Let's Talk Day 2019

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Let's Talk Day 2019

Post by Spimer »

January 3rd, 2019: the traditional Let's Talk Day was held.

(Spoilers for future cases / Zero's Tea Time)

Credit goes to Fujiwara, me, and Gin from the Discord server

Two sources, although the Twitter account seems more detailed than the pastebin ones


Q1: Tell me what are the favorite foods of the other Police Academy group, apart from Amuro-san!
A: Apart from Amuro? Apart from him? I dunno! (laughs)
Q: And what if you're told to draw such a situation?
A: I'll consider it.

Q2: "What does Gin do on New Year's Eve?"
A: "Hmmm... Well... Maybe he watches the Red and White singing contest (on NHK TV). Vodka asking "which do you think will win, boss?" and Gin replying: "Black will win, black will" (laughs). Yes, I'm sorry."

Q3: What is your favorite thing in Animal Crossing?
A: Ah, Animal Crossing? I guess that it's remaking and making rooms. I even made a new room called "Prussian blue fist", so come and see it (laughs)

Q4: Can you imitate the Conan characters?
A: I can't

Q5: When you draw DC, where do you start?
A: The eyes! I start with the eyes!

Q6: "What's your favorite color?"
A: "I'm Aoyama so it's ao (blue)"

Q7: Last year, in the anime... Onimaru and Okita-kun appeared. Onimaru-kun's voice wasn't Horikawa-san, but... Does that mean that it'll be done in YAIBA?
A: Oh dear. I'm not sure if I should say this, but... I was very disappointed. Horikawa-san is around, so why is it not his voice? Afterwards I complained to the anime staff and the producer. But, oh well, the replacement VA did it pretty well, too.

Q8: What are the chances of Amuro's family appearing? Since he's a half-blood...
A: Ah, Amuro's family? Ah, his father and mother? Hmmm.. .Well, I can't say, but please look forward to it (laughs)

Q9: I think there has been no case that takes place in Tottori, but...
A: No, there was
Q: Huh? There was?
A: The one in Doll Ridge. That's in Tottori.
Q: Ah! Can I ask 1 more thing? If you opened a curry shop, what would the name be?
A: Huh!? The question (topic) changed completely! Curry!? Huh!? I made curry for one of my assistants back when I debuted, and it was named "Yocchan Curry". Because my real name is written as "Goushou" but read as "Yoshimasa". (So) I guess that it'd be "Yocchan Curry".
Chairperson: You can't drink water with this curry, can you?
A: Indeed
Q: I hope it's soft curry
A: Oh yes
Chairperson: True. There are passionate Conan fans but recent fans too, so maybe this (fact) was unknown to some of them
A: (laughs)
Chairperson: There are products of Tottori, too. All buildings are real. I was surprised. I did think it was amazing.
A: I wrote too much in Tottori dialect (in the case) and other regions' persons didn't understand it so they complained to me (laughs)

Q10: Tell me about surprising, odd or the motivation about tricks or ideas you've thought of
Q (Aoyama): Hm? That's hard
Q (person): At the start... How you think of them...
A: Hmm, well let's see... The cypher of the school trip, or ones made by shifting names. I like coming up with those. It was very fun to gather the hard-to-read names of Kyoto locations and thinking with them along with the editor.
Chairperson: You might've been asked before, but... Is there a "how about you make it like this"? Some level of... I mean, of requests?
A: Yes, there are.

Q11: I thought that Conan's clothing is very fashionable. Are there ages or brands that you like?
A: I have a lady friend choose them for me so in most cases, her tastes get reflected (in the manga). I'm not too sure about that. In the past I saw (outfits) in An-An, Non-No, OLive. Thought up clothes for Ran-chan and so. But nowadays, I'm sorry to say that I don't know (the origin of the clothes ideas).

Q12: I like the Furuya Rei that you draw. Please tell me if Furuya-san with a suit will appear in the magazine
A: Ah. I guess that... he will? I don't know. Well, the next... When this case with Kyougoku is over, Amuro-san will appear in the next (case). But he doesn't wear a suit, though. It's a snow mountain. And a mountain villa so it's a long (case).

Q13: I like Kaito Kid, but will Amuro-san make him go through a sour experience?
A: Oh, true. It'd be fun if he did. I haven't thought of it yet but I will think about it.

Q14:I like Kaito Kid. What's your favorite Kid story (in both Conan and Magic Kaito)?
A: I like Sun Halo, which I recently drew. I like his convos with Aoko-chan.

Q15: There are several characters who swallowed APTX4869 and shrunk. But is their physique when they become shrunk different from their actual physique when they had that age?
T/N: for example, if Conan's current physique is the same he had when he was actually 6/7 years old
A: It's very different. Depending on the effects of the drug.
Q: Will that be clarified in the manga?
A: Well... It might. It's a difficult point. Yes.

Q16: I wondered why the RX-7 is Amuro-san's car? Is there a model?
A: It's RX78 that Amuro from Gundam had. And, well... Why an RX, you wonder? Because the Gundam producer back then rode in one. So I thought "let's make it a white one for Amuro" and had him ride it.

Q17: I think that you get fan letters, but do you acknowledge the names of people who've sent fan letters for many years in a row?
A: Ah, yes. I do remember people who send me things each week. I did think it was amazing. They include illustrations. I remember (the name). Will that do?
Chairperson: Each week?
A: There's someone who sends them along with "my episode".
Chairperson: That's rejoicing.
A: Rejoicing, yes.

Q18: I like Amuro-san. What's your favorite scene or words of Amuro?
A: "Ah... That one, I guess. Sure. "It's just because the man I hate so much I'd like to kill him is a leftie...", that one was good, yes?
Chairperson: They're all amazed by your words
A: Really?

Q19: You wrote in the SDB that Amuro-san was going to be a bad guy, but... What kind of character was he originally going to be?
A: He was Akai's rival within the org, that was it. He still looks like it, but he was a bad guy at the start. He was a mere bad guy but since he was cool I turned him into a good guy.
Q: Thank you very much.
A: Hm. Is that it? That'll do?

Q20: I like Scotch. Are there plans to feature Scotch's real name or an episode (about him) in the magazine?
A: It will come out. And, say, I already drew it. Look forward to it. He'll be together with Amuro. Shouldn't have said that? Is it OK? Is it OK?

Q21: When Conan and Kid talked in the toilet, I think that he said "there's a jewel you're searching for", but when did Conan get to know that?
A: Huh? Can you ask again?
Q: (Repeats question) I was wondering when he got to know that
A: Well, when, indeed? I see. That? When did he know, indeed? Sorry... It's just that... It's amazing. Wow.
T/N probably meant that it's amazing someone had spotted that

Q22: Make Conan do something in Hokuei (Tottori Prefecture)!
A: Ah, yes, yes. Hokuei, yes? I guess the city will become the scene of a murder, yes?
Q: Maybe a treasure hunt or so?
A: Treasure hunt? How peaceful!
Q: I'd be glad if it was an episode where nobody dies...
A: Ah. Well, let's see... I'll consider it. But I don't know yet. I'll place it on a corner of my head.
Q: I hope you do
Chairperson: Are you from that city?
Q: No, I am not
A: Huh? Is that so? Why (Houkei), then?
Q: Ah, no. It's simply because I've been visiting there for over 10 years so...
A: Oh, is that so? Thank you very much. (For coming) to such a cold place.

Q23: I think that Ran-chan has the spare key of Shinichi's house but I thought that she borrowed it from Agasa up until now?
A: Huh? Was that the case? Ah, is that so?
Q: Yes. She borrowed it back when the Lemon Pie story and other stories.
A: Ah. It's probably because she's now his girlfriend and so she was given it. I don't know, though.
Q: I'd like to know.
A: Yes, yes
Mutter: Really?

Q24: I like Kaito Kid. (Touchi's disciple) Yukiko-san and Kaito have met before, when he was a kid, but... Has Kaito met the other apprentice, Vermouth (Sharon Vineyard)?
A: Ah. I haven't thought of it yet. Maybe he hasn't? He hasn't, has he?

Q25: There's a lot of people who get killed or hated people who get killed in Conan, but do you have people you hate or so?
A: Hate? Someone? I don't really...
Chairperson: And someone you dislike? For example, I talk too much.
A: No, I don't mind that. Hmm... I don't really have any. I never thought of killing someone I dislike. Sorry.

Q26: I think that you are obsessive about numbers, such as "7 children" or Conan being "7" years old.
A: Is that so? Yes, yes
Q: I thought that the volumes' numbers have some rule to them...
Vol. 24: Araide appears. Vol 42: identity revealed. Vol 58: Raiha Pass incident. Vol. 85: verifying the answers.
Going by that rule, will the identity of Haneda Kouji, who appears in Vol. 89, be revealed in Vol. 98? Or so I think.
A: Wow! Amazing! But it's a coincidence. But maybe I will go on combining those.
Chairperson: Is that like a hint?
A: Maybe I'll do it like I'd planned it out from the start (laughs)
Chairperson: You do have it.
A: It's a coincidence.

Q27: You look like a calm person, but is there something that irked you as of late?
A: Irked me? Let's see... The (Hiroshima Toyo) Carp (Pro baseball team) is strong. It's not that it really irked me. See. Yes.
Chairperson: I guess you're the type who never gets too angry?
A: True.

Q28: What's the manga you liked the most out of all those you've read? Is there any that hooked you or...?
A: Hooked me? Chihayafuru. It's still interesting. Have it a read if you may.
Chairperson: Both the visuals and the contents (the story)?
A: It's interesting.

Q29: Will there be a movie where Akai-san and Amuro-san appear together?
A: I wonder about that
(After this there was a venue-only off the record segment!)
(Apparently it was said that Movie 24 (2020) will be about Akai family. Unconfirmed, though.)

Q30: Between the characters' cooking, whom do you want to try?
A: Ah. Whose? Ran-chan's! Hers!
Chairperson: There was a (similar) question before. Was it "which of Ran-chan's (dishes) do you want to eat?"
A: Anything will do. They must be delicious.

Q31: The names (of the characters) in the English version of Detective Conan have been changed. With Ran being Rachel and so on.
There are unique Japanese wordplay or cyphers, some get literally translated to English, but others are translated while respecting the (original) meaning.
I wondered if you did have a look at them.
A: I haven't, no. It's not only English nowadays, there's tons of them such as Indonesian or French... So it feels like "do as you like".
Q: (I asked) because you did write "how will the cyphers be translated like" in the comments at the end of the volumes.
A: Ah! I see, I see! I did say that in the past.

Q32: I'm an actor so I'd like an artistic name. Please tell me your favorite surname.
A: Matsuda, yes. I like Matsuda Yuusaku.

Q33: Do you have plans to draw episodes about the police academy group?
A: I'm thinking of possibly drawing them in Zero's Tea Time this year.
Q: Will Matsuda-san appear?
A: He'll pop up, yes! I will draw most of the storyboard, too. I think it will be an story by me. I want Arai-kun (ZTT artist) to do his best.

Q34: Amuro-san is capable of doing anything, but... Are there things that he can't do no matter what or that he detests?
A: Ah, yes... A: He can't defeat Akai.
Q: Can you be more concrete?
A: What could it be? He can't come a step closer to him. He can actually win through his force but he gets nervous and can't win.
Something like that. He only dislikes Akai. Most of other things are OK.

Q35: I like both Amuro-san and Ai-chan. Will Amuro-san and Ai-chan get along?
A: Yes! Ah. But they haven't properly met yet, right? Oh, well... That's a bit of a secret.
Q: You know... In terms of age, it's a bit... Amuro-san would be like a lolicon...
A: Yes. Hey, they're bit too apart in age terms.
Q: But I also would like for them to get along.
A: I see. Hey, I don't know however. Well, they're years apart, I can't tell."
Chairperson: You can get the gist looking at his expression

Q36: It looks like everyone else is having fun, so... Do you have plans to hold a dinner show or so in a hotel or so?
A: I don't! I don't.
Q: With 50,000 or 80,000 (attendees)
A: I don't. I don't. There.
Chairperson: Would you sing in a dinner show?
A: Amuro-kun's doing that in USJ.
T/N: Universal Studios Japan

Q37: Thank you for your beautiful teaser with Hagiwara-kun and Matsuda-kun. The setting is that both of them are close friends, but Matsuda-kun spent the 4 years after Hagiwara-kun's death with a black necktie and suit. He looked like he was mourning, and kept on sending Hagiwara-kun mails he wouldn't receive. It looked like it'd overcome the domain of "close friends" but...
A: (laughs)
Q: Is there some episode in which both of them were bonded with strong ties or so?
A: Was... there? I can't say it. I can't really say it yet. I don't know if there was or not. Because I think that a lot will be delved into in the ZTT police academy (chapters). So look forward to it.

Q38: How did the romance between Mary and Tsutomu begin?
A: It might not come out
(There was venue only-info afterwards, it's off the record)

Q39: I think that, in the MK Vol. 5 special edition, there was a comment by you in which you confirmed Touichi's survival. But I think Kaito deciding on inheriting the "Kaito Kid" (title) was due to his death. How will this affect the meaning of him being Kaito Kid? Since Touichi's alive...
A: He hasn't found out yet!
Q: And if he did?
A: He hasn't found out so it's OK. He won't find out yet. I don't know.
Q: Do you plan for him to find out?
A: Well. Not yet. When he finds out, it'll all end so. Right?

Q40: There's a lot of names (in Conan) but... I like Kazuha. Is there an origin to her name?
A: Ah, yes. The wife of one of my assistants was named "Kazuha". So I thought of using it. Because it was cute.
Q: The kanji is the same?
A: It is.

Q41: In an interview a long time ago, you said that Sera-chan and Ai-chan would have a confrontation... A confrontation of wolves...
A: Ah. How nostalgic.
Q: When do you intend to draw that?
A: I hinted at it a while ago so it might happen soon... Or it might not be... Sorry. That's how I feel.

Q42: What things are you on the lookout when it comes to health managing?
A: Ah, yes. I drink green tea. And sleep a lot. I stopped sleeping 3 hours only.
Q: But you don't drink curry and green tea together, right?
A: Ah, yes. Of course not.

Q43: It's about the 2 "triple faces", Mizunashi Rena and Amuro Tooru. When seeing both the main story and ZTT; I did think that Amuro-san's time management ability is incredible, but do the 2 "triple faces" properly sleep?
A: I think that, when it comes to Amuro-kun. he doesn't sleep much. Hmmm... I'd like of him to sleep.

Q44: A lot of love comedies (of many couples) are progressing in Conan. But will there be new, other couples that'll progress into love? Those who don't have a love comedy right now?
A: Hmmm... I don't know. There might be.
Q: What about Sera-chan or others?
A: Ah, yes. Interested, no? I'll keep it a secret. Sorry. I won't offer excuses.

Q45: Haro-kun appeared in ZTT. Do you have plans to make him appear in Conan?
A: Let's see. There aren't as of now. Ah. You want him to appear?
Q: Yes!
A: Well, let's see. I'll think about it. By the way, when ZTT was planned, I was firstly asked: "Is it good for Amuro to have a dog"? I replied: "Well, yes, it is". And then "what if I name it Haro?" - I was like "That's OK". It wasn't me. It's a setting that Arai-kun thought of. It's cute, no? Yes, yes.

Q46: Have you thought, as you worked on the stories, "Ah, I failed" or "I should've done that back then"?
A: There's tons of them. Almost all of them. There's nothing perfect. I do sometimes think, when watching the anime "I should've done it a bit differently". Most of the times. I'm not perfect. Sorry.

Q47: I like Shinichi. I think that he said "I wanna be the Heisei (current era) Sherlock Holmes", but...
A: Ah... The era name will change, yes.
Q: Will he become that in another 4 months or will be (the Holmes) of the new era name...?
A: Well. When the era name changes, I'll nonchalantly update it. I think that Ran will surely tell him "ah, is that so?". Sorry!

Q48: It's about Amuro and Akai. Amuro having a feud with Akai is not only due to Scotch, but also because Elena-sensei was his first love and Akai is related by blood (to her) and so he feels like (Akai) looks like Elena-sensei? And that's why he has a feud with him?
A: No, that's not it. I think that's probably not the case. Also, Akemi is unrelated too. Unrelated.

Q49:The Zero and Black name cards fairs. We got a lot of info then. How much of that do you supervise?
A: Most of it.
Q: So most of what Amuro said then is (supervised), too? Him saying that Hagiwara was the most popular (with girls) of the police academy group...
A: Ah. I did tell them to add that. Was that good?
Q: Yes!
A: (chuckles)

Q50: Will there be episodes in which Shinichi will be active?
A: Well! I guess there will be. See. Since he's now in a relationship. Well, look forward to it.

Q51: The Poirot master only appeared once in the anime, but... Will he appear again?
A: That's right. He hasn't appeared. It's a mysterious character who never appears.

Q52: Kazami, an anime original character, has appeared on the manga. I think that he has some involvement with Scotch since they're both PSP. Have both of them met before? Are they boss and subordinate or so? Since Kazami is older than (Scotch). How's it like?
A: I wonder about that. I don't know. Well. Look forward to it.
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Re: Let's Talk Day 2019

Post by k11chi »

Q28: You must have read a lot of manga so far, but what's the one you liked the most?
A: Chihayafuru

Crimson Love Letter confirmed as Aoyamas real fav ^-^

Cool, a snowy mountain case. With Amuro. Lots of Amuro from all directions recently. :o


Re: Let's Talk Day 2019

Post by champagne »

Thanks a lot for all the translations, Spimer! It's really appreciated :)
Q15: Is the physique of those shrunk by the APTX the same (for all cases)?
A: It's very different. Depending on the effects of the drug.
Q: Will that be clarified in the manga?
A: It might be. It's a difficult point.

Q36: Will Amuro-san and Ai-chan get along?
A: That's a bit of a secret.
These are interesting, I hope Gosho will deal with these topics in the not too distant future.
Q42: In an interview a long time ago, you said that Sera-chan and Ai-chan would have a confrontation, but when do you intend to draw it?
A: I hinted at it this time as well so it might happen soon... Or it might not be... Sorry if there's not... That's how I feel.
Same applies to this one, I hope this will happen very soon. It's long overdue considering Sera was already interested in Ai pre-Mystery Train. I don't know if Gosho's answer should make me hopeful or not? I don't get that part: "Or it might not be... Sorry if there's not... That's how I feel."
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Re: Let's Talk Day 2019

Post by AICHAN »

champagne wrote:
Q42: In an interview a long time ago, you said that Sera-chan and Ai-chan would have a confrontation, but when do you intend to draw it?
A: I hinted at it this time as well so it might happen soon... Or it might not be... Sorry if there's not... That's how I feel.
Same applies to this one, I hope this will happen very soon. It's long overdue considering Sera was already interested in Ai pre-Mystery Train. I don't know if Gosho's answer should make me hopeful or not? I don't get that part: "Or it might not be... Sorry if there's not... That's how I feel."
Yeah that line is bothering me as well, Gosho promised a confrontation between Ai and Sera and now he doesn't know if that's going to happen or not? Especially after the recent case with Sera investigating on Ai...

Gosho's answers are always very confusing I don't know what to think of it.
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Re: Let's Talk Day 2019

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I know it's a very very long time since your post about LTD 2019 with Aoyama, but really thank you very much for your effort in reporting this event, and for your precise translation for the whole interview ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š.. I really appreciate this.

But there is something bothering me in Q35 (about Amuro and Ai), and below is the question in Japanese language:


๐Ÿ‘‰ๅ…ˆ็”Ÿใ€Œใˆใˆใˆ๏ผ๏ผˆ็ˆ†็ฌ‘๏ผ‰ใ‚ใ€ใพใ ใกใ‚ƒใ‚“ใจไผšใฃใฆใชใ„ใ‚“ใ ใ‚ˆใญ๏ผŸใพใใ€โ€ฆใ•ใใใ‚Œใฏใกใ‚‡ใฃใจ็ง˜ๅฏ†ใงใ™ใญใ€‚ใ€





ๅธไผš่€…ใ€Œใ ใ„ใŸใ„ๅ…ˆ็”Ÿใฎ่กจๆƒ…่ฆ‹ใฆใ„ใŸใ‚‰ใ‚ใ‹ใ‚Šใพใ™ใญใ‡ใ€

Well, the questioner asked if Ai and Amuro will get along well.. and Gosho replied with (ใˆใˆใˆ!).. as I guess, this word means (huh??) or (What?!), or it's an expression used to express a surprising or confusing conditions.. but here in this forum, it had been translated as (Yes!)..!!

I want to ask if Gosho meant here that both characters will definitely get along if it's as a "Yes" translation, or he was rather surprised or confused by the question since he didn't want to answer anything about the future of both characters, as they never had met before ??
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Re: Let's Talk Day 2019

Post by Spimer »

Sorry, but necroposting isn't allowed. If you want to discuss specifics, you can use Private Message function.

Thread locked.
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