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Ship Diversity - Fanfiction Challenges

Postby Shiromi » January 2nd, 2014, 2:20 am

Apologies if this isn't the right place to post this. I wasn't sure. Please move it if I categorized it wrong!

A friend and I were chatting about the state of pairing diversity in Detective Conan fanfiction archives. There isn't much. The two of us happen to also be pansexual women, and while yaoi and het are fun - nothing but yaoi and het is boring. So, we came up with a list of pairings and story ideas that we'd like to see. Obviously, we may try to write a few on this list, but it's an open invitation to everyone who writes fanfiction to try a few out and post their efforts here.

Ran's love-life is going nowhere, and she's tired of Shinichi lying to her and tired of waiting. Sonoko is in a long distance relationship with a guy that's the male version of Ran. Either:
  1. Ran figures this out, and confesses to Sonoko.
  2. Sonoko figures this out, and confesses to Ran.
  3. Makoto figures it out and decides to step aside for Sonoko's actual love interest.
  4. Sonoko decides to date both Ran and Makoto. And maybe Sera Masumi too, since she has this thing about martial artists...
  5. Bonuses for dealing with Sonoko's powerful family and their likely discomfort with having Sonoko's scandalous love-life all over the tabloids.

Ran is lonely, and Sera is hot, playful, and fun to spar with...

Ai finds a reason to grow up again. Ran is kind, strong, and saved her life by shielding Ai's body with her own. That's enough to open anyone's eyes.

Speaking of Haibara: Haibara/Hakuba
They're both half-British, both scientifically-minded, both wicked smart. He's got access to a laboratory, and she needs to make a cure.

Just what she needs, another long distance relationship with a cute martial artist. *sigh*

Oh, and if we want some angsty angsty love/hate:
Vermouth/Agent Jodie Starling
Vermouth is looking for a way to get some trust from the FBI so she can defect safely, but Agent Jodie Starling is in the way. Jodie is tired of her lovers being taken and/or dead, so why not take up with someone who seems to be immortal?

Shinichi gets turned into a woman by the poison, instead of a little kid. But, Shinichi is still in love with Ran, since gender and sexuality are separate things. Will Ran accept her in her new form, or is she in for heart break? Added dimensions to this story, things that I've never seen in a gender-bendy fanfic: Gender Dysphoria.
  1. Shinichi finds that having a female body and a male brain entirely uncomfortable, and clings to Haibara's cures as his only escape to normalcy.
  2. Shinichi finds out this night that he/she is a lot closer to the middle of the gender spectrum than originally thought, so isn't as freaked out as a guy would otherwise be. Revelations about being Genderqeer abound.
  3. Added fun: Haibara is male!

Since we're on the topic of gender-bending:

Genderqueer!Kaito or Transgender!Kaito
Before becoming Kaitou KID, Kaito's ability to pass as female flawlessly went to an entirely different pursuit: simply passing as female. Added dimensions to this story: Who knows, and who finds out?
  1. Aoko finds out. Drama ensues.
  2. Kuroba Chikage(Mom) finds out. Drama ensues.
  3. Aoko has a mysterious friend that she met wandering around in Shinjuku with her Ekoda friends. There's something familiar about her...
  4. Not one to be shy, Kaito decides she's just going to do the rest of the school year female. She battles peers, teachers, and the school administration to be allowed to keep it up. This plus being Kaitou KID at night is a challenge, but since when has she backed down from a challenge?
  5. Aoko is the only one who knows, the only one Kaito feels safe being entirely themself with. And, guiltily, she greedily likes it that way. (One sided crush, from Aoko's POV)

Almost all men are her slaves, so when she falls in love, it's with someone who can be her equal, who she can't control.
What's this? Akako's feminine charms are working on Keiko? Now this could be fun...

Oh, and a topic that's normally played for laughs but could stand a serious look - differences in libido and Asexual relationships. I've actually seen several friends of mine have a lot of trouble with this. One of the pair is Asexual or close to it. How does that one deal with the other's seemingly bizarre, insatiable need? How does the other deal with their partner's apparent lack of interest? Does this tear apart the relationship, or do they figure out how to cope?
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