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Posted: September 4th, 2012, 7:46 pm
by akai-kun
New stuff is on the way, slight delay, sorry for that.
In the meantime, catch up on what happened previously and leave your comments and feedback here.

Re: Thrilling FanFics by me?! (OnlineReader,PDF,MP3,Exclusiv

Posted: September 10th, 2012, 1:34 pm
by akai-kun
'So... Basically, you're... saying that... he... you...?' Nakamori and Kid nodded. 'Not joking? And you're certain you've been checked at a hospital?'
Out of all people, everyone had thought it was Sato who could handle everything but right now she was the one who didn't want to. Who couldn't accept it. And to be fair, it sure seemed quite unreal.
'Yeah. Enough of that. We're waisting time here, did anyone think of that?' Conan had finally found his voice again.
'Since this is personal, I don't want to pressure you into something you don't want to do.' Takagi and Sato looked at him and signaled him that they were in, no matter what.
'Thank you. Now, let's work something out. We got some organizations to bring down, don't we?'



'Kind of a long name for a secret op. Why'd ya choose it?'
The man who without doubt was way ranks-up than him, looked at Coulter and answered in his stereotypical rattling voice.
'Above your paygrade, pal. And, between the two of us, no damn clue.'
The man talking was a high-up in the CIA, had been for more then twenty years now and in this business you should be respecting this kind of long work relationship.
But he was different from the other now-higher-ups, he was no pencil-pusher, his face showed that he had seen much, too much.
No one had ever seen him laugh for that matter, rumors had it he encountered his lost brother while on a mission in North Korea and had to shoot him to not have him getting tortured back there.
His brother had no chance at escape, that is. It is also said that he never fully recovered from the shock of what he had to do. If that was true, then he was damn good at hiding it.
Probably another reason why he was still in charge of an entire CIA division.
'We're here, son.' He opened a door to what seemed like a storage room with his keycard and indeed, it was a storage room. A big one at that.
Full of rows and rows of classified documents that had been sealed away for very good reasons.
They were heading for the penultimate row on the left side of the room, looking for one specific file.
Even though, Coulter had no idea what it contained, it had to be a big deal, considering that it took a high-up as Barry Coltmore to reopen it.
Coltmore had to look for a few seconds, then he had found the file. And Coulter's eyes widened.
A name was written in dark printed letters on the cover: 'J. Nalters'.


While he had been standing in the shadows where nobody had really acknowledged his presence there, James Black stepped forward.
'And you will need my help to do so.'


-to be continued (with Ch.35)-


Okay, first off, sorry for both the wait and the little cliffhanger here. And no, this is not the sign of another long hiatus, it is the sign of the story developing and reaching what it was always imagined as.
You may have noticed that the story is more and more changing into a thrilling spy story and yes, this is how it started. So, I'm definitely going to continue into that direction.
And yes, I know it's not that much of a new chapter but hey, this is the conclusion of chapter 34.
And from now on, you will get complete chapters, I promise. And yes, we're closer to the truth then ever before. Brace yourselves for some shocking revelations headed your way and let me hear your suggestions, wishes, ideas, speculations and of course, als always, your feedback! Thank you.


AUTHOR'S COMMENTARY (or remarks, if you will so) - WITH A BACKGROUND STORY!


'Told ya.' I could say. And I do. ;) Two years ago, before I had to put in a very long hiatus which you could have noticed but that is highly unlikely, isn't it now? Back then, I did release a chapter where I first mentioned 'Priority Number One'. And back then as well, I said that particular term would come back and would play an important role in the continuation of the story. And here you have it. It is back and it is bigger than I actually expected it to be two years ago, but oh well, it is going to relate to everything what happens from now on. Oh, and no, I haven't forgotten about what actually triggered the whole story, the murder of Robert Sikaln. He will indeed be featured in some of the upcoming stuff. In which way(s), I can't say yet (it would spoil the fun and I still have to come up with some more possibilities) but rest assured, Sikaln, Black and 'Priority Number One' do have at least one thing in common. What that is, well, you'll find out soon enough, so there's absolutely no point for me here to spoil it already. Or is there? (Yep, that's a question you have to answer. *Puts on sunglasses and makes an epic-laughing author's face right now.*)
Next point on my list, right after putting down my sunglasses, Barry Coltmore. What is there to know about good-old Barry? Up to this point, not much, I'm afraid.
But about his background story: Barry had a younger brother, whose name is yet undecided but I think I'll go with Will (or does someone have a better idea or wants to be featured in the story, well, here's your ticket to that, just comment on this and you will be heard). He as well was a CIA operative before but he went rogue very early during his career and worked for who could pay the most money. His last job brought him to North Korea where the local CIA division heard chatter that the Koreans were meeting with the Russians to explore a new sort of weapons and secret information deal. So, they sent Barry there to check it out and if necessary, eliminate possible danger to US interests. Which as you may have already figured did happen, at least in some sort of way. So, here's the story in full:


It was cold. Freezing cold. Which was common for this very area at this point in the year. 'Why could these damn Koreans never choose warmer times to explore weapon deals, really?'
Barry Coltmore had made himself comfortable at what was an old rusty cabin across the street where they'd picked the chatter up.
Well, comfortable was not the right word for it, at least he could move every body part which was a more than welcome change for him since his last mission was not what he wanted to do forever, being forced to wait in a car trunk for several hours but that was another story. He lay on the ground, ever ready to fire a shot from his sniper rifle in front of him. CIA business as always.
It had already been three and a half hour since he set up this place, what took them so long that he had to endure this cold so long?
But there, at last, he saw them.
Four persons to be exact of which one looked familiar to Barry. Will. (*remember that can change)
What was he doing here? A second, closer look offered a different perspective and a bad one as that. He was cuffed and his whole body seemed to be covered with scars and bruises.
'No.' He spoke without thinking, lucky no one heard him. Less then a second later, he had himself under control again.
His brother betrayed him, he had no active connection, why should he care now? But as the men turned the lights on in the building, his mood changed immediately.
This was no weapons deal. Nor was it some sort of information exchange. It was a torture. His younger brother's torture.
Will hung from the ceiling, still cuffed but now stripped naked. His whole body was exposed and what Barry saw was too much, even for him and he had seen things few people knew about.
He even had to witness the murder of twentythree innocent orphans just because some bloodthirsty rich bastard wanted to have some 'fun', but he couldn't do anything, he was being protected by the CIA itself.
It was a horror of a sight but his brother's looks were even worse.
And then he saw something he had never seen his entire life, he saw him crying. Will had never cried. Never. What were they doing to him?
While he was thinking about how it could have come this far, one of the men standing besides his brother stepped forward and without much of a warning, he shot Will in his shoulder.
Blood splatted through the room from where the bullet hit him.
And even though, Will had betrayed him, had betrayed the CIA, his country, he was still his brother. And no mission was more worth than him.
But he also knew that there was no chance he could just go over there and save him. He would be dead before even crossing the street.
There was only one thing he could do to help his brother. His eyes closed and he hold his breath.
What he was about to do was against every principle he ever stood for. But it was for the good, and he couldn't let his brother die at the mercy of some filthy hype-ups.
And he pulled the trigger...


Hope, you enjoyed that mini-story about Barry's past as I did writing it. The reason why it's so short is because I will feature more of his past in upcoming releases.
And last but not least, the cliffhanger at the end of this chapter. The crucial importance of James Black to the plan. What's your guess here, I'm intrigued. So, please, tell me what you think is meant with that and what possible could follow? I can give you one single hint: It will be big. JB is at the centre of everything, you should not forget this point from the original storyline. He still is.

So, I say thank you for reading this and hope you stay tuned for the next releases which are on their way. And I end again thanking you for your patience up to now, THANK YOU!
And remember, FEEDBACK is always appreciated.




Chapter #35 - coming soon!  8-)

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Posted: September 16th, 2012, 8:53 am
by akai-kun
Short update on the continuing progress being made. I'm currently caught up a little in how to connect every piece from the 'original' storyline up to now, but it is resolving with every word I write. But it will take a few more days, expect chapter 35 to be out within the week (that means, it could be out very soon but at least within the next 7 days).

Until then, I truly hope you enjoyed what I have given you since my 'comeback' and I'd love to hear from you. And of course, feel free to discuss the story or ask questions about it because these are the things that also influence the story. I wanna hear from you! :)


**// UPDATE: Sorry for the delay, guys. Working on releasing new stuff soon, stay tuned. (09/24)

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Posted: September 27th, 2012, 6:29 pm
by akai-kun
CHAPTER 35 - When the angels start to fall, be sure to say goodbye to those you love. Or die trying.


It was late into the evening and many workers drove home from work to their families around that time as they'd always do. He knew so because he hadn't been much different before the organization had recruited him. Trained him. Sent him out to kill. Daniel Basuhkiv knew that when you would need a perfect getaway man should always use the public as a diversion. And he intended to do exactly that, right after he finished what he had started. Right after they were all dead. Once and for all.
Rumors had surfaced and came to his attention that Gin, Vodka and someone high-up in the organization were meeting right now, well, to be precise, in about two minutes, at the little restaurant which was located inside the famous Tokyo tower. What they didn't know was that he planted enough bombs in- and outside the tower to blow everything up that even stood close to the high landmark. He himself, though, was in secure distance from the scene, but still in reach for him to detonate the bombs personally. Which he did right at this moment, pressing the little red button without having any second thoughts about it.
Fourhundred meters across, on a roof of an old out of use cinema, Daniel Basuhkiv lay and witnessed his work in its full glory. Safe from the explosion but still feeling the wave of pressure that was headed right towards him. Yellow and orange sparks lit up the sky and blended in perfectly with the descending sun. Yet, the detonation could be heard a kilometre or so it seemed across the city. And the result was panic. People rushed towards the scene, trying to get some descent pictures they later could put on the web and some video sites. Surely, some of them only wanted fame or money for their 'exclusive story' but no one would ever know the real reason behind it. He grinned. A job well done. If you could call a destroyed landmark, dozens of deaths and last remaining parts of the tower burning on the ground or inside cars they'd fallen onto. And he knew he could call it that. He took the stairs down and ultimately stood on a now very crowded street as he had planned. He blended in and he had vanished before someone even knew he had been there.


Across town. Police HQ. Beika.

The phone rang. Everyone ignored it. Nothing could be more important than their own situation right now. Then, another telephone started ringing. Still, it had to wait. Which changed within the next few seconds as every single telephone on the whole floor started ringing. Something terrible must have happened. Megure took the liberty of answering his phone. 'Megure?' At first he seemed calm as always. Then, his eyes widened and he gasped. Rushing them to turn on the TV, he yelled, 'Thank you' and hung up. Sato activated the TV and then it was their turn to gasp. They saw live feeds from a burning city centre, a destroyed Tokyo tower. 'Oh. my.' 'Exactly.' Black turned towards Megure. 'That was organization-related.' 'Wha-at do you mean by that?' 'They were supposed to meet me there about now.' Conan got interested. 'They? Who are they?' He shortly paused but answered nevertheless. 'Gin. And Vodka.' Kid and Conan looked at each other and then they realized what they had been missing all along. Simultaneously, one word came to their mind. 'Shit.'
They hadn't noticed that they had also spoke that one out loud for everyone to hear. Takagi was nervous. 'Shit? What does..?' But he couldn't finish his sentence because Kid spoke first. 'That means, we're in a lot of damn trouble.'



Okay, sorry for not releasing a complete chapter today as promised, I'm having more troubles than expected uniting every single aspect of the original storyline to now but instead of letting you wait forever, I decided to release the newest parts beforehand so you don't have to wait so long.
So, I hope you liked it. I'm looking forward to hearing from you, feedback is always appreciated, thank you.

Oh, and in case you're wondering what the mysterious headline means, feel free to speculate because it is story-related and that's what I can give you: Someone or possibly multiple people ('angels') are going to die ('fall'). Now, who do YOU think he/she or/and they will be? And yes, not all characters have yet made an appearance, so, speculate! ;)

Next part is coming soon. Stay tuned.

**// EDIT/UPDATE (10/15):  A BIG THANK YOU! You're truly amazing, over 19,000 hits, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this just now. Thank you for your continuing support and the reading, of course. Sadly, the next part is taking its time as well but when it's out it will celebrate this milestone, that is guaranteed. So, thank you once more and please continue reading and please, leave some feedback. :) - For timely issues, next part should be out within a week. But don't pin that on me. Believe me, I'm really working on it. Later,

**UPDATE (10/23): I seriously don't know how much I'm apologizing here, but sadly, I have to do it once more. I'm facing more troubles than I anticipated, writing further on and yes, I know you get to hear that a lot. Please, hear it again because it is the biggest foe I'm facing right now. But it won't take another month and definetely not another two year hiatus for new updates to be released and November will be sweet this time! That's all I can say. ;) - Until then, be sure to catch every detail I left you with in the last few parts and when it will be released, enjoy Movie 16 while waiting and of course, as always, leave your feedback here!
An update is coming, prepare. :)

**UPDATE (11/05): Good news first. I'm still writing. Yes, no year-long hiatus anymore. Bad news, it will still take some time before the next update will be released. Most probably after M16's release which is also still pending. And no, this has nothing to do with Sandy (god bless everyone who has been affected by 'her'), this one's all my fault. Bare with me. Stay tuned and have a good week.

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by akai-kun
Yeah, didn't see that one coming, sorry. New stuff is likely to be out before New Year, presumingly around Christmas. I am working on delivering something good and it sure takes time because as my writing progresses, I come around more and more problems with the story I want to fix and therefore loose myself somewhere in the process which leads to some kind of wiriting hiatus. So, there you have the reason for the more than long delay (which I really didn't think it would come to). Rest assured, I AM working on the story and new stuff WILL indeed be up soon (between Christmas and New Year), promise.

Hold on for a little longer, it'll be worth your while.

**//SHORT UPDATE (12/30): I'm writing but I might just have to set the deadline a little bit back to achieve my goal to release a full chapter. Therefore, at best, Jan. 1 - if not, then within the first second week of January. That should do it, but maybe I won't need this at all, we'll see.

Update: This is 2013. Second week of January coming to a close. I'll keep it short and simple. DELAY. Point made. I devoted the following days to only focus on the story, so I do have pretty high hopes for a release very soon, and no, it will not hit February. But as for when exactly, I can't tell you something because I myself do not know for now. But rest assured, I am working on it and I'm devoting special time for it to, finally, get it done. Stay tuned and thanks for your support through these times. (Late Happy New Year, on a side note. ;) )

FINAL Update: Yes, again: delayed. The reason therefore basically is, some things came up two weeks ago and since then, I've been pretty damn busy with them, so the story had to go a category of importance (yeah, I got one of those order systems^^) back. But those things will finish up in two or three weeks, most likely two. That means, new stuff is on its way and it will be released in mid February, that, for once, is certain. Sorry for the inconvenience, thank you for your patience and your support. BTW, a massive THANKS for now over 20,000 hits! See you in February!

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by akai-kun
So, uhm, hello.

I kind of noticed many of the early story parts having vanished now due to the board change going on around here. Since it seems this is one of those not-repairable things, I will edit these pages and re-upload every old story I've posted so far. When I'll do just that, NEW content will also be released along with it. For when exactly, I have no idea, sadly. I'm hoping for soon though, fingers crossed. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Soon, akai-kun.

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Posted: August 18th, 2013, 7:03 pm
by akai-kun
shinjitsu wrote:Hey! I really want to read this story but sadly the megaupload no longer works. Is there any possibility you can re-upload all the chapters. Thanks!
Yeah, I never got around re-uploading them on another host, did I? I'm very sorry for this and those stories will soon be re-uploaded again. And good news as well! As I was dead, presumably for a long time now, I have been successfully resurrected and will resume writing new updates very soon with the FIRST NEW RELEASE currently set for final release within early-mid September, if not earlier but given my history with saying 'maybe earlier' that might not be very likely.

With that, I hope I also will have the old ones up and running again, so just a little more waiting, thanks for your continuing support and most of all your rocking patience with me, thank you from the bottom of my heart to you all.


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Posted: September 21st, 2014, 4:42 pm
by akai-kun
SORRY. I am truly sorry for the over-long hiatus which resulted basically of life. As short as that.
Having said that, I resumed writing these days and I truly hope to be able to continue for some time now.

Again: sorry. Therefore, here's the closer for the latest unfinished chapter and the start of the final arc that will result in an epic conclusion which will bring Tokyo to the brink of total chaos. Excited? Me too. Read on.

CHAPTER 35 - con't.

‘So, you’re basically telling us that Gin and Vodka, both, from now on out, won’t be a problem for us anymore?‘ Black didn’t look convinced when he said ‘Maybe’. Nakamori stepped forward and with what must have felt like an enormous scolding to them, he reminded everyone in the room of what their situation exactly was. ‘Stop with all your oh-so wishful thinking, you are police officers, trained to never close a case when there were still doubts if it could be closed. For now, for all we know, they both are still alive! And you will investigate further on with exactly this notion in mind, damn it! This is the most dangerous organization in the whole damn world right now which we’re talking about. Numerous people were killed because they underestimated their long breath. We cannot allow this to continue. This will end today and it will end with us, the police, being victorious. Even if that means that we will have to reside to uncommon measures. For the greater good. Do you hear me?’ A moment of awkward silence occurred before all simultaneously yelled out what Inspector Nakamori had all along expected to hear from them: ‘Yes, sir!’
The hunt was on.


Chapter 36 will be longer again and will kick-off the final arc of the story. When will it hit? With me, you'll never know but soon. And this time, I actually intend to do so. Until then, thank you for your never-ending support which I might just be unworthy of. >:D
There is more to come, rest assured.