: Aftermath of Sherry

Post by Spimer »

Please don't use so many ? and ! marks, this is a forum to expose a theory, not a fanfiction. As such, I've edited it to make it more readable.

Personally I think that she will remain as Haibara because there's nothing good for her if she goes back to Miyano Shiho. She has built herself a new life around being Haibara and hanging around with the kids. If she's happy that way, she'll probably choose that.
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