Fanfic: Shinichi Shot

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Fanfic: Shinichi Shot

Postby CR1181995 » March 13th, 2014, 12:48 pm

This is a weekly installment fanfic I am creating. What if... when Gin caught Shinichi... he actually used a gun instead of a pill to silence him instead? This fanfic will try to play out a possible scenario.

Chapter 1: The Dead Great Detective
Its cold and dark at the alleyway where Shinichi is spying on a shady blackmail deal. Just moments before, he had parted ways with his best friend and childhood friend, Ran, and came here following the blackmailer. Shinichi, being a teenage detective, is watching the deal, which is probably illegal. Seconds later, he hears a man walk behind him, and with a swoof sound, feels the massive pain when a metal baseball bat hits him in the back of the head.
With a sharp look in his eye, the tall, long blond haired man said: "Looks like you let this kid follow you."
The other man, a medium height, fatter man, quickly replied: "I had no idea he was there, but I can take care of my own mistakes."
The man pulled out a pistol. Shinichi, looking up, was unable to escape due to the pain. Helpless, he lay on the ground awaiting the moment where he will hear a pop... and then nothing. The man walked over, and lifted Shinichi's head. "Looks like you solved your final case... detective." the man said. Then, the man, with no remorse or hesitation, put the gun up to Shinichi's temple and fired. Certain the teen was dead, the two men left the area.

Meanwhile, near a Ferris wheel, Inspector Juzu Megure was chatting with Ran. Ran told him that Shinichi was acting funny and ran away toward some man wearing black. Seconds later, they hear a loud "Pop" come from nearby. People starting running and screaming, after hearing the noise. Megure and Ran then ran toward the source, and found a teen male lying on the ground, blood gushing from the side of his head. A second later, the two recognized the teen, and Ran started screaming and crying.
"Ran! Call an ambulance!" Megure said as he walked toward Shinichi. Megure then felt for a pulse, and miraculously, he felt one. The Ambulance Arrived a few minutes later, and Megure and Ran got into the Ambulance with Shinichi's body. The paramedic placed a sheet over Shinichi's head, due to a large piece of skin hanging off of his head, so that the two couldn't see.
Ran, crying, asked Megure: "Who could of done this?"...

Arriving at the hospital, Shinichi was rushed into the surgical wing. Ran, getting back her senses, called Shinichi's mom and dad overseas and told them what happened. They told her they would get a flight first chance they get, and she then called Professor Agasa and informed him as well.

An hour passed, then two, before a doctor walked toward Ran and the others.
"The boy is stable but in a comatose state, and he has an estimated 50/50 shot at making it. The bleeding was stopped, but due to the location the bullet hit, it is entirely possible he may end up being brain dead." said the doctor, who then left the area with a nurse.


Curious about your thoughts on this. I am not that good of a writer, but you should get the idea.
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Re: Fanfic: Shinichi Shot

Postby k11chi » March 15th, 2014, 11:15 am

You could add something else going on there with Ai and Subaru I guess. Subaru would be in tough position if Shinichi might die and he lives in the house right now...
Maybe you could connect it somehow manga spoilers 888
with Amuro investigating at the Haido central hospital

Something cool like that, add some more substance to it. Depends if you want to follow the story and the events happening in it in order I guess, that would make Subaru and Ai not be there but Amuro could still be doing something instead.

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