Best Conan Cases of the Decade (2010-2020)?

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Best Conan Cases of the Decade (2010-2020)?

Post by k11chi »

I wasn't going to but I just gotta do this thread. This is ranked by volume release instead of weekly release starting from February 2010 with volume 67 (first volume of the 2K10 decade). Haven't read or seen some of these in ages so I'll try rating off the old memory for now.

Volume 67:
Goth-Lolita Case (F697-698) - Average.
Tomorrow is There (F699) - Contains a great message of not doing foolish things.
Department Store Bomber Case (F700-704) - Decent, need to reread this.
Purse Snatcher Murder Case (F705-708) - Average+.

Volume 68:
Eri's Birthday Murder Case (F709-711) - Good, I like Kogoro and Eri a lot.
Kirin's Horn Case (F712-715) - Good, the trick Kaito uses here is actually really meaningful with what he wants to prove to the world that he's capable of pulling off.
Tori Man Mugging Case (F716-718) - I recall this being decent.

Volume 69:
Kappa Murder Case (F719-721) - Good, I like different rural settings. Case was intriguing.
Onsen Murder Case (F722-724) - Another decent setting. The side characters had an intriguing aura to them in this case. The case was okay.
White Day Murder Case (F725-727) - Average+, need to reread.
Strange Diary Kidnapping Case (F728-730) - Good, some of these cases where there's an adult theme with kids as side characters Gosho really shines in with his writing (such as Subaru's introduction case. Foreshadowing and numerous ways to pinpoint the culprit in a fair manner really stick out there).

Volume 70:
Ryoma's Gunbelt Case (F731-733) - Good. Magic Kaito 1412 has its own version of this case as well.
Demon Dog Murder Case (F734-740) - Great case. Going to put this on my reread list as well.

Volume 71:
The VHS of Memories (F741-742) - Solid
Following Holmes (The London Case) (F743-752) - This is a really great case and the villain is just a jerk as well which is good now and then (Even his name is Hades). This case had some really good and important moments and it was just different. I enjoyed it a lot.

Volume 72:
Two-Five-Two (F753-755) - Didn't care for this but I'll reread it. Remember the earthquake stuff which is usually interesting in detective fiction I don't remember what it did here atm.
Horror Show (F756-758) - The anime version of this was named the Screaming Operation Room which is a pretty crazy name. It was an average case from what I remember.
Wolf-Crier (F759-761) - I recall the witnesses being used here in some ways. OK case. Rereading this as well.
Like Clockwork (F762-764) - Good case. Some neat themes.

Volume 73:
Ramen So Good (It's to Die For...) (F765-767) - Great case. I know people don't usually care for these types of poisoning cases but this is a stand-out for how it's done.
Jeet Kune Do (F768-770) - This case introduces Sera to us. I've been meaning to reread this for a while as I'm comparing the introduction cases of all the Bourbon suspects. They're all really great in different ways and really different from each other.

Volume 74:
Bomber's Request (F771-774) - Good+ case.
Target on Tape (F775-777) - Recall this being meh.
East vs. West (F778-780) - Great stuff. I've rewatched this couple of times. Has some Sera moments as well as Heiji vs Conan.
E-Y-E Illusion Case (F781-786) - I'll put this on my rereading list. I actually don't remember anything from it but the name and Sakurako. It had some family drama.

Volume 75:
Another Kogoro (F787-789) - I recall this being dumb (as it has a bootleg Kogoro) but I doubt it's what I remember at all.
Painmobile (F790-792) - Average case.
Private Eye (F793-795) - Amuro introduction case. Great case. Remember this clearly down to the DNA stuff that's also on the volume covers.

Volume 76:
Online Client (F796-800) - This case was FIRE. Not because it had epic stuff going on but because of the atmosphere of the case. It was immersive and tense, and the story moved from place to place.
Domestic Violence (F801-803) - People hated this due to it stopping the Bourbon stuff but it was a solid case, implementing character emotions as clues and a nice theme to it (pregnancy, regret and forgiveness).
Overnight Deadline (F804-808) - First good Takagi case in ages. I really like this one. The case itself was average but what it is (Takagi, Wataru Date and Satou stuff going on), it's a good experience.

Volume 77:
Room Traces (F890-811) - Average case.
Cold Case (F812-814) - Disappointing case; it had Yusaku in it but the answer to the case was just not acceptable really. Other than the answer the case had some good things going for it for sure.
Cabin Trap (F815-817) - Good case. The atmosphere is great, the case ends in a really great way even if the answer is questionable (it still works). We finally see adult Haibara which is actually used to psychologically trick fans in the next volume's case.

Volume 78:
Mystery Train (F818-824) - We finally learn of Bourbon's identity, have Yukiko moments and Haibara moments and Masumi and Amuro moments and a showdown. The case itself was pretty damn great as well with intriguing tricks and side characters. Pretty amazing experience. I remember how much the case was hyped.
Tennis Meetup (F825-827) - Good case. This is one of those cases where the actions of the main characters affect how a case transforms from what it normally would have been. Actually a lot of Amuro cases and Conan cases and some Heiji cases are like that.
The Blush Mermaid (F828-830) - Some good moments but it's an average Kaito case with a diamond riding on a turtle...

Volume 79:
Unexpected Murder (F831-833) - Meh case normally but due to having Heiji it's amped to being okay.
Vampire's Mansion (F834-840) - Not going to lie, these generic mansion murder case ideas for cases aren't always a hit for me but there was some really good stuff in this case. One part of me is like "but the case setting is generic.." and the other part of me is like "that's really solid stuff." I like the case.

Volume 80:
Delivery Service (F841-843) - Good case. It's nothing special but the way the detective boys got out of the situation and how we had some tension with Amuro going on (+Counter Board OST used as Amuro's action theme in the anime) made this case better.
Our Territory (F844-846) - This is the Masumi case with the fruit apple stuff going on. Great case. I remember being hyped when I figured out the culprit from the hints. It's addictive.
Yumi's Love Story (F847-849) - Good case. Some entertaining things in it.
A Shrine to Remember (F850-852) - This got a special in the anime, it's Jodie and Amuro stuff in the shrine. The ending was really hype. Good case.

Volume 81:
Cocktail of Sorrow (F853-855) - This was a good case with some nice atmosphere. A detective solves a case in a bar being the theme. The story being seen from Kogoro's perspective was hot. I hope Gosho does that again.
Steamy Relations (F856-858) - Adultery investigation stuff from Masumi. Good case.
Bumper Brawn (F859-861) - Makoto vs Sera a bit + Makoto being a suspect. I like the feel of this case. Good case.

Volume 82:
Twin Bets (F862-864) - Makoto vs Kaito. I can't believe this volume came out in 2014, feels like it came out yesterday! The case was nothing that special but it is solid. It's basically about guessing what kinds of bets the characters made.
Taii's Owner (F865-868) - I like Taii but I just wasn't feeling this case.
A Missing Item (F869-872) - This is the MPD love story #9. The case is solid. Stabbed victim and just solve it.
The Red Woman Murder Case (F872-875) - Masumi visits her 2nd oldest brother's old classmates' meet-up villa as they have a problem at hand. This is a great case with atmosphere and intrigue to it. Pacing is good, it's all good. Ending of the case was also interesting, maybe even unexpected. We get a sneak peek of Mary here as well.

Volume 83:
Romance Novelist Murder Case (F876-878) - The intrigue of the child who resembles Sera continues here. Case is solid. I should reread this as it always gets overshadowed by Red Woman that came just before it.
Drug Trading Case (F879-881) - A quick Heiji case with some nice moments.
Aquarium Murder Case (F882-884) - This is a pretty special case. I really dig it. The Shark next to Shinichi in the color spread is a real killer.

Volume 84:
Kite-Flying Competition Murder Case - I think this was meh but for some reason I reread it at one point. Can't remember why.
Tea Poisoning Murder Case (F888-890) - Amuro case. Good stuff. It's the case where he looked out of the window and Conan is like: "I know you've solved it as well.. Zero!"
Elementary Teacher Assault (F891-893) - The Scarlet Prologue stuff. Amuro causing havoc. I really like this case for what it is.

Volume 85:
Scarlet Showdown (F894-898) - This was basically the end of the Bourbon arc. Really good stuff honestly. Overall I prefer Mystery Train for the better Bourbon showdown but the other had Yukiko and the other Yusaku throwing down so it's almost the same for me.
Shogi Tournament (F899-902) - This is an interesting one. It's kind of average but has some pretty good qualities to it. Shukichi is a mysterious character but not too much so. His intelligence is not being overplayed but you know how broken he is when he's a shogi champion.

Volume 86:
Poolside Case (F903-905) - Average but solid case with Masumi and Mary stuff.
Scriptwriter Murder Case (F906-908) - Haibara talks about the different aspects of RUM and there is a murder case simulating all those aspects with three different characters. Hmm. The case itself is meh but might be worth looking into again.
Kamaitachi Murder Case (F909-912) - This was honestly a great case. I like the setting a lot. Rural, mysterious with a mythical being being in the center of it all. The answer to the case is really over the top but I like it honestly. I should reread this just to enjoy it again.
Kawanakajima Murder Case (913-917) - Absolute Greatness son. I love this case. It's hard-boiled which is fitting for Nagano cases, the case didn't overplay "Kansuke===RUM!!" like many expected it would and the case itself was honestly really good for what it is (more than just murders and a perp). The villain in this case was great. I love how the anime did this as well with the use of blood and stuff when we see the culprit's flashbacks. The side characters were interesting and the murder pretty gruesome. The case is tight but of course not perfect.

Volume 87:
A Blog That Causes a Death (F918-920) - Average case. Also had some Kuroda stuff.
Ran & Shinichi - First Contact (F921-924) - This is an interesting one. We just had Kawanakajima which was hard-boiled storytelling compared to the usual soft-boiled storytelling and now we had a kindergarten story of Shinichi and Ran. I like this case a lot but what makes it more important is that it also shows variety in how Gosho can do things differently when he wants. The case is four chapters with two chapters for Conan and two for Ran showing us the same story from different perspectives. It's entertaining and I appreciate it.
A Secret of a Big Couple!? (F925-927) - Average case but I like the aspect of both Kogoro and Haibara acting like angry fangirls/-boys towards their idols supposedly dating.

Volume 88:
A Killer in Ramen Ogura (F928-930) - Another really solid case at a restaurant.
Zombie Movie Murder Case (F931-935) - Zombie version of Vampire case but this one has more entertaining character moments to it but less interesting of a case (albeit more original of an idea). It's a good case regardless as all Heiji cases are.
Girls Band Murder Case (F936-938) - Ran remembers meeting Scotch and stuff like that. Actually the Amuro version of this case was shown later on with Subaru, Conan and Amuro solving a case together. Average case though.

Volume 89:
Department Store stabbing Case (F939-941) - Christmas volume with detective boys. This was a good case, mostly very solid way of writing a case like this. I'll reread this.
UFO Sighting Murder Case (F942-944) - Not gonna lie I skimmed through this but I recall there being good aspects to the case. Never cared about Chiba but guess that's just my fault for not reading. I'll reread this as well.
Shukichi's Envelope Case (F945-947) - Okay case. I'll reread this at some point for sure.
The Clenched Scissors and the Clipped Letters (F948-950) - Ooh this was a good one,case with the shattered glass that was pretty intriguing already for a short case but became even more so interesting when we learn the similarities with the Haneda Kohji case that happened 17 years prior to the main story.

Volume 90:
Soul Detective Murder Case (F951-953) - Interesting case showing us the relevancy of Haneda as a guy claims to be able to solve murders and tries to call in Haneda's spirit. Overall it's average case with interesting elements to it though.
A Song Named ASACA (F954-957) - The Haneda stuff continues. This short case itself was ok but the stuff surrounding these 3 chapters where Conan, Amuro and Subaru are in the spotlight was pretty great. We see Akai bop Scotch and all that good stuff here.
Curse of the Nue (F958-962) - A Heiji case with a supernatural element to it. The Nue case was okay. There were some interesting side characters to it as well.

Volume 91:
Kaitou Kid and the Luna Memoria (F963-965) - This case was pretty cool with the trick box containing a moonstone that Kaito attempts to cop.
The Old Warehouse of Teitan Elementary School (F966-968) - Okay case with some interesting elements to it case and plot wise.
Fitting Room Murder Case (F969-971) - Average case. Basically meant to build-up to the flashback case.

Volume 92:
A Chance Meeting at the Beach (F972-974) - Albeit it being a short case it's still a pretty huge thing for the series with the Kudos and Akais basically being tied by fate. The case itself was pretty entertaining as well. We saw a lot of cool characters in this. We even saw Shukichi and Papa Akai huh.
Interchanged Betting Ticket Case (F975-977) - The case that introduces us Kanenori Wakita. The case itself isn't all that special iirc but for some reason I really like it. Probably because it's a Kogoro+restaurant case.
Rumi Wakasa's Neighbor Murder Case (F978-980) - This case itself is handled like a normal short case but the trick I think was cool and inspirational in a sense. However what makes this case nuts is Wakasa's actions pretty much.
Murder inside Cafe Poirot Case (F981-983) - This is a good one. Poirot case with the boys - Heiji, Amuro, Conan and the new Mr. "????". I really liked this one. The case itself was average but presented with the main cast in an entertaining enough manner. I liked how Conan got blood splattered over his glasses.

Volume 93:
Eri Kisaki Abduction Case (F984-986) - I loved this one. It's been literal ages since Kogoro got to actually shine and here he does. FINALLY! This was amazing. I wish he'd get more screentime in the movies as well. The case itself was good for a short abduction case. Eri cases always seem better than other cases like them. The perps also had personal motives against her here which was cool they called themselves the "Eri Kisaki's Victims Club" lmao.
Burning Tent Murder Case (F987-989) - A decent short Wakasa case.
Kendo Tournament Murder Case (F990-993) - This was a good one. The school characters just make the cases more interesting as they aren't always around. We also got introduced to freaking Onimaru from the Yaiba series.

Volume 94:
Cafe Rice Flower Murder Case (F994-996) - Case was OK but the character interactions were great. Kogoro and Conan being suspicious of Ran, lol.
Haibara's Lost Phone Strap Case (F997-999) - Not gonna lie I have to reread this one. From what I remember it had a lot of solid stuff to it but what came right after it really makes this one faint completely in my memory.
Crimson School Trip Case (F1000-1005) - We finally reached the quad digits! This. Case. Was. Amazing. I love it so much. A lot of nostalgia and just feel-good moments from this whole thing. The character writing was amazing (Shinichi accidentally playing Conan and Masumi and Heiji stuff...)... This might be my favourite experience of the decade. The setting was great as well.

Volume 95:
Missing Maria Higashio Case (F1006-1008) - This one was really damn good as well. The Kudo Family Freak is in this one with the main parents getting to shine dealing with that problem.
The case with the drinking bird has this ominous aura to it - it's completely normal-feeling thing that they are dealing with - a perfect contrast for this case as the ending quite possibly has the biggest revelation of this series thus far. Amazing stuff now that I think about this case as well. It has this minimalistic approach to the whole thing to shock the reader with the big banger at the end. Gosho also did this kind of psychological tricking with showing us adult haibara before the Mystery Train to make us automatically think that the Sherry running around in the train is the real one. I remember this one Heiji case where the detectives were like "you think just because that person robbed something, he is also the killer?" which goes hand in hand with this kind of approach to writing. Love it.
Black Bunny's Club Case (F1009-1012) - Kogoro got invited to a club with his client and we get Amuro to the mix? This case has Amuro flashbacks with Elena and all that good stuff. The combination of all these things in a nice setting with an average case makes the whole experience really solid.

After this case I've only seen really, really little of the series mostly to let the cases pile up.

Volume 96:
Policewomen Serial Murder Case (F1013-1017)
Kaitou Kid and the Fairy's Lip (F1018-1021)
TV Drama Filming Site Murder Case (F1022-1025)

Volume 97:
Nagano Snowy Mountains Case (F1027-1031)
Edible Wild Plants Collecting Case (F1032-1034)
Antique Facet Case (1035- )

Chapters not yet published in volume format
File 1037: The Stream of Time... (時の流れ Toki no Nagare?)
File 1038: Show, Don't Hide (隠すより現る Kakusu Yori Arawaru?)
File 1039: Momiji's Challenge (もみじの挑戦 Momiji no chōsen?)
File 1040: From your Real Madrid Fanatic Mother (フットボウル好きの母より Futtobouru-suki no haha yori?)
File 1041: Brothers Reuniting after Thirty Years (30年ぶりの兄弟 0-Nen-buri no kyōdai?)
File 1042: The Jingisukan of Memories (思い出のジンギスカン Omoide no jingisukan?)
File 1043: The Meijin's Beard (名人のあごひげ Meijin no agohige?)
File 1044: The Meijin's Eyes (名人の目 Meijin no me?)
File 1045: The Meijin's Hand (名人の手 Meijin no te?)
File 1046: The Meijin's Winning Hand (名人の奥の手 Meijin no okunote?)

So now after thinking this through here are my top 10 cases of the past decade

Other standouts before top 10: Clenched Scissors, Tomorrow is There, Kogoro in a Bar Murder Case, A Chance Meeting at the Beach, Murder inside Café Poirot, London Case, Tea Poisoning Murder Case, Elementary Teacher Attempted Murder Case, Kendo Tournament case, Shinichi and Ran's First Meeting Case, Shukichi's Envelope Case, all the restaurant cases, Soul Detective Murder Case, Policewomen Serial Murder Case, Eri Kisaki Abduction Case.

#10 Private Eye - Amuro's introductory case. It's simpler than Subaru's or Masumi's introductory cases and from writing standpoint I like those better but this one was just as great for what it is and presents in those three chapters.
#9 Aquarium Case - This case has some odd kind of pull to me. It's nothing over-the-top. Technically it's just Shinichi solving a normal case but the way Gosho presents stuff sometimes is just amazing. The shark in the tank behind Shinichi in the color spread is one of the greatest artistic choices I've ever seen and it even ties to the skills of a detective theme, not many write like this man does.
#8 Missing Maria Higashio Case - As a Kogoro fan it pains me to do this but i'm actually swapping Eri Kisaki Abduction Case with this one because I think the way this was handled was perfect. The minimalistic approach with the drinking bird mystery used in this case to build-up to the massive ending was amazing.
#7 Scarlet Showdown - I had to throw out Kogoro in a Bar Murder Case and Tomorrow is There to fit this in because my boy wasn't playing around in this case!
#6 All Heiji cases: Vampire/Zombie/Nue were solid but especially the Kamaitachi case just felt good to read with the rural setting and nice pacing.
#5 Kawanakajima Murder Case - A hard-boiled Nagano case with that Kuroda goodness but the case itself and the antagonist was really well inserted in this story that had to do with the battles of Kawanakajima. Definitely a stand-out case. And such an entertaining read on top of that.
#4 Red Woman Murder Case - This was such a good Sera case. The case wasn't overly long, it had this nice atmosphere of Fall to it and the case cast had roundabout connections to the main cast.
#3 Mystery Train - Can you believe that Mystery Train came out almost 8 years ago? Yeah. It was one of the biggest Conan things for sure, it had the hype, the characters, the moments. You can just take a look at the sales of Agatha Christie's Murder on Orient Express to see how much interest there is towards these cases on moving trains. This was a showdown with a BO member and a really great case compiled together with interesting character moments.
#2 Detective's Nocturne - The feel of this case was really nice. I remember when this was coming out weekly, I was really immersed in the whole thing.
#1 The Scarlet School Trip. Literally a fantastic experience overall that goes hand in hand with Episode ONE with how Gosho wants to show the world and characters of Detective Conan. This whole batch of chapters was just so incredibly fun to read.


Re: Best Conan Cases of the Decade (2010-2020)?

Post by thriceplus »

Best case is Kogoro at the bar to me


Re: Best Conan Cases of the Decade (2010-2020)?

Post by ichigoichi3 »

Thanks for putting together such a complete analysis of the last decade, reading your post has made me want to go back to re-watch the nostalgic cases since it's been rather quiet in recent years.
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Re: Best Conan Cases of the Decade (2010-2020)?

Post by k11chi »

ichigoichi3 wrote:Thanks for putting together such a complete analysis of the last decade, reading your post has made me want to go back to re-watch the nostalgic cases since it's been rather quiet in recent years.
One way to spend time with Conan is to basically look at how Gosho writes some of these cases. After years of reading normal length stories I kind of just want to read more of these shorter stories. Cases like Subaru's introductory case are pretty impressive after you actually analyze literally every little detail; many different ways to pinpoint the culprit and some great foreshadowing for the overarching story in the mix.
Missing Maria Higashio case on the other hand is a great showcase on how well Gosho understands how his readers perceive the things he writes. The drinking bird mystery is calm, slow and slightly emotional (as everyone can relate to losing their grandparents), and it builds up the ominous feeling and tension to the huge revelation.
Obviously there are unusual cases like the kindergarten case, or hard-boiled cases in Nagano. Heiji cases are good if you want to see the golden age inner circle type of cases. Some of the cases have our overarching characters' actions change the course of how the case would have normally gone, which I really like when we learn that some errors that the culprit made are due to the fact that other characters did something that forced the perp to change their plan.


Re: Best Conan Cases of the Decade (2010-2020)?

Post by blackmoon »

yeah very nice detailed analysis and really appreciate the effort put into it. IMO, each and every case is unique and special, and i usually rate a case based on the "surprise" factor (as in how much the twist in plot surprises me), so.... i honestly have not read every single volume of detective conan and your valuable analysis can serve as a good reference guide for it. So thanks! As for the case that left the most impression on me so far would be... Conan and Heiji's Nue Legend! (Manga source: Volume 90: File 10 (958) ~ Volume 91: File 3 (962))

the anime
"one should stick with one's original plan" (初志貫徹 shoshi kantetsu) ;)
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