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DC Opening and Closing

Postby lionstar222 » August 13th, 2014, 10:27 pm

Hi! I'm new here, and I've been listening to the openings and closings of the anime a lot lately, and I am having trouble finding them at reasonable prices. I have the following Openings/Closings: Winter Bells, Kimi to Yakusoku Shita Yasashii Ano Basho Made, Kumo ni Notte, Butterfly Core, Secret of My Heart, Nemuru Kimi no Yokogao ni Hohoemi o, Yuki Doke no Ano Kawa no Nagare no You ni, and Time after Time, and Your Best Friend. I was wondering how should I purchase the remaining CDS to get the most music with the least overlap at a reasonable prices? I've been using Amazon, and a lot of the CDs are a hit or a miss. I would prefer to buy albums with only DC music in it, or the best of this artist albums that contains multiple DC tracks in the same CD. I really appreciate your help! :)

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