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[Fangame] PW/DC crossover

Postby rayaj » August 21st, 2014, 11:00 am

EwtBO is a DC/PW crossover.

A story about Phoenix and Maya engaged in a series of cases and eventually getting messed up with the syndicate, Black Organization (黒の組織 Kuro no Soshiki). With the help of an unexpected protagonist, A great detective from a faraway country, the two will slowly solve the mystery of an incoming catasthrope. Set in an alternate universe after AA: Trials and Tribulations, In this world full of lies and contradictions, Let me tell a story like no other, a peek on the world of what-ifs, a shrunken detective and maybe a shrunken attorney, because in this world.. there is only one truth!
Spoiler: The Main Cast:
Phoenix Wright (Attorney)
Age: 27 Gender: Male
The main protagonist of the series. A renowned defense attorney famous for turning hopeless cases around and getting his defendant found innocent, as well as finding the real killer. A few months after the "forged evidence" incident, he is back to regain his name as a defense attorney.

Dedicated to defending and believing in his innocent clients.

Maya Fey (Spirit Medium)
Age: 20 Gender: Female
Nick's assistant. The current Master of the Kurain Channeling Technique and, subsequently, the head of the Fey clan. A close friend of Nick.

A spunky, perky, excitable, and outgoing girl. Had a particular fondness for hamburgers

Trucy Wright (Stage Magician)
Age: 8 Gender: Female
Nick's daughter, adopted after a disastrous case earlier that year. An earnest stage magician.

Bright, energetic and very cute.

Miles Edgeworth (Prosecutor)
Age: 27 Gender: Male
A gifted prosecutor and close friend of Nick.

Dick Gumshoe (Detective)
Age: 33 Gender: Male
A homicide detective. Kind of bumbling, but his heart's in the right place.

Conan Edogawa (Kid Detective)
Age: 7 Gender: Male
Suspiciously intelligent little kid. Lives with Kogoro Mouri. Great knack for detective work.

Ran Mouri (High School Girl)
Age: 17 Gender: Female
Daughter of Kogoro Mouri. Black belt in karate.

Kogoro Mouri (Private Detective)
Age: 38 Gender: Male
Famous private detective from Japan known as "the Sleeping Sleuth".

Merlot (Mysterious Prosecutor)
Age: ?? Gender: ???
A mysterious prosecutor.

Gentil (BO Member)
Age: ?? Gender: ???
A member of the Black Organization. Will be seen after Case 2

Thaddeus Law (Fanatic)
Age: 16 Gender: Male
An prosecutor-wannabe. An Edgeworth fanatic

============================= EPISODES =============================
The Famous Turnabout

After the "forged-evidence incident", Phoenix and Maya are back to defend a best-selling novelist for killing an international celebrity. The two will be up against the incomparable wisdom of a court-room veteran, Winston Payne with a famous detective on his side.
Can Phoenix regain his name as a lawyer or will lose his badge this time?

Spoiler: CASE 1 Cast:
Winston Payne
Age: 55 Gender: Male
Prosecutor for this case. Lacks presence.

Satoru Arita
Age: 25 Gender: Male
The Defendant. A famous novelist who recently immigrated to America. Was dating the victim.

Jenny Reed
Age: 23 Gender: Female
An actress popular both here and abroad. Found stabbed to death in her apartment.

Kathy Spiel
Age: 22 Gender: Female
The victim's neighbor. Quite a chatterbox.
Spoiler: CASE 1 Progress (Coding Stage):
Idea/Concept (100%)
Script (100%)
Coding (75%)
Character Sprites(48%)
Background Sprites (100%) *bgs are already available in the package

*Characters Available
(Phoenix Wright, Maya Fey, Trucy Wright, Winston Payne, Judge)
*Characters Needed
Detective Conan (Conan Edogawa, Ran Mouri, Kogorou Mouri)
Original (Satoru Arita, Jenny Reed, Kathy Spiel)
Spoiler: Features:
All Basic Courtroom functions

Spoiler: Screenshots from the beta release (Intro)




EPISODE 2 Coming Up!

Summary for Episode 2 goes here...

Spoiler: CASE 2 Cast:
CASE 2 Cast profiles goes here
Spoiler: CASE 2 Progress (Writing Stage):
Idea/Concept (100%)
Script (0%)
Coding (0%)
Character Sprites(To be determined)
Background Sprites (To be determined)
Spoiler: Features:
To be determined

Spoiler: Features(WIP for other Cases):
- Advance Courtroom functions (Working!)
- Perceive (Working!)
- Forensics (Working! only print dusting and luminol)
- 3d Exam (Working!)
- GK functions (Working but not sure if we will apply it)
- Logic (Working!)



Rayaj (Brainstorming, Plot Developing, Programmer)
AireyVerkhovensky (Brainstorming, Proofreading, Plot Developing)
Hesseldahl (Spriter, Brainstorming)
koochinko (Spriter, Brainstorming)

Ropfa (Beta tester)
Blizdi (Beta tester)
MattieBoy4 (Beta tester)


Spoiler: loading PWLib engine
PWLib Compiler

PWLib Updater

PWLib Loader

PWLib GameLister

Spoiler: Screenshots from the beta release
Main menu

Dont get me MAD




Who say's I always sleep!


Im not sure... I think...

Case 1 (closed beta) - 08/25/2014

Spoiler: UPDATES:

07/04/2014 - created a AA:EwtBO thread
07/09/2014 - included AireyVerkhovensky to the Development Team; changed from Cindy Spiel to Kathy Spiel;changed from Jennifer Reed to Jenny Reid
07/10/2014 - Changed Case 1 title from "Turnabout Goddess" to "The Famous Turnabout"; Edited Case 1 Summary
07/13/2014 - Done with case1-scene1; finding beta testers and spriters..
07/15/2014 - Added main-cast information.
07/23/2014 - included Hesseldahl to the Development Team
07/24/2014 - added the "alternate universe" thing
08/01/2014 - added features;updated the main cast; Case 1 script progress from 70% to 100%;sorted AA and Non-AA characters; included Ropfa, MattieBoy4 and Blizdi to the team as beta testers:
08/02/2014 - forensics was added in features (print dusting and luminol only); Case 1 status updated from (Writing Stage) to (Coding Stage)
08/05/2014 - changed Coding progress from 30% to 45%; added screenshots!
08/06/2014 - added Case 1 cast profiles
08/10/2014 - added screenshots from the beta release
08/11/2014 - added intro screenshots
08/14/2014 - changed Coding progress from 45% to 50%
08/18/2014 - changed Coding progress from 50% to 75%
08/19/2014 - updated "The Main Cast"
08/21/2014 - included koochinko (non-CR) to the Development Team

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