Forum Mafia 76: Your Summer Vacation (BO Wins)

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Re: Forum Mafia 76: Your Summer Vacation (BO Wins)

Post by Raiden »

Abs. wrote:Raiden’s full will follows.
Next up:
{Prep}[Contacted] Kleene: Trust in the Mold. <3
{N1}[Was contacted by] Abs #InvisiblePenPals ─ Hmm, he has been rather quiet for some time now. I wonder what's up...
{N1}[Was contacted by] IwaYuri: #CoffeeAllianceGo!
{N1}[Contacted] Cinnabunny ...
{N1}[Was contacted by] Giogio ─ Seems townish? I hope we're on the same side.
{D1}[Contacted] SA Hmmm. Appears Team YuriCo wanted to throw him overboard Day 2. Did they have a lead on him, or just wanted to get rid of the Pantry Thief? To be honest, I kind of wanted to vote him too Day 2 but went with random person that probably wouldn't get lynched... V:
{D1}[Was contacted by] Kamite: Can APTX me ─ FYI in case I am found poisoned Day 2...Huh. Still alive and well, I wonder what that could mean?
{N3}[Contacted] Conia I will probably regret this.
{N3}[Contacted] Yuriko
Summary of the Game:
Night 1:
Mysterious Benefactor killed PT(Takagi)
SA claims tricked (if true, he couldn't have done the kill and is not the M.B. However, that does not rule him out as BO!)

Day 1
Memesy(Rena) lynched by Kamite, Cinna, DA | No will with betrayal results included... :V

Lynch candidate (number of votes): people who voted for candidate
Meme (3): cinnamoroll, darkest absol, Kamite
Conia (2): MoonRaven, shinichi'sapprentice
darkest absol (1): Giogio
dumytru (1): dumytru
Henry Gordan (1): Iwamoto Yuri
Iwamoto Yuri (1): Kleene Onigiri
Kamite (1): Abs.
Raiden (1): Memesu
Yurikochan (1): Henry Gordan
No votes cast: Me, Conia, Yuriko

Rena being in the game, rules out Kir from the lineup of suspects.

Night 2
Dumytru Starling killed [Will: Followed somone]
Two possibilities for only one Night 2 kill...
1) The BO decided to leave the killing for he M.B. To keep free of any obvious crimes.
2) M.B. decided to chill with a drink instead of doing a kill.

Day 2
Kleene was Frightened! [Voted Kamite]

Lynch candidate (number of vote): Voters
Conia (2): Henry Gordan, Iwamoto Yuri
shinichi'sapprentice (2): Conia, Yurikochan
Abs. (1): MoonRaven
Giogio (1): Kamite
Henry Gordan (1): cinnamoroll
Kamite (1): Abs.
Kor (1): PhoenixTears
Kleene Onigiri (1): Giogio
MoonRaven (1): shinichi'sapprentice
Raiden (1): darkest absol
Yuriko (1): Raiden

No vote cast: 0

Night 3
Trust in the Mold. It will guide your way to victory!
*normalpanda* Kleene is my BFF
Good Luck, Town! <3
Spoiler: Secret Plan Conjured Up by the Deduction Queen!
I take it all back. I prefer this to be my will.
Spoiler: Sonoko's Missing Will:
The Black Organization left speechless by Sonoko's wits. This is how DC shall end. Start writing, Gosho!
Absquila <3
Makotogiri! *Hugs* Sorry for being selfish with my unselfish demand of sharing protects. I should have listened to you more. However, I have no regrets protecting you and Gio, my two only trusted ones, from potential bullets. <3
Game-wise: Good game, I guess? At least, I had fun while it lasted. Congratulations, BO. Thanks for GMing, Blurf. Loved the story bits. I don't know how you found time for it all. <3

Balance-wise: I think it was okay, it could have gone either way. No one could have predicted the M.B. to die so soon.
Memesy taking the bullet so ShadowmAn could last longer than they had in any game before this. Such a courageous and unselfish act of kindness. I would gladly have let you stab me so you could stratch my name off your list and win <3
I'm excited to hear SA's thoughts on the Shadowman role. I am sure he will type up a whole novel of his experience. :D

This game have established Kamite's play style (courtesy of Stop):
I think we need to change the rules a bit to reflect this new knowledge...
Instead of Rule #1: Lynch SA Day 1, it should be Lynch Kamite Day 1. This way we can all save ourselves a major headache. XD
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Re: Forum Mafia 76: Your Summer Vacation (BO Wins)

Post by Noradavis »

Forum Mafia 76: Your Summer Vacation (BO Wins). The home to DCTP Forum Mafia as well as any other type of random forum game that you can conjure up. 121 637157785 74 who 630963679 75 web 619603365 76 click test also 616841255 77 ... 158996469 496 cost 158897930 497 movie 158445447 498 forums 158421975 499 ...Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy! Chorus · Christmas Break · Christmas Break Head to Head · ChromaGun · ChromaGun VR (PS4) · Chrono Cross The Radical ...
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