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Crow's Song -fanfiction

Postby MoonRaven » June 3rd, 2018, 2:29 pm

Hello, I started a new DC fic which is completely unrelated to my Leaping into the Dream -verse, thus a new topic completely.

Premise: The Kudou family is part of Black Organization, the very top actually. Yusaku is Anokata, Shinichi is Rum, Yukiko Champagnet and Vermouth is Yukiko's mother. They decide it's time to take down the organization which is by now too large and too uncontrollable. It's slow work but by the time they're ready to step up their game, Shinichi is poisoned at Tropical Land. Time to change the rules of the game.

Link: ... s/34343199

Please review there or comment here. :)

Will be multichapter story.
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