Movie 3 - Magician of the Century

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Re: Movie 3 - Magician of the Century

Postby kaitoushinichi » January 30th, 2010, 2:12 am

Azu wrote:
kaitoushinichi wrote:But I'm still sticking with the belief that Kaito knows about Conan. Any genius like Kaito would immediately find it suspicious that a 7 year old kid has enough intellect to figure out all his tricks and nearly catch him all the time.

I agree. It's just waay to suspicious.

Maybe I've missed it, but if what the person has said about KID disguising as Shiratori and overhearing Conan's conversation with Agasa was true (Well it probably is anyway according to the person), KID would have most probably known already...

Though contradicting myself a little, I do find it abit wierd linking Conan to Shinichi /: . Different names, body, it's really hard to be sure:3.

But if I were Kaito, after at least the second meeting with Conan, I would probably get into some research about him like Eisuke did about Kogoro. For him, gathering random information shouldn't be too hard. I mean, he can disguise as almost anyone, and he has this massive amount of trancievers all over the place.
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Re: Movie 3 - Magician of the Century

Postby bluekaitou1412 » January 30th, 2010, 3:38 am

mangaluva wrote:
Boxcar Children wrote:I know the first OVA is  ;D
gust read Magic kaito and you'll find out.  ;D
Except detective conan wasent created at the time when he made the chapter.  
Gosho was sill working on Yaiba at the time.

Oh yah It's funny :) but I think one of the girl characters in Yaiba mention's KID in one of the chapters.
I just cant remember wich one. :-\

There are two OVAs based on Kid chapters and half of episode 219, I believe. I never read Yaiba, but are you sure you're not thinking of the chapter where Kid stole from Yaiba?

He was talking about Yaiba Volume 24 ch 12, page 192 - Keiko tells Sayaka that Kuroba-kun from B-class and Nakamori-san from F-class are now dating. (Sayaka is in Class 2-A).
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