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Beta request!

Postby miakakiri » January 6th, 2014, 7:39 pm

Would anyone be willing to help me work through my Persona 4 / Detective Conan crossover story? Mostly I need someone to help me make sure I have the characters behaving correctly and that the story flows reasonably. You don't have to know anything about Persona 4--I am trying to write the story well enough that someone who doesn't know the videogame can still follow what's going on. (You can be confused along with Ran!)
Please PM me if you'd like a look at the first chapter....
I have finally started to actually publish my story! For the moment, expect a new chapter each month.
The Case of the Midnight Channel
"When a strange letter summons the Mouri family to Inaba, Ran is expecting a case. She's not expecting it to involve the TV, though.
If Naoto investigated everyone who came to visit Inaba, she'd have little time for real cases. When Yukiko reports that the Midnight Channel is back, however, she starts to wonder if the visitors are connected. Especially when the image clears, unveiling yet another mystery."

Short version: I'm taking various DC/MK characters to Inaba (where Persona 4 takes place) and dropping them through the TV to face their Shadows!
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