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The Aftermath - DC Fanfiction

Postby Elixir » July 16th, 2014, 4:30 pm

The Aftermath

Brief description
The Black Organization has finally been defeated! As Conan and Haibara searched through the remnants of the Organization, they discovered that victory may not be the one they expected. My first fanfiction. I tried it as spoiler-free as possible. I am not experienced in writing a novel-like pieces so please excuse my lack of details.


It seems like a storm had passed the building. Indeed, there was a storm. A storm of betrayal, of destruction, and of wrath. There are several pieces of broken glasses on the floor of the building where once, used to be the one of the most advanced biochemical laboratory in the world. It had been seized by the Japanese Police three days ago following the capture of several members of the organization that I left. What brought the organization down to its knee is the Silver Bullet.

It was their plan to interrogate an innocent girl. They didn't know that one's weakness is also his strength. I'm glad she's already awoke from unconsciousness, following the torture she endured from the time she was detained. How foolish of him.

In the end, Vodka was captured. Korn was shot during his arrest thus creating panic and controversy all over Haido City and the surrounding prefecture. However, after investigating the shooting incident, they discovered that the sniper was their own colleague. Chianti was brought to a mental facility after creating havoc in the jail, injuring several prisoners. Gin was able to escape. However, that person appeared out of nowhere and incapacitated him. Before anyone could touch him, he took the 45mm gun hidden in the inside pocket of his coat and fired. The list was leaked by one member who surrendered in exchange for protection. And one by one, every single member got arrested. Except for one.

Chapter 1

As the young detective felt his victory already in his hands, he visited the last and only laboratory that wasn't burned by them. The shrunken detective and his scientist was facing the computer in the abandoned building.

"What?" He got an extreme reaction of shock following what the auburn haired girl said.

"I'm telling you, I cannot find the data of the APTX 4869 here", she said as she continued to type and browse the remaining database available.

"Then where!?" He was already panicking. He was so sure that he would be able to get his body back after defeating the organization that brought his misery but it was not as simple as he thought it would be. He then took the control of the computer from her and start doing the search on his own.

"Though I know several locations of the laboratories I had worked at, I'm telling you, none of them have the information of the drug anymore. Most of them had been destroyed by the organization, by the time Vodka had been captured and the news got leaked on the higher ups." She walked through the piles of paper and rubble laying on the ground, and reached the window of the room. She blocked some part of the light that is coming from outside with her small body. She looked at his defeated posture for a while then turned away. She murmured a few words but was drowned by the wind passing through the window.

"All of what I've been through.. All.. for.. nothing?" His face turned pale and he continued to ask himself over and over again, not even completing a sentence.

As the girl finally decided to disclose what she'd wanted to say, a tall man in black coat approached the room. He seemed like he had been in the building before them. As he appear his strange presence alerted the two.

"Well, it can't be helped. Kudo Shinichi." The person knew the identity of the boy Conan Edogawa. "The plan you created was perfect, except for the thing you didn't anticipate."

"Vermouth." Conan muttered to himself.

"Moroboshi Dai." The girl spoke the name in disdain.

Akai Shuuchi and Haibara Ai meet.. what will happen?
Find out in Chapter 2

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