Graveyard of Faulty Rum-arc-theories

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Graveyard of Faulty Rum-arc-theories

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In this thread I'll compile the faulty theories/speculations going around in Rum arc that have been proven as a complete bullshit during Rum arc.
The speculation that I'll vivisect today is Wakita=Mary Drugger.

This is the example of jumping the gun with Zero evidence cause it feels so good.

The only so called ``Hint`` people tried to provide was Mary in the previous case has used Knife hand strike on Shuiichi. Shuiichi's left eye was injured. Wakita wears an eye-patch on his left eye, so he is also injured. So he must have attacked Mary and Mary must have used the same technique but he managed to make her swallow the pill.

So there were four errors in this theory.
a) Mary is a versatile fighter, so the knife-hand strike is not the only thing in her arsenal. There could be some punches, kicks, strikes more lethal than that which she used on Shuiichi during a sort of a sparring.
b) To think Wakita must have an injury. If one just looks at the issue as a whole, one can see that the eye-patch allows Wakita a free role in his workplace. He can't handle knives i.e. can't work in the kitchen hence he does deliveries and waits on the customers. So if Wakita was never injured he wouldn't be getting a free role as he is getting now if that speculation had been true.
c) To assume Wakita a BO spy sent by Gin who also has sustained such a grave injury to one of his eyes to snoop on a sensitive target like Kogoro. This sounded a very ridiculous proposition from BO, cause if Wakita suddenly lost sight in one eye very recently, he would be literally rendered useless in his day to day activities.
d) To assume that despite such an injury Wakita overpowered Mary. Now one can't use APTX on the other unless the other was a at gunpoint/beaten fairly and squarely, APTX also works just after swallowing the thing. Which contradicted this speculated fight, cause Mary already hurt her attacker in the eye, yet the attacker with such a disadvantage overpowers her and drugs her.

So Wakita played a good part as a misdirection. (which he shouldn't have been unless people suddenly ``felt so good.``)

But there were bigger hint about Mary's real drugger.

Mary believed Conan at first and during the beginning of the Rum arc she went on to ask Masumi to invite him over.
Yet during the soul detective case, when she saw that Conan has a voice changer she felt a sudden disliking of him and insinuated a theft of identity during

Then came a bigger hint that Mary was going out to meet Tsutomu in London and came back in this state.
The common interpretation was that BO was chasing Tsutomu but that too was a wrong inference. Tsutomu knew the danger he was in, he is also supposed to be dead for quite a long time. Combining these two it becomes very unlikely that Tsutomu if he is really active he won't be using his old identity and won't surely meet mary given his own sms/e-mail/message 17 years ago.
Now if we use change of voice+Identity theft+sudden meet-up with Mary = Ploy of BO to nerf Mary by using Tsutomu's disguise.

Here comes the big twist of Gosho, we all knew from the beginning that the only BO agent introduced to us who can pull it off by impersonating Tsutomu, could only be Vermouth, but Vermouth was never considered cause we made another error in reasoning. We didn't think that she came to the conclusion about Sherry just like Pisco. They knew about the research, had seen Sherry as a child, knew Sherry's job as the researcher and of her betrayal. So Vermouth didn't know about the research because she was a test subject of APTX....(most likely her Youth is a whole different ball-game.)

So this was a good exercise from which if one wants to learn can learn a lot.

If you're chasing a red herring you would have to assume a lot of bad reasoning/logical fallacies, to make your claim.
If you're chasing a true suspect, you just need to get the puzzle pieces and fit them accordingly.


Re: Graveyard of Faulty Rum-arc-theories

Post by Kor »

I honestly don't see why this thread is necessary. You can easily tell which theories were incorrect based on... well, what happens in the manga. The way you're framing it, though, it just sounds like you're out to theory-shame others, so Imma lock this thread because I see it becoming toxic way too quickly. If you started with, I don't know, calling out the various incorrect theories you've made throughout the arc (and there have been quite a few of them*), I might have been more forgiving about the premise of the thread, but if your intention is to just sit on some high horse (rather unjustifiably too), eh... please spare us, thanks.

*like, remember how you insisted that Rumi doesn't even count as a Rum suspect despite this being indicated both by external materials and the narrative presented in the manga?