Why I think Haibara and Amuro will eventually get along well ??

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Why I think Haibara and Amuro will eventually get along well ??

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First of all, for everyone who did not read my post.. here is the link below if you care :

Because here, I'm going to write a new post regarding Ai and Amuro, which is considered the second part for what I have written already in the link above..So, let's begin:

The first real encounter for Ai and Amuro is yet to come, Gosho acknowledged and teased that, too, and here is the translated version of the interview that was held in January, 2019 for everyone asking for the source:


So here comes my premature assessment:

I think Shiho and Rei will bond quite well, although they might have a bit of a rough start considering the events of Mystery Train, and after discovering that Bourbon was using her to gain more power in BO.. But still, something tells me they will grow to like each other quite a bit.

First of all, the fact that Rei met her deceased family before she was born will probably be the trigger for her to warm up to him, since she would probably like to hear someone talk about her parents in a positive way.

Beyond that I think they will have a good understanding of each other, because they have to cope with similar issues which are quite unique, meaning most people wouldn't be able to grasp these things, but the two of them do:

They are both in a situation where they are the only survivor among their group of loved ones. All of the Miyano family is dead, except Shiho. All of the Police Academy Quintet is dead, except Rei.

Strangely enough Shuichi Akai can take blame (or is given blame in Scotch's case) in both Akemi and Scotch's death, meaning Shiho would have a reason to join Rei's feud against Akai (and well, she has more of a reason than Rei to be upset, but that's not the point for now). I'm not hoping for a joint feud, but the point is that, again, they're in a similar situation.

They both know the burden of secret identities: Shiho Miyano/Sherry/Ai Haibara and Rei Furuya/Bourbon/Tooru Amuro.

Both know the darkest sides of society and have darker sides to them, too.

They both know about the Black Organization and how it's like to be a member of it. Rei is still undercover as part of his Secret Police mission and Shiho - I surely don't have to explain this - was literally born into the BO. While Rei will not know the BO like Shiho does, they would still be able to be more upfront with each other and most importantly share this BO struggle and also come to terms with it together after its takedown. Most people will just never know about it and of course were never part of all that craziness either, but the two of them on the other hand could actually talk about this stuff and move on from it together.

In general both are highly intelligent people, thus intellectual equals. So while they have their great minds in common, they are still complementary to each other rather than just similar. Shiho tends to be cool and somber while Rei can have a sunnier demeanor, he would be able to cheer her up if needed. Rei can be quite stubborn and hot headed as proven with his hatred against Akai - this is a flaw Shiho would be able to balance out with her careful and thoughtful nature.

There's a bit more that popped up in my mind, but I'll leave it at that for now.

Keep in mind I was able to write this, before they even had their first encounter which makes me think Gosho wants them to be something for each other, although I don't know yet what exactly. And if it's all a coincidence - that would be quite astonishing and Gosho needs to realize he has set them up quite well already.


Re: Why I think Haibara and Amuro will eventually get along well ??

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