Discussion Thread: Detective Conan 1,039–1,043

Forum reserved for discussing specific points of the story—mostly from the manga. Be warned, these discussions will be current with the manga and will spoil many plot lines for anime-centric fans.
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Discussion Thread: Detective Conan 1,039–1,043

Postby DCUniverseAficionado » August 4th, 2019, 12:50 am


As stated in the above image, please continue to use spoiler boxes for the first three days in which a file is available. However, due to legal restrictions, we kindly ask that you do NOT post any links in this topic to any Japanese raw files or English scanlations. For more information on this matter, please click here.

1,039 spoilers are now out... in fact, all 16 pages of the file (albeit in very low resolution) are now out.

Here are text translations by Fujiwara and Anthony Lim:

Momiji: Iori...

Momiji: Can you let me hear it again, just to confirm?

Iori: Absolutely, Momiji-sama.

* Click *

Momiji: Are you serious? Heiji...

Heiji: Don't let me repeat it countless times, big idiot!!

Heiji: If, if such a thing truly exists...

Heiji: I'll listen to whatever you want.

File 1039: Momiji's Challenge Letter

Series Chapter 1

An elegant face, yet concealing some kind of conspiracy.

Ran: Dear Mōri Ran-sama, this is Ooka Momiji...

Ran: Please forgive me for writing you so suddenly...

Ran: I have a code that I would very much like for Kudō Shinichi, whom I met in Kyōto, to solve...
I shall forward images of the code...

Ran: A code?

SFX: beep

[Image: The treasure is here! (code) From your *foot*bowl loving mother]

SFX: beep

[Image: The treasure is here! (code) From your *foot*bowl loving mother]

SFX: beep

[Image: The treasure is here! (code) From your *foot*bowl loving mother]

SFX: beep

[Image: The treasure is here! (code) From your foot*bow*l loving mother]

SFX: beep

Ran: The recently deceased, long-standing housekeeper of a certain wealthy person...
Sent this code to her four sons just before her death...
I understand that she wanted to leave the terrific treasure she had received from her master during her lifetime...

Ran: It appears that she loved mysteries and so, in order for her sons to work together to reach the treasure...

Ran: She sent each of them on sheet of the code...
However, after the letters had been sent, all communication from the eldest son suddenly stopped...

Ran: Maybe the eldest son had already solved the code and encountered some kind of trouble in the location of the treasure?

Ran: That's what the three brothers inquired about at that wealthy person's house...

Ran: Which is why said wealthy person requested our Ooka household, with whom they are connected, solve the code...

Ran: From what I have heard, Kudō Shinichi is a famous high-school detective!

Ran: In truth, I wanted to write to him directly, but I do not have his contact details...
So I reached out to you, with whom I had exchanged contact details, instead...

Ran: I happen to be coming to Tokyo today...

Ran: So I shall tell you more at 4pm on the roof of the Haido Central Building...

Ran: Wait! That's only three hours from now!

Ran: I need to call Shinichi immediately!

Ran (thoughts): Ah, but...

Ran (thoughts): Talking to him directly might still be too embarrassing...

Ran (thoughts): Maybe I better send a message...

Ran (thoughts): I'll also have to forward the code...

Voice: Summer holidays start tomorrow!

Genta: We can play games at the professor's house non-stop!

Ayumi: Yes!

Mitsuhiko: Let's relish it!

Ayumi: You should play too, Conan-kun!

Conan: Ah, yeah...

Ai: It's all right!
He's currently absorbed in a different kind of game...

Ai: A game called code breaking...

Agasa: What's up with that code?

Conan: Ran sent me the code...

Conan: It seems that there's something more to it...

Agasa: And? Have you solved it?

Conan: No, I still have no idea...

Ran: No reply from Shinichi… even though I've got to leave for Haido Central Building very soon or I won't be on time… maybe i really should call...

Conan: I'm home–!

Ran: Welcome home!

Conan: Shinichi-niichan called me! he's busy so he can't go to Haido Central Building, so he said to go with Ran-neechan and listen to the explanation!

Conan: If we're leaving right away, I'll go put my bag upstairs and be right back!

Ran: Y–yeah…

Ran: Why not to me… but Conan-kun?

Ran: W–Well… maybe Shinichi is also embarrassed to call directly…

Conan: That tall building, right? Haido Central Building…

Ran: Yeah! but the rooftop of such a building, can regular people just go there?

Man: "Kudō Shinichi-sama's companion, Mōri Ran-sama, yes?"

Ran: Ah, yes…

Man: "Sorry to keep you waiting, please enter…"

Momiji: Everyone…apologies for the wait…

Momiji: I'm Ooka Momiji!

Heiji: Ya can skip the introductions, give us the details already!

Momiji: Even if i say details, it's only one extra line… it's written "from mother, the football fan" in the code, but…

Momiji: She's never seen "football"… that is to say, a soccer match… not even once, you know?

Break next week—we can expect 1,040 spoilers at this time in two weeks.

UPDATE (8/14):
1,040 text spoilers are now out, courtesy of Sakaki and Baka:
"Basically Heiji and "Shinichi" solve the code at the same time, and Heiji can't have none of that.
So Iori suggests they go to the place indicated in the code Haido warehouse 4 and whomever can deduce what's going on there wins the contest.
That's where they find a murdered dude.
Basically the chapter ends with them using the newly murdered dude as the next "contest".
Kazuha is asking what would have happened if they couldn't or did solve the code after she came all the way to Tokyo and Momiji is like "I dunno".
Momiji is pretty pissed that Shinichi didnt turned up and thinks that this handed a Heiji a massive advantage by being present.
They solve the code by hearing something about "addition and subtraction" from Momiji (in a forceful manner, so she probably figured it out beforehand)
There is no new code btw. And the sons are also there since they all got a message from their mom to show up. Obviously there is nothing plot related in this file as well."
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Re: Discussion Thread: Detective Conan 1,039–1,043

Postby blackmoon » August 15th, 2019, 4:53 am

Well...instead of the love rivalry competition between Shiniji and Heiji that seemed to be aimed at hyping up the content creating climax, I'm more interested in knowing how the "code" is actually solved... and... why there seems to be no other person responding to this thread ::)
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Re: Discussion Thread: Detective Conan 1,039–1,043

Postby MeiTanteixX » August 15th, 2019, 1:55 pm

blackmoon wrote:Well...instead of the love rivalry competition between Shiniji and Heiji that seemed to be aimed at hyping up the content creating climax, I'm more interested in knowing how the "code" is actually solved... and... why there seems to be no other person responding to this thread ::)

perhaps you should join Discord or something,... because there are a lot of discussions... just not really here.
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