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【MMD】 Collections

Posted: July 14th, 2017, 12:00 am
by Prince_Conan
Hello everyone! I wanted to share these MMDs I put together of various characters from the series dancing and or singing. I promise you won't be disappointed. (I am constantly adding more to the list)

If you don't know what MMDs are, they are basically 3d models of characters dancing, singing or doing whatever you want em to.

Please note that the models, motion, and background are not mine. I merely put everything together. All credits given in each video.

Shinichi x Shiho Videos

Dancing to "Get Lucky"

Dancing to "Classic"

Shinichi & Shiho Singing "Partners In Crime"

Shinichi & Shiho Singing "Closer"

Say Something

Dancing to "Fun"

Shinichi & Shiho Singing "Whataya Want From Me?"

Dancing to "Circus"

That's What I Like

Shinichi x Ran Videos

Unravel (Tokyo Ghoul & DC Crossover)


Shinichi & Ran Singing "Sweater Weather" ...

Shinichi & Ran Singing "We Don't Talk Anymore"


Short Dance

Conan & Ai Videos

Let Me Hit It Dance

Oh and these MMDs are just pure...randomness...

Shinichi, Heji, & Bourbon Singing/Dancing Everybody Meme

Group Dance Love Me Right

BTS Dope w/ DC Characters

DC Boys Talk Dirty

Kaito Kid x Shinichi Womanizer

Group Dance Die Young

DC Couples Rather Be

Shin Dancing to "Cry Me A River"

Shin, Kaito, Heji - ...

The Detective Conan Harlem Shake

Shinichi & Heji Singing Attention

For some DC Girls dancing...

Temperature (Harem Style)

Worth it ...

Run The World

If you are curious on the models, check the description of the videos.