Hello.....!! DCTP

New to the community? Would you like to introduce yourself? Not new but still want to introduce yourself? This is the place to do it!
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Tantei San
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Hello.....!! DCTP

Post by Tantei San »

Hi.! Tantei San here...
So basically I never came to this side of the forum, and thus I am posting my "Hi" today after more than 100 posts.
But as they say Better late then never.. So I just want to meet new people on DCTP, make new friends. So Ola!

Name: Shrey
Age: 18
Location: India
Conan Fan Since: 2005 ( When I saw it first time on television, the Opening itself made me fall in love with the show, and years later when I was free for some months, It struck my mind what happened with DC story and when I checked, I was surprised, its still in business)

Favorite Conan Movie: Countdown To Heaven (That last scene)
Favorite Conan Case: Always the ones related to Black Organization <3
Favorite Opening Theme: Mune ga Dokidoki, Nazo, I can't stop my love for you, Feel your Heart, Girigiri chop, REVIVE, Sekai wa Anata no Iru Ni naru
Favorite Conan Ending: Step by Step, Free Magic, Secret of My Life
Favorite Anime: Right know only DC.. will see after DC ends

Favorite Movies: A Loooot......
Favorite Bands: No, not songs, the list may go way too long. Coldplay, Maroon 5, Linkin Park etc

Favorite TV Series: Always a "How I Met Your Mother Fan"
Favorite Books: Diary of A Wimpy kid, Goosebumps etc. (Haven't been into Books much these days)

I am a multi tasking person.
Have quite a lot of qualities.
oh.! Hobbies are - Dancing, Singing etc the Usual :P
Rest assured I am a GOOD person.
And I don't do Drugs

Peace Out ! #DCRocks
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Tantei KID
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Re: Hello.....!! DCTP

Post by Tantei KID »

Welcome! :D
Image *Hugs* Just in case life isn't going quite right.
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Re: Hello.....!! DCTP

Post by Vinnie »

Welcome to the forums! Have fun :)
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