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Best Conan movies of the Decade (2010-2020)?

Posted: December 27th, 2019, 5:55 pm
by k11chi
The decade for 2010-2020 is wrapping up soon and I think we should do a couple of polls. Detective Conan (anime) started airing in 1996 and quickly after we started getting yearly movies, and we've gotten some really great ones and some mediocre ones over the years.
Let's talk about the best films of the decade here. :)

M14: The Lost Ship in the Sky (2010)
- Mediocre film. I didn't really care for it much, the idea of a battle that takes place high in the air is always entertaining.
M15: Quarter of Silence (2011)
- The idea for this film was nice due to the snow and ice and stuff but it's my least favourite Conan film. Just felt mediocre in all ways.
M16: The Eleventh Striker (2012)
- This had couple of good moments in it but it's just not a film I'd want to watch at all. I like the moments in it but the entire idea for a football film is not for me since the films don't really have as worthwhile mysteries to these sports cases that I should stick around. Bad aftertaste honestly from thinking of this but it would most likely be better on a rewatch.
M17: Private Eye in the Distant Sea (2013)
- This is honestly one of my most enjoyable Conan films ever. I don't know why really but I really like M17. The atmosphere is on-point. I loved how down to earth this was because you can't really skateboard stunt on a ship and stuff like that. The really short Heiji moment got me hyped and it also has really short Kogoro moments.
M18: The Sniper From Another Dimension (2014)
- This is most likely on most people's list. It's a pretty damn solid film and it has some rewatching value since it has canon characters running around as well in the movie story.
M19: Sunflowers of Inferno (2015)
- People tend to compare this to M14 but I honestly liked this film and would rewatch it. We had Magic Kaito 1412, the Kaito manga and Sunflowers of Inferno at the same time. Kaito fans somewhere out there must have fainted, that's insane.
M20: The Darkest Nightmare (2016)
- This is one of the most hyped Conan films along with the likes of Raven Chaser. It divides many watchers but just absorbing this and Episode ONE... I loved this film. It was exciting and showed that these films can actually stray off from a set structure if they want to. What makes it more special is that it has numerous Conan characters on this type of high-intensity action flick.
M21: The Crimson Love Letter (2017)
- The Crimson Love Letter is my favourite Detective Conan film. I've rewatched M17 for Heiji many times, but this film... just Wow, man. It was a dream come true for me. Kazuha and Heiji were both EPIC and the entire karuta plotline (shout out to Chihayafuru) along with the romantic atmosphere was 10/10. It's my favourite anime movie of the decade.
M22: Zero the Enforcer (2018)
- Heiji is my #1 Conan character but the main man Amuro has always come close second, always. I loved this film as well. Zero the Enforcer has the most symbolism and heavy themes out of Conan films - it has hidden themes such as police corruption and how far can you go for what you see as justice. It's a very impressive work but it's paced very off - I literally analyzed the first half of the film for eight (8) whole hours and the second half didn't have much to it as it was action and just dealing with the piled up plotlines the first half presented. I really liked the action and Amuro moments in this film.
M23: The Fist of Blue Sapphire (2019)
- I will watch this on new years. Hyped.

Lupin III vs. Detective Conan: The Movie (2013)
- This movie was pretty good. I liked the interactions. I usually don't care for crossover series but TMS has some pretty decent writers for both of these series.
The Disappearance of Conan Edogawa: His History's Worst Two Days (2014)
- This was solid. Nothing groundbreaking but it shows something special about the Conan anime - it's not directing, animations or anything like that but instead we are talking about solid writing. Over the years Conan has had many anime original episodes but every now and then very rarely we actually get some real writers hired for the show. And that is praise-worthy.
Detective Conan Episode ONE (2016)
- This remake of the beginning of Detective Conan was the peak of my 2016. It was fantastic. I rewatched it couple months ago and wrote a short novel of it, still just mindblowing. This is the type of absolute best stuff the TV series can give us, for real.

Drum drum drum drum drum
My picks are.......
#1 - The Crimson Love Letter. Beautiful, just amazing. Fanboy in me just absorbed this experience.
#2 - Episode ONE. To relive the beginning of Conan in a way that lives up to my memories of it and even goes beyond, fleshing out the gaps in time between the manor case and the rollercoaster case that Shinichi solved, and going beyond all that to Conan's story... Fantastic stuff, Gosho.
#3 - Zero the Enforcer. The pacing was off in this film but the fact that Amuro got his own film on top of some really great themes and symbolism the movie presented makes this film be on my top list of the entire decade.

Runner ups:
#4 The Darkest Nightmare. I think this is one of my favourite just experiences for Conan. I was obviously very hyped for this movie - hell, you couldn't escape the talk about it with all the promotion and stuff, but I still somehow went in it open-minded and it just blew me away with how the characters were handled in such a nice way that they really had some tense moments to go through.
#5 The Sniper From Another Dimension AND Private Eye in the Distant Sea are on this. Heiji is my favourite and the atmosphere of M17 was fantastic, but Heiji barely had a minute or two of screentime. And Masumi I really like as well, so for her to get to shine was great. M18 also was on that atmosphere bomb, I really like both of these films so it can easily be one or the other.

All I can say is that the decade gave some really good stuff to us now that I look back.

Re: Best Conan movies of the Decade (2010-2020)?

Posted: December 29th, 2019, 10:46 pm
by kkslider5552000
So I chose Movie 18, Lupin vs. Conan and Episode One.

Movie 18 because its just the best Conan movie of the past decade. It's probably the best Conan movie since the original 6 tbh. It was just a very good Conan movie like they used to be, with a few elements from newer Conan to connect things to being a...newer movie.

Lupin vs. Conan almost felt like an apology for the last crossover being so boring and so obnoxiously wasted on original characters no one on Earth cares about. It was just a ton of fun, and did exactly what it needed to be both a good Lupin and good Conan movie.

Episode one was a reminder of how good Conan is at its peak. It's kinda fanservice-y (not in that way) and doesn't need to exist for any reason, but if they were gonna do a remake of the beginning of the series, it was done about as well as you could expect. It certainly integrated the Detective Boys in a way that fit better than the actual first episode! Although I think it kinda made the actual current series worse because it reminded me of when Conan...cared at all about his own situation. Oh and it also has one of the best montages ever.

Movie 20 would be my 4th choice btw. I don't care what anyone says, its the one movie that's just dumb, knows its dumb, and uses that to make a very fun movie.

Re: Best Conan movies of the Decade (2010-2020)?

Posted: December 30th, 2019, 5:35 pm
by k11chi
Yeah the Lupin vs. Conan film was much better than the special.

Re: Best Conan movies of the Decade (2010-2020)?

Posted: January 3rd, 2020, 4:21 pm
by Misztina
My number one pick is Episode 1. The greatest thing in this decade that happened to the DC anime. I cried tears of joy while watching it. It brought back so many good memories and the original DC feeling.
I somehow picked M15 as my second. I think, I just enjoyed it.
In a strange way, although I don't really like Kaito Kid in Conan, M19 and M23 were quite enjoyable too, but I couldn't pick a winner so yeah. I choose 2.

All the other movies were meh. Some had great scenes in them, but that wasn't really enough for me.