Franchise is set to arrive later this month after Madden NFL 23

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Franchise is set to arrive later this month after Madden NFL 23

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Madden NFL 23 The Yard trailer

The most recent installment in EA Sports' long-running soccer franchise is set to arrive later this month after Madden NFL 23 releases on August 25. Madden NFL 23 is introducing the sequence and a brand new game mode. Titled The Yard, this new mode is greatly inspired by backyard football's sport Mut 23 coins. I had the opportunity to go hands-on The Yard as well interview the developers behind it.

The Yard is a model of Madden with a focus on exciting moments and plays. Games consists of groups of 6 and generally last between 5-10 minutes. True to the nature of backyard soccer, players can play either side of the ball, switching after every ownership between defense and offense. Both groups get three possessions, with the higher scoring group after 6 rounds.

The is somewhat different in The Yard. After the initial 6 points for scoring a touchdown, awarded, teams will have some flexibility in regards to their own point. Instead of kicking a PAT, they can opt for three-point conversion, or even a two-point. These choices will put the ball in 20-yard line, the lineup, or 30-yard line. I thought that this was a very inventive idea, and provides the point and a layer of strategy. Betting on a 3-point conversion and failing might set you in a difficult spot, but pulling one off can force the hand of your opponent on the following drive.

Players can create their own avatar, when loading into The Yard. Outside of standard physical appearance customization, players will pick from a handful of prototypes. Named after NFL celebrities, prototypes work granting them an ability that is X-factor and giving them some foundation statistics. Selecting the Lamar Jackson prototype will give the First One Free X-factor ability madden 23 coins cheap, and some speed and move features to players.
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