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Re: Anime Watch Club (latest episodes: Nichijou 23-26)

Posted: February 20th, 2019, 1:50 am
by kkslider5552000

-Stag beetle


-Yes, making jam makes you more feminine specifically (?????)

-I think the jam might not be good

-Cat pillow

-Ah the text is flickering in and out of English, oh no!

-Lewd book *blush blush*

-obligatory comment that the internet exists…

-Go Soccer more like No Soccer

-Whatever you say, Duran Duran


-Apparently he’s warning her daughter about Bill Cipher

-Somebody please help me

-36 room houses are the future (I said jokingly, maybe not)


-”I want her” Plot twist: Yuri romance

-How did we get from “I will get that robot” to “I will chase a cat for no reason”

-She isn’t immediately jealous, it’s an anime miracle

-But now she’s immediately dead inside so…

-Imagining Nano as tsundere is really weird

-What type of fantasy is this?

-Y’know, normally the joke would be Nano would just see her like that and her being there would be the joke, whereas instead we see it from the opposite perspective and we see her take the time falling to her knees.

-Well she got paid at least…

-It’s just grape juice

-”You’re too pure hearted, what with you attacking me with a bazooka”




-A tsundere actually confessing would likely cause the universe to implode

-RIP glasses

-This is almost a scene a normal anime would have, I’m suspicious

-I just realized that there’s a love triangle of sorts. A normal anime would also use that fact more, even for comedy.

-Today is a beautiful day

-Zero spice tolerance policy

-Screw you, glass! The glass is broken like her heart

-Mio-chan went on to fight Little Mac

-Ok, the old lady getting on Mio and then getting off and rolling was hilarious


-Oh wait, is she gonna fight Little Mac? I was joking…

-”It’s perfectly sane to think there’s a drug that erases your memory”

-”I don’t think it’s normal for two girls to be like that” said the robot made by a child who is also the pseudo-parent of that child
…this anime is from THIS decade people, the difference between 2011 and now is WILD

-A homunculus!

-OMG all the callbacks! XD

-Oh no, it has a message

-Dawww ;__;


-Angry blushing

-End of an era: The Key

-Nano’s happiness must be protected

-Stinky statues

-Master of unintentional dodges


-That’s not how hair works!


-11:28 is a good still frame

-The indestructible pumpkin

-Well that’s an unexpected backstory for this cat

-”Like a robot to the flame” is not a saying

-Now the key is MORE of a distraction, that’s impressive

-And now it’s over

-I thought for a bit they were gonna try to resolve some of the subplots somehow but…not really. Not that it matters in this type of series much.

And that's that. Thank you, and good night!

Re: Anime Watch Club (latest episodes: Nichijou 23-26)

Posted: February 20th, 2019, 1:44 pm
by Swagnarok
What are you gonna watch next?

Re: Anime Watch Club (latest episodes: Nichijou 23-26)

Posted: February 21st, 2019, 5:08 pm
by kkslider5552000
Swagnarok wrote:What are you gonna watch next?

Well nothing for this thread. I'll work something out on the Discord soon enough, so that people will actually be involved. :p