WoW WotLK Classic Dungeon-Guide: Drak'Tharon

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WoW WotLK Classic Dungeon-Guide: Drak'Tharon

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Daxalon Fortress lies between the Grizzly Hills and the Northrend region of Zuidak. The nearest airfield is at the Holy Moat in Zuidak - the fortress is just south of the neutral base. Daxalone's Quest, on the other hand, can only be found in Grizzly Hills! We've updated the dungeon guide for WoW WotLK Classic gold!

In WoW WotLK Classic, Daxalon Fortress lies between Grizzly Hills and Zuidak, and while quests can only be obtained in Grizzly Hills itself, the Sacred Rift's flight point is closest to Zuidak. Between level 74 and 76, does your hero feel like he's being controlled? Then you are in good hands with Daxalon! We've updated the boss and spam guide for the upcoming WoW WotLK Classic!

DrakTharon's default enemies mainly consist of the following villains.

A group of Cataclysmic Revivers, Soul Mages, and Dakkale Warriors: Deal with the Soul Mages first, as they will summon an empty area where you will take significant damage. Then disassemble the warriors and finally the revivers.
Ghouls: Ghouls deal massive melee damage, so keep them out of combat while your opponent is in control, especially in larger groups.
Toxic Belts: Fuel the Toxic Belts to turn them away from the party so they don't take damage from frontal cone attacks.
Spiders: Slow or stun creepers when they're low on health so they don't need reinforcements.
Dakarai Bats and Field Riders: The rider casts a curse that increases the cursed one's melee damage by 500 points. If there are escapees in the group, the curse will be lifted.
Resurrection Wizard and Dakkale Scytheclaw: The Rider immobilizes you with a spider web and attacks you with a ranged attack. Raptors, on the other hand, have no special attacks.
Shaman and Dakarai Commander Groups: Dismiss the Shaman first to prevent him from healing. Beware of the commander's whirlwind attack.
Resurrected Dakarai Death Knights: Death knights will occasionally inflict you with silence and fear effects. So if you don't want to make a mass movement, pull them back to keep a safe distance from possible other opponents.

Troll Grind
This undead troll is particularly dangerous for tanks, as it deals a lot of damage in close combat. Infected wound diseases increase the troll's attack power; remove them if possible. Occasionally, three Dakarai attackers with around 2,000 health points will join the fight. Reaching the boss increases his stacked drainage. Therefore, kill the attackers preemptively. Stay away from their corpses, however, as the Trollgrind will crush them with a corpse explosion. Therefore, the tank should occasionally drag the troll to a safe, corpse-free area to avoid unnecessary damage to the team.

Trollgrind remains the same in Daxalone's version of Heroic. Kill him as quickly as possible to avoid taking damage from the devour.

Before you can face off against Novos - who fights similarly to Lady Vashj in the Serpent Temple - you must fend off a group of undead creatures. Lich Novos is protected by a mystical realm that you should not enter or you will suffer unnecessary damage. During the fight, several opponents enter the room via the stairs and two exits. Besides the ghouls, you will also encounter crystal weavers. As soon as you kill one of them, one of the four crystal pillars that maintain the arcane field will extinguish. Novos will use his ability in this phase to randomly attack your party - run away from the area where he cast Blizzard. When the field is disabled, deal with the remaining undead creatures. The tank captures the now vulnerable boss.

The encounter with Norvos doesn't really change even in Heroic mode. Killing the Crystal Wizard leaves Novos vulnerable and intercepts the enemies on the stairs. Do not enter the arcane field where the boss is located. You can check SSEGold for more!
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