Magic Kaito Episode 9 (The Witch, the Detective and Phantom

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Re: Magic Kaito Episode 9 (The Witch, the Detective and Phan

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mangaluva wrote:
CoolKid94 wrote: (And did anybody else find Conan's cameo to be downright creepy?)
Yeah, Conan's looking increasingly like he's even more of a creepy stalker than Akako.

@Olive: To be honest, I found his stuck-up jerk persona from the manga to be fairly one-dimensional in the early manga. He seemed to exist solely to piss off Kaito in every way humanly possible and be utterly obsessed with him. I kind of like the fact that he has cases running outside of Kaito, and also my ship is made happy by him visibly crushing on Akako. I mean, it's likely an effect of every male on the planet that's not Kaito crushing on Akako, but I still like that because I missed that gag when it died out in the manga.
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Re: Magic Kaito Episode 9 (The Witch, the Detective and Phan

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just saw the episode. I agree with what has been said about the conan camoes.
I expected the episode to be better, but it was good.
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Re: Magic Kaito Episode 9 (The Witch, the Detective and Phan

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Agreed with everyone on the Conan cameos.

Didn’t care much for this episode though, I actually preferred the manga version more. Everyone just seems too OOC in the anime adaptation in my opinion. When it comes to Spider, I feel like they’re overdoing the illusions to a degree where it’s just unnecessary. It actually makes me wonder why this character isn’t the boss of MK’s organization if he was this powerful. >_>

Also, is it just me, or did this episode feel incredibly rushed with the pacing?
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Re: Magic Kaito Episode 9 (The Witch, the Detective and Phan

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Raifuujin wrote: I think Spider is just their easy way to make the episodes longer. Without him this episode would have been... about 6 min and 30 sec shorter... Actually, never mind about whatever argument I was making, they're just being lazy. The only time they used him a lot was when Hakuba made an appearance, and they could have used the scene where Kaito can't skate to fill in that time...(I'm not the biggest fan of Spider for that)

On a different note...the 'handcuff on, handcuff off' fighting made me laugh. :D
Agreed, but they could also have added the part where Hakuba tells them he suspects Kaito, it would have filled at least a minute or two/three, probably longer.

I think Spider is a great villain, but the fact he's AO, messed with the plot horribly and makes Kaito and Hakuba have a reason to work together makes me hate him.
Besides... I kind of like it that Hakuba just came to England for KID, I liked his ego, I also liked it that he's slowly warming up to Kaito, I can see them being friends eventually.
Spider just messes that part up.

Also, the blushing Hakuba scenes are really cute... Makes me think it could actually work between them. (though I'm not a fan of the ship <_<)
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