The Final Confrontation

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The Final Confrontation

Postby Sachi » June 12th, 2015, 6:07 pm

This will be a series detailing what the final confrontation will look like.

"It must be executed perfectly." Conan was whispering. "Everyone must carry their duties perfectly."

In front of him were two ex-colleagues, now mortal enemies. Holding a gun against other's forehead was a girl with reddish-brown hair, known as Ai. Next to her was her best friend, Ayumi Yoshida, tied up in order to prevent her from doing anything rash that could put her in danger. The other woman was Sharon Vineyard, a celebrity who disappeared from the scene two months ago.

"Well, are you with us or against us, Sharon?" Ai asked coldly

"I.....I only wanted my husband back."

"And in the process, you took my son away from me." another voice said

It's owner, a young woman with honey-colored hair, stepped into the room. Following her were three others, two boys and a man with a black hair and a bandana.

"Hello, Shuichi." Conan said, grinning

Shuichi silently handed him and Ai two packages.

"The rest of you who want to participate come with me." he said, before leaving

The two boys followed him.

"Um.....hi, Oka-san." the young boy said

The young woman laughed

"Are you sure about posing as Sharon and infiltrating their ranks?" Conan asked

"Yes." Yukiko looked up "I'll do it.....for my son."

(Prologue done)

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