No One Gets Hurt?

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Re: No One Gets Hurt?

Postby aly_angelflight » October 12th, 2014, 1:14 pm

Jecka wrote:
MrDetective wrote:
Chekhov MacGuffin wrote:I'm far from the best read about Kid, but I second Raifuujin's opinion about not remembering any motto about not hurting people. I think it is true that Kid does what he can to keep people from being injured more than necessary to perform a trick. Maybe people are extrapolating from this? As Raifuujin pointed out, anyone who is a detective or police seems to be fair game up to a point.

This does seem like something the fandom would create, like the rumor about Shinichi not liking raisins.

no one likes raisins

I used to :D

*likes every dried fruit she's tried except dried apricots* :-X
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