SECRET SANTA 2019 (Sign Ups Open)

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SECRET SANTA 2019 (Sign Ups Open)

Postby Kamite » December 1st, 2019, 1:16 am

Is 2019 December 1st and no Conia insight, oh what a world are we living in now? The children are getting worried and upset, but fear not for I, Kamite, will take things in flight. As we cannot miss a single DCTP Secret Santa, not this year, nor the next one.

So with that being said and done is time to for *insert drum roll*
Hosted this year by Santa Kamite.
Ok. *cracks fingers* It's time to copy and paste.
Whew that was a lot of typing.


Everyone that wishes to participate will be entered into the Secret Santa lottery. After the sign-up deadline passes, you will be given a name to prepare a gift for that you will send to this year's manager, Kamite, anytime before Christmas Day. On Christmas Day, all of the gifts will gradually be posted in a different topic yet to be created (without the giver's name, of course). All assignments will be determined randomly, and the gift can be literally anything: a picture you drew yourself, a story you wrote, some image you found, quotes from the person in question or others... anything you'd like! Creativity is your best weapon!


— Everyone who posts in this topic will be considered signed up (unless they specifically post that they would like to opt out for whatever reason).

— The gifts may be images, text, a song, a link, or anything else appropriate. The gifts do not need to be elaborate or time-consuming if you do not wish, even just some in-joke would perfectly suffice for most people, I would imagine. (Except PMing pofa a pofa'd message, try to be a bit more creative for her!)

— Because this is meant to be anonymous, we encourage everyone to avoid revealing who they have been assigned and especially not to reveal who they've been assigned to their assignee. It is, of course, up to you, but if possible, attempt to ensure that your gift is not one that is immediately traceable to you by everyone else on the forums. If this is unavoidable, don't worry! This aspect isn't so important! It's more for the suspense than anything.

— Your assignments will be PMed to you by Kamite, or who ever else is in charge, and your gifts also need to be sent back to him/her.

If you sign up, you will receive a gift. Even if one is not sent by the person assigned due to inactivity, a replacement will be ordered and it will be delivered. Similarly, if we end up with late sign-ups that are still confirmed and after all other assignments are already handed out, you will still receive a gift.


A backup team will be created for ensuring that everyone gets a gift. If any signed up member has some difficulty to present a gift, the backup team will take action and will prepare a gift for the receiver assigned to that person. If anyone wants to be part of the backup team, be sure to PM Kamite/???.
Also, if in the process of making or thinking a gift, you stumbled upon an extra one, you can submit it too as a backup gift just in case there are some missing! More help is always welcomed.


December 1st: Sign-ups open

December 7th*: Sign-ups end

December 7th*: Gift assignments sent

December 24th: Gifts due

December 25th: Gifts revealed!

(If you miss a deadline, please PM Kamite/??? and see if there's still time to participate! we'll try to get everyone involved if at all possible!)

*(Some dates subject to change upon request or I can't do it that day because of work or smth).

**Also please note, I might be more busy than usual this month, with Mafia, Xmas stream and of this, so please be patient.

1. Abs.
2. Memesu
3. Moonraven
4. Kleene Onigiri
5. Stopwatch
6. Link
7. Jecka
8. Iwamoto Yuri
9. Cinnamoroll
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Postby Abs. » December 1st, 2019, 2:16 am

Isdis Moms approved just checking
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Re: IS ALIVE SECRET SANTA 2019 (Sign Ups Open)

Postby MoonRaven » December 1st, 2019, 2:37 am

I'm in
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Re: IS ALIVE SECRET SANTA 2019 (Sign Ups Open)

Postby Memesu » December 1st, 2019, 3:15 am

Umineko kickstarter soon

Secret santa gift from PT <3
Kleene Onigiri
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Re: IS ALIVE SECRET SANTA 2019 (Sign Ups Open)

Postby Kleene Onigiri » December 1st, 2019, 6:36 am

Keyhole drawn by Yuri Iwamoto <3

Spoiler: Secret Santa gift from Commi-Ninja <3
A Black Organization Christmas Carol (need to fix the link)

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Re: IS ALIVE SECRET SANTA 2019 (Sign Ups Open)

Postby shinichi'sapprentice » December 1st, 2019, 3:05 pm

I'm Link!
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Re: IS ALIVE SECRET SANTA 2019 (Sign Ups Open)

Postby Jecka » December 4th, 2019, 7:20 pm

Omgggggggggggggggggggggg I'm so gonna regret this
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Re: SECRET SANTA 2019 (Sign Ups Open)

Postby Iwamoto Yuri » Yesterday, 11:20 am

I'll try, and most likely fail.
But I'll try
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Re: SECRET SANTA 2019 (Sign Ups Open)

Postby cinnamoroll » Yesterday, 7:45 pm

I’m in o/
Spoiler: Awesome Christmas present from Kain <3

Spoiler: KL's cute Christmas present ^^

Spoiler: Cute Christmas present by Stoppy ^^

Spoiler: PT <3

Spoiler: Jeck's Frosty :3

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