Anokata theory: The boss may be...

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Re: Anokata theory: The boss may be...

Post by blackmoon »

Spimer wrote:
August 5th, 2020, 8:32 am
... It doesn't. And by "has already appeared" he meant Karasuma Renya that had appeared in Vol. 30 as a silhouette.

Sorry but it's confirmed that "ano kata" = Karasuma Renya. Unmistakably.
Hmm... no fun if Renya actually turns out to be an oldman like "RUM"... much more interesting if Karasuma Renya turns out to be Gin who used APTX to become young again ;)
Speaking of that person the boss... this new 2020 anime with Moriarty and Sherlock is much interesting to watch 8-)
"one should stick with one's original plan" (初志貫徹 shoshi kantetsu) ;)
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Re: Anokata theory: The boss may be...

Post by HatiMMOS »

Reader wrote:
January 18th, 2021, 1:34 am
HatiMMOS wrote:
January 17th, 2021, 10:18 pm
The Italian Pasta Theory:
Why i think Toto Riina was the inspiration for Anokata. ... &context=3
This is a interesting and a fresh take. I liked reading it, even though the possibility of it being true is low imo.
Low possibility? go check the post again now.
Toto Riina died in november of 2017, chapter 1008 was released in december of the same year.
Aoyama sensei took a long 4 months health hiatus after 1008, poor guy he had to deal also with the shock. I hope he stay healthy forever.
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Re: Anokata theory: The boss may be...

Post by Reader »

You know that Tottori is a place in Japan right? So it is not that because Gosho is using Toto Rina references he decided to say the boss's place is Tottori. It could be a coincidence.
And yes there Italy is mentioned various times mostly with respect to it's food, but that should be no surprise since Italian food is pretty famous or atleast the name is, just like Chinese noodles or Indian curry.


Re: Anokata theory: The boss may be...

Post by thriceplus »

blacksnake245 wrote:
January 17th, 2021, 12:41 pm
The boss is most likely
Maria Higashio.
A Reddit user mac326 has posted a thread providing evidence that she is the boss. ... nt_have_a/

The evidence is pretty solid in my opinion.
Oh I just saw this. Seems our Maria theory is getting more traction? We theorized on most of these points 4 years ago, with the main new thing I'm getting from here is finding the 西尾 公秀 name in the guestbook of the mermaid's case, which is actually quite interesting.

I don't know if this has been mentioned or not but one big point supporting the Maria theory is the name of the boss's phone number: Nanatsu no Ko (七つの子). I've seen it translated as Seven Children in English, but the real meaning of the name is still ambiguous. There's actually a second possible meaning of Seven Years Old and within Japanese literary circles, it's still being debated which one is the correct interpretation (or if it's ambiguous on purpose). Holding the second meaning "Seven Years Old" would add even more fuel to Maria being the boss since there aren't many 7 year olds in the series and she's one of the few.

That said, her appearances in Zero's Tea Time just seems way too normal to me. Unless she's really really goddamn deep undercover or there's some body swap or something, I can't see any reason for her to act this much like a kid.
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Re: Anokata theory: The boss may be...

Post by vermouth_vineyard »


I have two theory.

I think Karasuma Renya is dead. So, Vermouth disguise as Karasuma but she is not real Karasuma. She just pretend to be boss of the BO because of she had some connection directly with Karasuma and need to continue the organization or there is a secret that could not reveal. Like she said " A Secret Makes a Woman, Woman"

Another theory is, Vermouth, Marry Sera and Elena Miyano is sibling. Because their face kinda look alike and somehow their faces are not like Japanese at all. Maybe this three sibling is daughter of Karasuma Renya. But there is a reason that happened to them and may be related to APTX 4869. The relationship between them is not good and thats why Vermouth says Elena Miyano is a hell angel. Yeah i think it was related to that drugs is the big reason of hostility.
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Re: Anokata theory: The boss may be...

Post by millz »

i know this thread is dead, but i wanted to add my 2 cents!

the maria theory is interesting. the biggest hole in it imo is that it is canonically confirmed that haibara would be able to create an antidote if she had access to all of the drug's info. since the boss obviously DOES have access to the drug's info, it's pretty much impossible for them to be *forcibly* in the body of a child. unless an earlier form of the drug (maybe a version created close to the time vermouth took the drug?) both deaged the person and prevented them from aging.

we also have to think about gosho as a writer.
as in, i personally do not want the boss to be some rando. sure, i don't want it to be something crazy like prof agasa (i know he's been explicitly named as someone who isn't the boss, but just for the sake of an example), but i would want it to be a relatively prominent character with just enough dubiousness around them that the reveal would be like, "WAIT.... wait.... ohhhhh!!!!!!" that's what irks me the most about yoko/maria-esque theories; a background character as the boss just isn't narratively fulfilling imo.
BUT.... gosho seems to be fond of doing the whole random character route. he favors things like word play and subtle shadowing over a more broad narrative strength. so while the specific identity of maria comes off as somewhat absurd, i think the approach to the theory is actually very in line w gosho's approach to big reveals.

i do worry that karasuma is literally just gonna be karasuma LMAO. i mean, i don't think it's the likeliest option, but i feel like there's maybe a 10% chance that it'll just be like, "ah yes.... karasuma... he's been in hiding all these years...." lmao. or, like, genichirou kaneshiro

also, while i think there are a lot of holes in this theory, i find it really interesting: ... f-ano-kata
the one thing i do agree with (or i guess think is most plausible?) in this theory is the fact that current anokata is NOT the original renya karasuma. it's not implausible for him to be the og one, but i just feel like the first karasuma died for some reason. the theory above outlines more specific reasons as to why op believes the original karasuma is dead, and they're interesting. it's mostly a feeling for me, though, lol. i also think it adds more flexibility as to possible boss identities without having to rely on the drug and gender and stuff - which i think is cool!

i also "feel like" (or, well, wld be a little dumb not to consider that) the miyano/akai family has GOTTA be somehow directly related to the boss. i don't think their involvement is just, like, a coincidence, or a result of recruitment that happened 30 years ago. it's more than that. i think they are somehow key to the whole puzzle/to the very origins of the bo. that's not far fetched at all. i saw a theory postulating that vermouth is mary & elena's sister, but, nah, i don't think so. she's just white. still.... idk.

it's also a little annoying because it's difficult to discern whether some connections are just a result of gosho wanting to add it for the sake of an easter egg/added drama or actually legitimate...
like, is there any larger significance to yukiko knowing vermouth, or is it just a "omg gasp! new york and stuff! also i can't believe my old bestie is a bad guy </3" moment??
what about the kuroba family? obviously, there's close to NO way they'll actually be involved in this whole thing, but, still.... toichi teaching vermouth? kaito's knowledge of everything & involvement in some bo moments? again, is this just an easter egg ("oh, so cool, the magician's dad taught the bad guy :O!!!! what coincidence xp!!!!") or is it, like, for real?
same with the kudos' weird knowledge of everything. is this supposed to be serious, or is this just a nice combo of a convenient plot point & proof that shinichi's parents are Good and Cool, After All?
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