Gosho Aoyama Let's Talk Day 2020

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Gosho Aoyama Let's Talk Day 2020

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The official report of the Let's Talk Day 2020 Q&A session has been published.

Translated questions below, enclosed in spoilers (split by categories).


Questions by youth (below middle school age):
Q: I want to be your assistant when I grow up. Is there something I should already do, or something I have to get?

A: Hah, hah? Assistant? Well, you have to draw the best you can. Assistants need to draw backgrounds, too.
I think that it's faster if you become RXa mangaka instead (laughs)
Please do your best.

Q: How do you come up with character name?
A: Well, I have them match the cases. Hum... I simply come up with them.

Q: What do you to improve drawing, such as in the Conan drawings?
A: Draw the best you can, of course (laughs)
If you want to be good at it, become good at it.

Presenter: You can begin by imitating others.

Aoyama: Good point. If you draw copying skilled people, I'm pretty sure you'll become good at it. It's alright to do so.

Presenter: Tracing is a good point to start from.

Aoyama: Good point. That's also OK.

Presenter: Please give it a try.

Q: Between Ran and Sera-chan, which do you think is stronger?

A: Ran and Sera-chan? Huh... They're equal (laughs). They're probably the same.
Questions by citizens of Hokuei:
Q: If you had a 10-day break, is there somewhere you'd like to go to?

A: Huh!? A 10-day break? I'd like to sleep instead. (Laughs) I've already gone to most places I ever wanted to see. So it's OK.

Presenter: I see. Are you sleeping more lately?

Aoyama: A lot more, of course.

Presenter: But even so you'd like to sleep for 10 days...

Aoyama: Well, you see, one's not that young anymore...

Presenter: Oh no, that means that you're really busy.
Questions by those chosen through lottery:
Q: Which one is the best trick you've ever shown in Conan?

A: Ah, the trick? There's a lot that I end up "should've done something else", but...
Hmmm... The Kiyomizu temple cipher was pretty good in my opinion.

Q: I also like it.

Aoyama: Hah, hah, hah (laughs). Thanks a lot.

Q: Teru-nee, of the Earth Ladies, liked Shinichi (Volume 32). Did she see the news of Shinichi, who was believed to be dead, being actually alive? (School trip chapters).

Aoyama: Ah... She might've. Talk about a nostalgic name (laughs)

Q: I'd be happy if she appeared again.

A: You like her character?

Q: As a fellow Shinichi fan...

A: Oh. So you have empathy for her? Ooh (laughs)

Q: Yes. I'd be happy if she appeared again.

A: I was actually using the name of a net friend (as her nickname). Her real name is Ms. Hoshino Terumi-san.


Q: There's no plans for a Lupin Vs Kid movie?

A: Not at the moment. Sorry (laughs). You'd like to see it?


Q: I like the scenes where Conan-kun rescues Ran-chan. Do you plan to draw similar scenes in the future?

A: But of course. Tons of them. (laughs)


Q: Who's planned to be the main characters of the 2021 movie?

A: Huh? The next year movie? Not this one but the one afterwards? Ah! The one after the Akai one.
This is a secret between us, but...

(An audio recording of the scene reveals that he answered:
"Sato, Takagi, and another 5 characters")

You'll be able to know when the next movie's trailer is shown so keep it a secret until then.


Q: Which was your favorite food made by your mother? Is there something you eat often nowadays?

A: I loved the gyoza (Japanese dumplings) she made. They were so good.
What I like nowadays... You all know that. Curry rice (laughs)

Q: What group did Akai-san specialize in college?

A: Group!? (laughs)

Q: I meant branch... Culture, science, etc...

A: I think it was science. It probably was science, yes.

Q: Science? Which...?

A: More!? (laughs) Hmmm... I don't know (laughs)
Well. I'll leave it up to your imagination.
I think he studied while playing an accordion. Yes.

Q: Will a lady like "Koegetsuei" appear to Morofushi Taka'aki-san of the Nagano police?

A: Ah. You mean the wife of the historical Koumei? Hmm... Let's see... You'd like for that to happen?

Q: I'd like to, yes.

A: You want to! (laughs) Aah... Well... Guess I'll give it a thought someday.

I wonder if he'd like to, though (laughs) Well, I think of it. I'll handle it.


Q: In the director's interview of the 2019 movie (Fist of Blue Sapphire), he talked about how you said, after the movie was finished "It was the blue sapphire so maybe I should've put hints of Aoko there"; if you had done that, how would've it been like?

A: Ah... See, in the end he'd return the blue sapphire to him.
And when he did he did so, saying he didn't need it, he'd said "I've got a better sapphire"...

(Applause from the audience)

A: Huh? You wanted me to actually do that? (laughs)

Q: Yes!

A: Really!? (laughs) That for real?
Well, I thought you wouldn't catch (the reference) so that's why I didn't (laughs)
What. So you'd actually welcomed it? Well, imagine it within your minds (laughs)


Q: Do you have any plans to draw an spin-off of Akai-san or Okiya-san?

A: Huh? A spin-off!? Ah... "Akai's Everyday" or so? (laughs)
Well... Guess there won't. I can't say for sure, though. Huh? You want me to?

Q: Yes!

A: I'm very busy, you know. "Wild Police Story (Original Work: Aoyama Gosho / Drawings: Arai Takahiro)" is already a hassle (laughs)


Q: (A person from Fukuoka prefecture) Not many cases happen in Hakata, but do you dislike the city?

A: O-o-of course not, I don't dislike it or anything (laughs)

Thought it'd be hard to. But there was a detective from there.

The tomboy (Koshimizu Natsuki). (Volumes 54-55).

I had Yamaguchi Kappei-san fix (her speech) and it was a hassle. Yes.

Well, if I get Yamaguchi-san's consent, then... (laughs)


Q: I like how Amuro-kun is helping Heiji-kun who likes Kazuha-chan (Volume 92). Will we see Amuro-kun giving advice to people in a relationship?

A: It's not his style (laughs)

Q: Thought that it'd be fun to see if he was encouraging high school students...

A: Ah, is that so? I'll tell Arai-kun (Zero Tea Time author) about it (laughs)

Q: If possible, I'd like for it to happen in the main manga...

A: Aah... I see. Understood. Yes. I will handle it (laughs)


Q: Will some case in Hokuei?

A: You want a murder to happen there...? (laughs) A murder, you know...? (laughs)

Q: I thought that (any kind of case) would do...

A: Oh well, I'll place it in a corner of my head. I'll handle it positively (laughs).


Q: There's a lot of childhood episodes which are important; there was an episode of Akai-san when he was 15 years old, but... Did he come to Japan often? Has he ever been to the Miyano Clinic?

A: Oh no, I guess he never went. Guess so.

Q: Is there a possibility that similar episodes for other characters will happen?

A: There might be. Well, I don't actually know. No, I don't know (for sure) (laughs)
Wow. I can't properly answer (laughs) Sorry for that (laughs)


Q: Which is Akai-san's most disliked food?

A: Akai's most disliked food? Huh? HUUUHHH!? (laughs)
Did he have something he disliked? Looks like he'd eat anything.
Guess he doesn't have likes or dislikes.


Q: Do you know when did Heiji and Kazuha firstly meet?

A: Well, guess it was either the nursery school or the kindergarten...

Q: Will it be drawn?

A: Would you like to see it?

Q: I'd like to.

A: Really? (laughs) I'll handle it properly (laughs). You guys like stories with children, huh? I see~


Q: When Akai faced Amuro in the Kudo's house, he called Amuro "omae (you)" in the magazine, but in the volume it was redone. Do you know the why? (Volume 95)

A: Hah, hah (laughs) Was redone into "kimi (you)" (laughs). I'd actually originally written "kimi" but...
Due to a typo it ended up being "omae (you" instead, and so I fixed ASAP

Q: He often uses "omae" with others like his colleagues or his friends so... Thought it was different, and so...

A: Oh well, oh well. Thought that he'd use "kimi" instead so... Hmmm...
There's not really any deep meaning to it, see (laughs)

Q: Thank you very much

A: Sorry for the confusion (laughs)


Q: Akai-san stopped drinking the "Scotch" whisky, but is it due to the suicide of Hiromitsu (Morofushi Hiromitsu)?

A: It might be. He might've thought it'd been insulting. So that's probably why he stopped drinking it.
He still drinks Bourbon nevertheless, though (laughs)


Q: (Participant from China) Tapioca has become a fashion in Japan recently. Do you like Tapioca?

(Participants laugh)

Aoyama: Tapioca? (laughs) Not really... (laughs)... They say it actually makes you put on weight so...
Before it was fashionable it used to be found in a curry house named "Thally".
I drank it before it was fashionable. Afterwards, I haven't tried it again.

Q: Could there be a "Tapioca Murder Case" in the future?

A: Hah, hah, hah! (laugh) Someone mixes in poison in a Tapioca!? (laughs)
I'll handle it properly (laughs)


Q: When are the stories for the movies decided?

A: The director, the scriptwriter and other staff come to my home.
And then we decide "let's go with this".
Well, generally, we decide on them pretty early.
It's decided upon about a couple years before (release) (laughs)


Q: The next movie title is normally read in English (write as "kobushi" and read as "fist");
but this time it's read normally (written as "dangan" and read as it is).
Is there some reason?

A: Sakurai-san, the scriptwriter, asked "How about "The Scarlet Bullet (dangan)"?
And we said "well, let's go with it" and decided on it at once (laughs)
Nobody objected (laughs)
And now that it's been decided nobody will suddenly say "let's use "bullet" instead".


Q: Among the dishes that Yukiko-san taught Akai-san (Okiya-san), are there others that he's mastered
apart from the curry, stew and the meat and potatoes that have been shown in the manga?

A: There might be (laughs) He's pretty good at stews, after all (laughs)

His usual trick is "I made too much food so I brought it (to the Agasa home)"
so he knows a lot of dishes like that
He might also make cream stews. I don't know for sure, though.
Beef stroganoff, pot-au-feu or the likes are things I think he makes, too (laughs)


Q: When Sera-chan was younger, she met Akai and Scotch at a station's platform; did the trio of Rye, Bourbon and Scotch often go on missions together?

A: Oh, no! (Back then) it was a coincidence.

Q: I hope you can tell us more about Rye when he was in the organization; in an spin-off or so...

A: Aahh... Yes, yes. I'll consider it (laughs)


Q: What are the best 3 types of curry that you recently had?

A: Bondy Curry restaurant is the best (laughs)
It'd seem that Bondy is rendezvous spot for Conan fans so lately it's hard to go there (laughs)
As for the 2nd and 3rd, I go to similar places...

Q: I thought you also liked the Matsuya curry, too...

A: Oh, you know a lot. I like it, yes. If I had to compare before and after the renewal, I guess I liked it before?


Q: Is there something that Akai-san often wears as a good luck amulet?
A: A-Akai!? Akai (being superstitious)!? (laughs)
The knit cap (laughs) Sorry (laughs)

Q: Do you plan to draw an episode about what led to Amuro buying the Mazda RX-7?

A: Oh yes, there will be (laughs) In the Hagiwara Arc. (WPS)

(Applause from the audience)

Huh?? (laughs) Hagiwara is actually very good at driving, better than Amuro even (laughs)

Look forward to it. I guess the Hagiwara Arc will come after the Date Arc.


Q.(The ages of Hagiwara and the others have been established in WPS, but since Amuro-san is 29 right now, and seeing how Hagiwara-kun died on the line of duty 7 years ago, this is contradictory). I'd like to know how did Hagiwara get assigned to the riot police after graduating the Police Academy.

Aoyama: I guess he was very adaptable. And so got there at once.
He died running fast (laughs)
Aaah, well. Pretend that contradiction doesn't exist (laughs)
Think of a way to solve that by yourselves.

Q: When did you think of the Yumi and Shuukichi couple?

A: What was it? See... There was an episode in which Yumi talked about her ex, np?
Something about cats. (Volume 49)
I decided it by then.

Q: You already decided it'd be the 2nd son of the Akai family?

A: Oh yes, yes. Chuukichi will appear a lot in the movie so look forward to it (laughs)


Q: We'll soon reach Volume 100, but are there plans for some event?

A: (looks at the editor) Is there? There's not, right? (laughs)
Well, the (Shonen) Sunday will do their best so... Heh, heh, heh (laughs)


Q: I'd like to know who was Akai-san's first love and how old he was back then.

A: How old he was when he met his first love? I can't say that (laughs)
Hah, hah, hah. I'll leave it up to your imagination. Yes, yes.
First love... Her? I see... Yes (laughs) Sorry? (laughs


Q: I like Kazuha, but what part of her does Heiji really like?

A: I wonder which. You like Kazuha, yes?

Q: Oh yes, I do!

A: That's it (laughs) That's what he likes.

Q: I understand.

A: You do!? (laughs) Thanks a lot.


Q: Is there some emotion or something between Ran and Shinichi has changed now that they're in a relationship?

A: Good point. I already depicted how it was hard for them to directly talk to each other. That was one thing.
Guess that's not a precise answer. I do plan on depicting more of it, so look forward to it.


Q: I think there was an episode in WPS in which the parents of the Morofushi brothers were murdered? Will it have some relevance in the main manga?

A: Ah, no. That was an episode we made for WPS so I think it won't appear in the main manga.


Q: Have ever though of "what if Prof. Agasa was the culprit"?

A: Never. Hah, hah, hah... (laughs)


Q: (Episode not yet compiled in a volume) Chuukichi said that he'd wish for Mary to meet Yumi-tan but did he introduce her to the relatives of the Haneda family?

A: Guess he hasn't yet. Or he might have. I'm not sure yet.


Q: Art books mostly focusing on Conan have been released, but are there plans to release a book having Yaiba, the short stories, Magic Kaito and all of you color drawings?

A: (looks at the editor) There aren't. For now. But, oh well. I'll consider it.


Q: In the episode of the "Mermaid Island", there was "Shiho Miyano" written in the guestbook of visitors of the island.
Please tell me about it. (Volume 28)

A: Ah, yes. Well, she came once to investigate that long-living person. She came once as a scientist; that's a trace of her visit.


Q: What is KID good at apart from magic, and what does he dislike? Is he good at singing?

A: Guess he's not that good at singing. As for dislikes, he hates fishes.

Q: And apart from food?

A: Hmmm? Guess he dislikes Hakuba (laughs)

Q: And what is he good at?

A: Apart from magic? What could it be? Stealing? (laughs) Also, he can actually drive cars


Q: I think there were depictions that showed Gin and Vermouth being something like lovers, but... Will similar depictions appear in the future?

A: Oh, well, let's see... I don't know (laughs)


Q: When will Furuya-san be active again?

A: Oh yes, it'll come. When, I wonder.
Well, eventually... (laughs)


Q: I think that Shinichi is following the precedent of Yuusaku-san, but will he grow a mustache like his fathers does once he becomes older?

A: There might be (laughs)


Q: Is Furuya-san graduated from Touto University (a college within Detective Conan)?

A: I wonder about that. I haven't really decided. Would it be good if he was?

Q: Thought that it'd be "cool" if he was.

A: Ah, I see. Koumei was also graduated from that college...

Q: I see...

A: Oh well, I'll think of it


Q: Is Akai-san good at any other sports apart from Jeet Kuu Duno?

A: I think he's also good at cricket. Since he's a Brit (laughs)


Q: What is your ideal type of lady?

A: I used to like Kikuchi Momoko (laughs)
But I don't have one now. I like Gacky (actress Yui Aragaki) or so. In a normal way.


Q: Who thought of using Kusuda Rikumichi's body to make it look like Akai-san had died? He himself? Or Conan-kun? (Volumes 58-59)

A: Conan-kun was the one.

Q: Ah, is that so?

A: Why? (Do you sound surprised?)

Q: I thought that even if it'd been a bad guy, Conan-kun wouldn't think of using someone's body...

A: There was. There indeed was (laughs)
Conan-kun said "Do you intend to go with my plan?".

Q: I was a bit surprised.

A: I thought about (that plot) from quite a while before (it happened).


Q: Do you hold meetings with Arai, the author of ZTT? How often?

A: We meet and hold a meeting. How often? Guess at first there was a lot.
But we don't meet often for ZTT.
Since I simply fix the storyboards he brings.

Q: Are all those done digitally or so?

A: No, it's on paper. I fixed the printed out frames.
But for WPS instead he comes over and we do a proper meeting.
By the way, I drew all pages of the Matsuda arc storyboards (laughs)
I orally tell the editor things, such as "Kazami's incident, I think this would do "
And then Arai-kun draws it.


Q: Will there be progress between Kaito and Aoko-chan?

A: Guess they will. Look forward to it.


(Since the answer has a hearing disability, they ask through a sign language interpreter)

Q: Conan-kun realized that the tenis queen wanted help to save her mother and I thought it was amazing that he could understand Braille (volumes 71-72). Can he understand sign language, too?

A: He more or less does. He knows all Braille signs too.
Since he's very smart. Smarter than me (laughs)

Q: I'd like for you to draw someone who can't properly hear or uses sign language.

A: Ah, is that so? I'll consider it. Thank you very much.

Presenter: That was a strong consideration, yes. Alright. The questions corner is now over.
"I shall revive again, again AND AGAIN!"
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Re: Gosho Aoyama Let's Talk Day 2020

Post by ultraviolence »

Thanks for the translation!
Q: In the episode of the "Mermaid Island", there was "Shiho Miyano" written in the guestbook of visitors of the island.
Please tell me about it. (Volume 28)

A: Ah, yes. Well, she came once to investigate that long-living person. She came once as a scientist; that's a trace of her visit.
It sure is nice that there is one relevant question. I think that's the first time Gosho speaks this out loud and confirms this ancient fan theory.

I've read about some speculation in the past that a certain name in the guestbook could be connected to the boss, add to that Gin and Vodka accompanying Sherry for some reason - this has hype written all over it and would make for the best series ever 8-) I wish Gosho would grace us with the BO version of events concerning Mermaid Island.
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Re: Gosho Aoyama Let's Talk Day 2020

Post by k11chi »

Q: Between Ran and Sera-chan, which do you think is stronger?

A: Ran and Sera-chan? Huh... They're equal (laughs). They're probably the same.
Hmm. I was sure Ran was stronger because even though Masumi could knock her out she could still react to dodge and change her initial plans of blocking Masumi's kick.

This was a pretty cool Q&A. I'm interested in WPS but Arai's pacing doesn't make it easy to read ZTT weekly so I kind of want to just wait. Though at least Arai learns a lot if Gosho is making full storyboards for the man, not many get this kind of chance to delve into writing as a mangaka. Hopefully Arai's chapters get better pacing and more substance because he does know how to professionally frame a page, he's a good artist. I guess he'd be a great artist for many other series than Conan since he doesn't have to spend time thinking of the scripts in most series (though maybe he wouldn't have any passion to work on series like those).
I do see potential in Arai's craft however, and I don't say that for any other spinoff mangaka. His ability to be able to showcase the flow of time in a page is his most impressive aspect as an artist atm, but for example also his color pages and presentation are decent and at times pretty good even.
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