Anokata theory: The boss may be...

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Re: Anokata theory: The boss may be...

Postby blackmoon » December 15th, 2017, 10:42 pm

Swagnarok wrote:Maria being the Boss would mean the BO is led by a person who...couldn't figure out how to open a stuck door.

Hahahahahaha.... very good point! ;D
But... Rumi hitting her head all the time and seemingly dumb at times does not necessarily mean she couldn't put up a good fight. Playing dumb... could be a trap or disguise? ;)
"one should stick with one's original plan" (初志貫徹 shoshi kantetsu) ;)
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Re: Anokata theory: The boss may be...

Postby thriceplus » December 16th, 2017, 12:57 am

saorin wrote:
thriceplus wrote:Well, the idea of the switching out theory is that the boss has only been "Maria" for a short time and plans on returning to his/her real body after s/he finishes spying on Conan. Remember she's only been "Maria" for a few months so I don't think it's that suspicious. It's basically just like Vermouth situation where she has a real body, only temporarily became Araide for a short period for spying purposes and went back to being Vermouth after her mission is complete. It has nothing to do with switching personalities every few years.

Why only "a few months/short time" Though... I Think we have absolutely nothing that Would somehow Indicate recent changes With the Boss. I'd rather believe that either he's been a kid for Years already and doesn't age or he was turned into a kid years ago and has aged since then, if you go along the "anokata= a child"-theory route.
Also, i guess the Boss actually going out, as cautious as he is supposed to be, to spy on conan doesn't sit right With me. I find it more plausible he is only present from a safe Distance, if at all.

Yeah, I think it's most likely that he's always been a kid for a long time. However, he's "Maria" only for a few months/short time.
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Re: Anokata theory: The boss may be...

Postby Zerozaki4869 » December 16th, 2017, 10:23 am

Kyoto is a prefecture which has tonnes of stuff named after karasuma and the only place which has the lion's share of such stuff. I won't put it past Gosho to make Renya Karasuma a person currently living in Kyoto(like Iori Muga)
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Re: Anokata theory: The boss may be...

Postby caniran » December 16th, 2017, 11:59 am

First Theory : Renya took early prototype of the APTX 4869 and is now someone completly different!
Second Theory : Renya was the founder the died and now a direct relative is the new leader.
Third Theory : RUM is either the grandson/daughter or the son/daughter of Renya and maybe he/she is the son/daughter of Vermouth!
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Re: Anokata theory: The boss may be...

Postby Spimer » December 16th, 2017, 6:12 pm

You know, more than theories they seem to be mere "ideas" since you don't present any evidences / facts to try to back them up.

A "theory" is something expanded upon using quotes from manga and/or interviews or hints found in the manga to try to link them together and develop a theory with arguments.
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Re: Anokata theory: The boss may be...

Postby Kor » December 25th, 2018, 7:00 am

As a continuation for this just so we can have it all in one place.

MeiTanteixX wrote:
Kor wrote:EDIT:
Ah right, so for any of you who believe Maria's the boss, plz find proof she has a cat. If you can't, there's another kid at Conan's school who has a cat, Hiroki, the first "client" of the DBs, so perhaps you can shift attention to him instead. Not sure how many cat candidates we've had in the series so far.
    - Kisaki Eri (Had a cat in the past before Goro)
    - Urushiya Rinpei (Owned Taii since a year back)
    - Mutsumi Shagawa (Granddaughter owns Mugi-chan)
(Only ones I remember,... and yes, pretty much looked them up from that one cat-themed case :P)

Here are a couple more cat owners:
Manda (from chapters 538-540 ... Conclusion). But he was the culprit of the case.
The Morizono family (from chapters 211-214 ... _Room_Case)
And there's also the fact Eri got her current cat from a friend. can Goro's previous owner secretly be Karasuma...?!?!?!

If there are any other cat owners that haven't been mentioned, feel free to post.

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