Detective Conan Movie 22 (2018) - Zero the Enforcer (ゼロの執行人) - Friday April 13

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Re: Detective Conan Movie 22 (2018) - Zero the Enforcer (ゼロの執行人) - Friday April 13

Postby Magical Mystery » October 12th, 2018, 10:11 pm

Well... the DVDs and Blue Rays of Zero The Enforcer have been released and something unprecedented has happened.

According to Anime News Network they have taken the top spots in both charts - Blue Ray and DVD. There is a regular version and Deluxe version of each release - four releases in all.

The story about them getting the top of both charts is here...
(NOTE: They could list it as Zero's Executioner or Zero The Enforcer depending upon the writer.)
2018 Detective Conan Film Is Franchise's 1st Work to Top Both Blu-ray, DVD Charts

And here is the actual charts themselves...
Blue Ray
Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, October 1-7

Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, October 1-7

In both charts, the Deluxe version takes the number one spot, while the standard version is in the number two spot.
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Re: Detective Conan Movie 22 (2018) - Zero the Enforcer (ゼロの執行人) - Friday April 13

Postby shinichi1977 » October 14th, 2018, 6:43 am

Okay, I'm not asking for links or any such things, but it still would interest me, will a group be translating this one?
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Re: Detective Conan Movie 22 (2018) - Zero the Enforcer (ゼロの執行人) - Friday April 13

Postby Misztina » November 20th, 2018, 3:43 pm

I watched the movie:

-nice action scenes
-some nice pictures to screenshot
-somehow better than movie 21
-Amuro and his love of his country ->I kinda liked that; a dedicated man
-interesting things about lawyers and stuff
-Detective Boys not being irritant!!!

-worst movie song ever!!!
-plot: do we care? Can we care?
-Kogoro's arrest and fake dramas (Ran's tears)
-everything you didn't want to know about lawyers and stuff
-Ran being in life threatening danger again
-explosions everywhere
-things not making any sense
-too many boring stuff
-Amuro fanservice, yet not even one shirtless, out of the shower scene... why not go full out?

And probably some more.
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Re: Detective Conan Movie 22 (2018) - Zero the Enforcer (ゼロの執行人) - Friday April 13

Postby S.Vineyard » November 21st, 2018, 9:44 am


Sooo, Standard Conan Movie Stuff ?

How high was the "Conan Bond" factor this time on a Scale from 1-10?
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Re: Detective Conan Movie 22 (2018) - Zero the Enforcer (ゼロの執行人) - Friday April 13

Postby Misztina » November 21st, 2018, 10:46 am

Yes, basicly. ;D

Hard to say, because there was Amuro too and he was more Bondish.
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Re: Detective Conan Movie 22 (2018) - Zero the Enforcer (ゼロの執行人) - Friday April 13

Postby S.Vineyard » November 21st, 2018, 11:54 am

Watching it now and i'm currently midthrough.

So far it's actually quite decent for a Conan Movie. (Quarter of Silence is still my personal low.)


Ok, Second Half is much more Standard Conan Movie Second Half Over the Top.

And Haba being still alive was so obvious, since it would have made Amuro "evil".

Edit 2:

@Amuro Bond Moment: But this one was actually fun.


Power Kick Boots Soccer kick once again saves the day....

Edit 3:

Ok, I really liked the Mid-Credit Scene with Eri and Kogoro.^^
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Re: Detective Conan Movie 22 (2018) - Zero the Enforcer (ゼロの執行人) - Friday April 13

Postby Swagnarok » November 21st, 2018, 3:29 pm

Lol, they made an entire movie glorifying a branch of the Japanese law enforcement whose job is literally to break the law. I'm not sure what kind of crack they were smoking when they approved this movie idea. Isn't kind of the whole premise of Detective Conan that lawbreakers ought to be punished no matter what their reasons are?
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Re: Detective Conan Movie 22 (2018) - Zero the Enforcer (ゼロの執行人) - Friday April 13

Postby Spimer » November 22nd, 2018, 5:28 am

I don't think that's the underlying theme of Conan: just the personal beliefs of the detectives and officers.

However, this movie means to explain that sometimes, police can have too much power and can use means that are not really moral so as to accomplish their goals.
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Re: Detective Conan Movie 22 (2018) - Zero the Enforcer (ゼロの執行人) - Friday April 13

Postby k11chi » January 3rd, 2019, 2:05 am

That was good stuff. A lot of substance.. Did not see that piece of foreshadowing to the culprit despite analyzing the hell out of it while watching, and the action scenes were true to the characters with some really great scenes thrown here and there: what did Kuroda say? the badass scene of Amuro's girlfriend, the crazy smash to the car when the music stops, and "and he's still just a child." Great idea to keep the DBs relevant for a film as well.

This film is definitely not for non-fans, even if you were keen-eyed it's just impossible to keep up with the information and guess who character is affiliated to what group and has what kinds of relationships with other characters. You're required to recognize the characters immediately, because otherwise you'd be rewatching this one for 10 straight hours to keep up.

I personally love that song choice, amazing.
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Re: Detective Conan Movie 22 (2018) - Zero the Enforcer (ゼロの執行人) - Friday April 13

Postby kkslider5552000 » January 20th, 2019, 11:09 pm

Well, I guess it's time to finally watch this.

-"Whoa!" The Detective Boys react to the passable CG

-Ok, if this movie ends with Agasa actually flying with a drone to save the day like that, this movie gets at least a 9/10 by default.

-Wasn't Casino Tower in the GCN Pokemon games?

-Ok, I was kidding but that part of the floor looks straight out of a Pokemon arena...

-4 minutes in, that's explosion #1

-I wonder what sci-fi series they took these graphics from

-"There's one member of the organization that's shrouded in mystery." Anokata? Rum? To some extent Gin?
"Bourbon" ...k

-This guy was just in the episodes I watched, how about that?

-Wait, Kogoro? What?

-The Triforce Heroes of drones!

-Agasa's Quiz is an impressive running gag to use so consistently despite probably no one actually liking or particularly caring about it

-Quizzes are the number one threat to drones

-Kogoro is too dumb to be responsible, of course

-I mean, in theory Amuro should be your adversary. He's literally working for the people who lead to you being a kid, even if he's doing so as a spy.

-Man, where's Phoenix Wright when you need him?

-"I've lost all of them :D" Well we're screwed. It's Japan, I guess I shouldn't be surprised...

-Amuro is way too suspicious and not talking to be the cause of all of this, obviously.

-That Amuro's a spy!

-Entirely translated document ftw

-That Amuro's grocery shopping!

-Completely randomly and undeservedly paranoid Azusa is probably the most interesting she's ever been

-That Conan's now a spy!

-Amuro will risk breaking this guy's arm just to take a bug he could've told him about because he shouldn't be so god damn careless. I like it.

-WTF? All the electronics have exploded. What is going on?

-Y'know, normally they just try to blow up a building or two. This is like a full-on attack against a whole city's electronics. That's impressive at the very least.

-Wait OMG wasn't that episode about a kettle or...uh...something that was bizarrely connected to the internet? I completely forgot about the tie-in episode until literally right now.

-Pfft, please don't tell me that was the entire relevance of Shinichi in this movie (outside of the inevitable 3rd act calling out for him scene, of course). "Shinichi isn't helping my dad :(" and then later "Shinichi is helping my dad :)" STORYTELLING!1111!11!1

-"I think she might be suspicious" Wow for a smart guy, you're sometimes a bit slow, Conan.

-Amuro jumped off the railing, and is now next to the river with two broken legs.

-Nazu is everyone's favorite Opening

-"I have one chance to make something visually interesting and god damn am I gonna take it!"

-Well that person's dead

-Man, now I want a Conan skateboarding video game.

-I think this revenge might be going a bit too far

-No one wants Takagi in the picture XD

-Oh the police. I assumed it was the Casino Tower again.

-I will say, I was certain they were gonna do a lot with the actual location of that tower and they tricked me by doing...nothing with that.

-"I'm going to bring the dead back to life." Um...Amuro...I'm not sure how zombies will be able to help us. They only know how to call the police, not how to save them!

-The drone immediately crashes

-Oh wait. Ok, so maybe I will get the climax I assumed we would get.

-"I never thought i would be you" Same here

-Yeah, I kinda figured that would be the plot twist, that he was actually alive the whole time.

-"What a crazy idea!"

-"These four kids will save Japan" is the most anime thing this anime series has ever done.

-I'll be honest, I feel like the movie practically ended 5 minutes ago but there's like 20 or so minutes left...

-Yeah, obviously the movie wasn't over! Stop pretending it was!



-So does that mean if Amuro left the country, he'd be in a long distance relationship with Japan?

-"Zero" ha, I get it

-This is not the kind of music I expected for the credits

Well that was a very interesting viewing experience. For like the first half or so of this, I was actually gonna call this one of the more solid Conan movies. Not like the best or most exciting but one that was very easy to watch, knew what it was doing and kept up the drama as well as a movie series where none of the stakes matter beyond its own story reasonably could. But I felt like the last 1/3 really dragged it down a bit. It was stupid in a way that didn't necessarily fit the rest of the movie and was less fun than it should've been. And at points it really dragged as well, the last 1/3 felt as long as the first 2/3 tbh. I guess it was also disappointing they spent so much time building towards a trial only for it to not even happen, they spent a lot of time on that.

I guess it was good, and it wasn't even close to the bad ones but...I feel mildly let down at the end, which is a real shame. Oh well...
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