Hi Guys, Trip Down Memory Lane

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Hi Guys, Trip Down Memory Lane

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Hi guys! How are you all doing now?

Wow, man. It's been a while. I'm glad this forum is still alive, though I see some new members are some random bots posting random junks and links. Well, the activity in this forum already declined since DCTP last releases which I think in early 2013, I'm not sure.

I just happened to have some free time, so I decided to catch up on Conan and read like 60 manga chapters or so. Kind of confused because I forgot some stories, so I re-watched all manga-based eps from episode 1. Then when I watched the eps subbed by DCTP, I remember this forum and decided to come by. And viola, here I am.

Looking at my profile history, my last post was February 11th, 2015..!! That's 5,5 years ago..!! Time sure flies fast. I joined this forum in 2009, so that's around 6 years I'm active in this forum.

Man, those years was great. I remember there was a PDF list of Conan episodes that tell us which eps subs by which groups, and there were so many holes because of so many eps were unsubbed back then. There was this excitement when older eps was released, or some random MK episodes pop-up. I believe there was a thread that countdown how many episodes is left unsubbed. Then finally that moment when all eps were subbed, though some of them still in low quality. Oh there was also this thread about how acurrate someone predict who Bourbon is.There was also a thread about DCTP history which is so awesome. I wonder where is that thread now.

I login this forum daily in my college days and discuss random stuff with so many great people back then, some of which that I remember like Jd-, xpon, GinRei, Puto, Abs, slider, Zdm, jmaeshawn, wakarimashita, Kor, Conia, and so many other awesome members. Those was great time, for sure.

I failed to keep my promise to update the "Magic Kaito Manga Files - Anime Episodes Reference" thread with the new Magic Kaito anime. I'm glad Conan wiki do a great job about it.

Well, a lot of things happened. I moved to capital city where xpon lives, but we never meet up in person. I wonder if he is still retired from Conan, since we haven't get in touch for a while.

My love for Conan still alive, since I read Conan for the last 20 years, it's like part of my life. When I went to Japan in 2016, I bought some manga volumes and a few Conan artbooks. I didn't go to Gosho Aoyama Museum in Tottori, though. I do hope I can go there in my next visit.

I kind of miss you guys. if any of you old-timer happen to visit this forum and read this thread, please reply and let us know how you doing ;) .
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Re: Hi Guys, Trip Down Memory Lane

Post by kkslider5552000 »

I'm doing well. See if you can find someone to ask about the Discord.
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