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Anime Watch Club (latest episodes: Nichijou 23-26)

Posted: August 30th, 2018, 9:38 pm
by kkslider5552000
A club for all your anime themed watches.


I'm kidding, please don't actually buy a watch in 2018.

But seriously, I thought this would be a fun idea. For quite a while Meme, Jecka, Manga and I were regularly watching certain anime series together and it was a fun time. But it became increasingly difficult to get everyone together on the same day so we eventually dropped that (I think Slayers Try took us the better part of a year). So instead, I decided to totally steal from r/anime and make a thread where we could all watch a few episodes of an anime a week and then talk about it. Or something like that.

As chosen by Jecka, our first anime is Samurai Flamenco! What is a samurai flamenco? You'll have to watch to find out!

So the way this is going to work, is that we'll be watching 3-4 episodes a week. Now during that week, any discussion about those episodes will be in spoiler tags until next Thursday (basically until I put up my post about the episodes). And then after that, those episodes can be discussed without spoiler tags, and the next 3-4 episodes have to be spoiler tagged for the next week. Fairly simple I think.

Hope you can join us!

Re: Anime Watch Club

Posted: August 31st, 2018, 1:40 am
by Memesu
Sounds fun :D

Spoiler: episodes 1,2 and 3
I'm sold. Wasn't sure at first, but this is too funny not to like. I love how rule-abiding the hero is. Also curry dates and umbrella sharing *reads too much into it* And now there a prize for his head lol

Re: Anime Watch Club

Posted: August 31st, 2018, 4:07 am
by shinichi'sapprentice
me hours ago: when will i get time to watch this OTL
me just now: THREE EPISODES DOWN *-ateam-*

Spoiler: Episodes 1-3
Well, this was... sumthin xD

Curry Dates Count: 4

Curious to see how the story will progress.

This is fun to watch with people :D

Re: Anime Watch Club

Posted: August 31st, 2018, 4:08 am
by Nemomon
Hehe, long ago with friends we decided to rewatch Digimon. I don't even remember on which season we stopped...

Good luck! ;)

Re: Anime Watch Club (Samurai Flamenco episodes 1-3)

Posted: August 31st, 2018, 12:55 pm
by kkslider5552000
I can't believe I almost forgot to put the specific number of episodes at the start! I do need to specify or else this will get needlessly confusing...

Re: Anime Watch Club (Samurai Flamenco episodes 1-3)

Posted: September 1st, 2018, 4:03 pm
by dumytru
I might join this... but i'll watch it all in one day :P

Currently watching "Yuuki Yuuna is a hero", so maybe after that :P

Re: Anime Watch Club (latest episodes: Samurai Flamenco episodes 4-7)

Posted: September 6th, 2018, 4:02 pm
by kkslider5552000

-Is it supposed to be easy to mispronounce it as “Samurai Flamingo”?
-Why is a superhero in a dark alley? Is this like the anime equivalent of Hitchcock?
-Huh, they just casually mention Kamen Rider. Not even like a copyright-free similar name
-…I like how we spent two minutes just to prove that nothing interesting happened before what they showed at the very start
-“He was smoking in a non-smoking zone” that fiend!
-Just saying dude, your stance against the evils of minor crimes and obsession with justice isn’t that different from villains in dozens of other anime
-“That just sounded creepy” indeed
-The teenagers are gonna Envy him in the phone booth :V
-Or maybe he’s gonna beat the crap out of them
-Oh, maybe the show will actually be about something after all
-Well, that was…something. I’m not even sure what to get from this series based off that. I think it’s supposed to be a comedy but the comedy attempts are so low-key and nothing that it’s genuinely hard to say.


-“My Umbrella’s missing” …oh no?
-saying “I am not a suspicious character” does in fact, make you seem like a suspicious character
-“Ishihara-san really doesn’t like hobbies” Hahaha wow, that’s a very broad thing to dislike. ALL HOBBIES ARE BAD! > : (
-You’re going to break his pretty face! D:
-Oh I misread that as “And you’re very lonely”, which would’ve been amazing as a wtf random statement, but no.
-As someone who doesn’t use umbrellas, this is completely unrelateable to me
-“I’m a past offender”
-Mumen Rider would be proud
-I was kinda hoping he would just run into him, thus committing a much worse crime
-No one deserve to have their umbrella stolen, IT’S A FAKE WORSE THAN DEATH
-I was gonna complain about a show thinking 900,000 views in a week is some rare event worth noting but that actually seems accurate to what would happen.
-Well that episode seemed to work a bit better. Most of the first episode was kinda boring until the end.


-Yep, the live sentai event thing was inevitable in this series. I feel like I’ve seen that in literally any anime they could justify having it in (and even some that couldn’t)
-Money Rangers. A tremendous name.
-“Do you have a spare gun?” I’M SORRY, WHAT?!
-Calling something the “Wow Show” just makes me irrationally mad that they don’t actually rhyme
-“Glad you could join us-“ *PUNCH*, awesome.
-I want to see this movie where a guy goes from horse, motorcycle, jeep, back to horse, causing the two machines to explode
-He hugs one of the kids and he suddenly looks like 14 and awkward.
-I just realized that he wants the money
-But he’s donating it to charity. …ok?
-…well, I have to do it now.
-This is a weird series
-“This feels really good!”
-This is easily the best episode so far

Now on to episodes 4-7. Episodes 1-3 now no longer need spoiler tags.

Re: Anime Watch Club (latest episodes: Samurai Flamenco episodes 4-7)

Posted: September 6th, 2018, 7:12 pm
by Jecka
It is Jecka, only a week late

I told Slider this so I thought I'd say it here too
It's been 5 (Five) years since I watched this, since I actually watched it weekly as it aired and as I was doing so a couple things resurfaced in my memories.
Obv I can't say what (at least until we get to those episodes).
I will say
this anime gets weird as hell
Also I'm interested to see people's thoughts
There might be a couple places you might feel like dropping it, but pls keep going.

Re: Anime Watch Club (latest episodes: Samurai Flamenco episodes 4-7)

Posted: September 13th, 2018, 3:17 pm
by kkslider5552000

-I like how he calls himself samurai and doesn’t use a sword
-A woman grabbed her own breasts and it made clown honk noises. This scene lasted 2 seconds, and then they moved on like it didn’t happen. Ok. Sure.
-I see we have our “calling each other’s names all the time” moment. Except they forgot their names.
-“I received an offer from Hollywood” …well that abrupt
-And now they’re going to kill him, great
-Well that’s an entrance!
-Magical girl! :D
-Well these three won’t be having kids at this rate
-“You’re like me” Mentally unstable?
-I joke but it would be pretty easy to make that actually the premise of the story…
-I could not have predicted that kiss.
-Oh god, nipple tasers!
-“but I do think bad guys deserve to die” …what an odd thing to say as you…don’t kill the bad guys? Like I was gonna point out it was a sudden direction to go in, but now it’s a sudden direction to not go in!
-I mean, the main victim I saw her help is you so…


-I’m so confused by the time saying 7:49, are we mid-episode?!
-No, obviously it’s an in-universe thing
-Chalkboard Screechy Screech ironically has a lovely singing voice
-Tromboy pfft. Ok that’s great.
-Oh shit, there’s blood and cracks on the walls. They might be dead.
-“This kind of a thing happens all the time” I have my doubts about this
-He just ignored him, and the series itself ignored this fact
-He’s just gonna keep leaving every episode isn’t he?
-Oh no, those lip movements for totally believable singing. That’s…unfortunate.
-Kiss her, you fool
-Hey *ding* Hey *ding* Hey *ding*
-Dude, you’re not magically gonna get the script change
-She has a body pillow of him
-Who are these people? Is this like the world’s lamest villain teamup?
-Dynamic Entry!
-Wow…what a failure


-“You’ll die soon” …what a bizarre prediction
-The weapons turn out to just be guns :V
-“I don’t mind if she’s only using me :D
-“I’m a naughty girl” uh, slow down girl…
-You’re right, this is very odd
-“I’m not a suspicious character” is a line that should never work ever
-“acting tough, huh? Well I’m some random guy with glasses! So take that!”
-Thanks for explaining the use of a ballpoint pen
-Spiderai Flamingo
-He totally has a girlfriend, she just lives in Canada


-“Are nearing the final episode?” I mean, I know for a fact we’re not so…
-Nothing more American than a cow skull…?
-“The world is supposed to revolve around her”
-She’s eating fake flowers now
-Murdered parents, ok now this is a super hero story
-Some of the background music in this anime is profoundly lame
-You’re a good freak is my favorite type of failed compliment
-His superpower is to turn people into mummies
-I’m sorry, what?
-This is a dream…right?
-He has a guillotine for a stomach
I um…could not have predicted where this went by the end of the episode. I just assumed they were just gonna stay as a boring normal reality for this whole thing…I guess not?

You can't honestly tell me there's nothing to discuss after that last episode.

Re: Anime Watch Club (latest episodes: Samurai Flamenco episodes 4-7)

Posted: September 13th, 2018, 4:27 pm
by Jecka
Yup from here on this show becomes very wtf/wth (whichever you prefer, tho they're the same thing :P)
It was, I think, around here I wanted to drop the series, but didn't and I'm glad, it gets pretty good from what I remember.

Re: Anime Watch Club (latest episodes: Samurai Flamenco episodes 8-11)

Posted: September 14th, 2018, 3:01 am
by blurfbreg
Spoiler: Episode 7
Tequila Date! Also, MIND BLOWN! There is an actual villain in this show!

Spoiler: Episode 8
Swing Date! Also, CURRY DATE #4! NEW WEAPON! More reasons I should go to Staples during a zombie apocalypse. Finally, I'll buy up all the apples to torture everyone next time.

Spoiler: Episode 9
Coffee Date! Is this the last date?!!?!?!?! King torture makes his moves!

Spoiler: Episode 10
That was a dramatic episode. There's so much to unpack about what it means to be a superhero and supervillain.

I like the OP song.

Re: Anime Watch Club (latest episodes: Samurai Flamenco episodes 8-11)

Posted: September 19th, 2018, 4:13 am
by Gamma
Curry dates anime thread :o. That just reminded me that I really do need to catch up with this

Re: Anime Watch Club (latest episodes: Samurai Flamenco episodes 12-14)

Posted: September 20th, 2018, 3:57 pm
by kkslider5552000

-…how did we get here?
-So in a world with no apparent monsters, monsters now exist. This is apparently not that interesting to anyone as we just go on like this was always normal. When it wasn’t. What is happening?
-Ok there’s a flashback. Like…there’s an art to in media res, you should learn it.
-“that vicious criminal, who was also a creature that shouldn’t possibly exist in this world”
-OMG for a second I thought it said JSRF, as in Jet Set Radio Future.
-“Have you ever been attracted to rhinos?” Unless she wrote some particular type of Spiderman fanfiction, I don’t think.
-He’s half rhino, half pot. Is this a Japanese pun I don’t get?
-Wait, are these baddies supposed to be some sort of bdsm outfit? …wha-huh-but-um…why? No seriously, why?
…NO, SERIOUSLY. WHY? Is it because they get turned on by Torture? I guess?
-oh no hanging kite, how will he ever be defeated-why am I even doing sarcasm, this isn’t even a non-threatening villain. We saw his death already, we know he fails.
-I mean, at least we didn’t waste more time on him but again…this was not a great use of in media res.
-“Your appearance is criminal” Oh snap!
-Moving in the shape of a star
-Double sided tape IS the greatest weapon of justice
-“We managed to buy up all the apples again!” THE FIENDS
-I feel like we are getting several episodes worth for this one, to make up for the bizarre change in tone


-This is not the most effective evil I’ve ever seen
-No one cares at all
-Branding Piranha is the best name
-How many events does this guy go to?
-Tickling Cat is also a great name
-Blue haired lesbian offended that she’s hanging out with a guy! (that’s what I got out of that…)
-Whipping Walrus
-“Why do all the monsters explode?”
-Dude, you can’t even give her a ring on the phone…
-I think I might’ve underestimated how literal “King Torture” is
-They’re aliens!
-“the power of stationary”


-What a great scene transition
-“Take these off” Just because he’s chained you up doesn’t mean he’s into your kinks
-Oh god no
-I know anime likes to go from comedy to serious but this might be a bit much
-This is a weird villain
-That is some impressively insane logic you have there. Also, have you read Atlus Shrugged? Just wondering…
-His evil power is…a chainsaw
-“That makes no sense at all!” true
-“Evil is liberating and entertaining!” I mean, so are many video games. Feel like that’s a less risky pursuit.
-“Allow me to turn you Into a cyborg”
-Torture Planet, of course. Is that near Apokolips?
-No, I’m pretty sure he still won’t understand
-“Are we screwed?” Hahahahaha
-Crunchyroll froze the video when the countdown was at one. OMG THE SUSPENSE!
-Apparently King Torture had a Blood Dragon heart
-Well now’s as good a time as any to reveal his identity


-I mean, yeah, this is the first person whose reaction to this news we need to see
-The ancient floating city of coral!
-I have many questions
-Ten billion times stronger is a bit much
-Is this a trailer for the villain? What?
-a Disney executive somewhere is thinking “Damn, now we have to buyout this!”
-I mean, it was weird that King Torture could do…anything he did
-The Flamengers are just really gay versions of the Avengers
-Well that buildup was for nothing.
-“Presented by Beyond, a subsidiary of Electronic Arts”
-The backup team is the one that survives, of course
-They’re all red! XD
-“And in this group, you’re the reddest ranger” Hahaha
-Flamen Sword not being a flaming sword is a shame
-And then the island from Bomberman 64 flew away

Now onto episodes 12-14

Re: Anime Watch Club (latest episodes: Samurai Flamenco episodes 12-14)

Posted: September 21st, 2018, 5:10 am
by shinichi'sapprentice
I'm sorry I haven't been posting here OTL I pretty much have the same comments as blurfles in his last post so far

Anyway, new week, new eps!

Spoiler: Episode 11-19
Episode 11: Suddenly Voltes V...

Episode 12: ...THEIR BASE IS JUST LIKE VOLTES V's too! Also glad to see main char and cop guy still find time to date :D Also now we have curry group date \o/ V;

Episode 13: Well, suddenly this got serious... V;

Episode 14: -

Episode 15: suddenly political V;


Episode 17: -

Episode 18: -

Episode 19: Dammit just when we thought we're finally going to meet Goto's girlfriend ;<

...okay so I wrote these down while watching with blurfles so some eps didn't have comments and also we ended up watching a lot today coz next week, I assumed we'll be busy with mafia :D

Re: Anime Watch Club (latest episodes: Samurai Flamenco episodes 12-14)

Posted: September 21st, 2018, 6:46 pm
by blurfbreg
Spoiler: Crack Conspiracy theory from Samurai Flamenco for the real world
Superheroes were made to look like bad people. The government beats up the superheroes, which all happened in US (story-wise), such that a bad person was installed as the US president. Marvel Cinematic Universe came out in 2008. Look at what happens in 2016. =X