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Re: Toichi & Yusaku

Postby mangaluva » January 29th, 2010, 3:05 pm

Boxcar Children wrote:
She's still around, she posted a oneshot recently. Just nothing on "Relative Truth" or my other favourite series of hers, "Coming Home" (Yuuichi is SO CUTE ♥). I guess she's just busy lately.

good  :) she's alive. I'll try to read her oneshot. I hope she finsh on "Relative Truth" and "Coming Home"
Those are realy good storys.
Maybe she haveing a hard time ending the story?
I have that problem to :-[

Maybe. Although she stopped "Coming Home" in the middle of a really active scene, surely she had a plan for getting them out of it? "Relative Truth" had slowed down, though.

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