How fluent are You in Your native language?

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Re: How fluent are You in Your native language?

Postby Giogio » September 12th, 2014, 8:55 am

Heh, interesting question.
As for talking - I'd say my pronounciation is just bad, no matter which language I speak. People tend to ask me to repeat stuff a lot :-[
For grammar and stuff, I've always had a rather good feeling - never bothered to remember the comma rules, but I usually guess right, for example ^^
And in writing, I guess it really depends on the topic. There are just some areas, mostly academic, about which I've only heard/read in English, so trying to write about them in German feels really awkward. (And in others, like topics I learned in school but don't usually encounter, I always hit the missing-vocabulary-wall in English.)
I do the language-mixing almost only in my head - it's just more effective - but yeah, it has happened that I really couldn't figure out a good way to say something precicely in German and used the English word :x
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Re: How fluent are You in Your native language?

Postby Kaito Lady » September 13th, 2014, 10:35 am

Um....I'm fluent in speaking Afrikanns, though I tend to mix a lot of spanish and english into it and I am slow to pick up new word in it. I think that might be because I mainly only speak it with my parents and occasionally with another familiar. I also barely can write it and I don't really read it either....
All in all, I'm just much more better at Spanish or English at all levels :P Even my German reading and writing skills are better and that's already saying something :x
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