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New here!

Post by Hattochi »

So hello, this is the post when i introduce myself *oh come on* ;)

I'm from Tunisia, 36 years old (yes, you not dream ;D ) and i can't spoke nice english (sorry, have a bad teacher & i was tired), i'm better with french (but french fans are so boring :P ) i'm a guy. Fan of series, mangas & hate my job, i'm also a crazy fan of Conan.
I know Conan since 1998 (thanks to my friend who told me about this "new anime") but i start watching it with arab language (arabic version was more better & crazy than french) early in the years 2000, but when DVD were empty, i stopped watching because i don't found new episodes in that time.
After that, i still a real fan of Conan, & i decide one day to search & continue watching with arabic version on Youtube since 2014. But since 2015, i start watching with english subtitles and japanese version. I stop because not good in english & i search french subtitles & japanese version & i watch, it's a really cool show.
I found this site since 2 weeks ago, it seem interesting.
So many peoples will say that they know Conan since their childhood, it wasn't my case ;D
My username is Hattochi=Hattori+Shinichi. I like them very much. They have the best friendship i see.
Haibara, Kogoro & Ran are from top 10 best caracters for me.
The most boring caracter is Kaito Kid, sorry for his fans. But he is so boring! :D
I like the 3 kids, they hilarious (specially Genta), very touching & so genious (specially Mitsuhiko)
My favorite ship is Takagi & Sato: Their relationship is the only love relationship to have been developed in the show! and they are so cute :)

Sorry for english problems! happy to be here sharing! 8-)
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Re: New here!

Post by Raspbryl »

"Oh goddammit Rasp" - Anon

Skype: [DDST] Rasp
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