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Conan's Cellphone

Posted: November 21st, 2018, 12:04 am
by jimbo
Has there been any mention of Conan's cellphone since the revival of Akai? Conan's cellphone was used to advance the plot i.e. the fingerprints on his phone were not Akai but Kusuda Rikumichi.

However, the Tokyo police department still has the phone and the phone that Jodie returned to Conan was of a different serial number.

For the talk about the gun Kusuda used, I think readers are forgetting that a BO member who infiltrates the police force may get his or her hands on the gun and match Conan's fingerprints to Kudo Shinichi.

Re: Conan's Cellphone

Posted: November 21st, 2018, 10:13 am
by Spimer
No, the phone only worked as a means to "certify" Akai's "death" and that was all it was supposed to do.

The police probably gave it back to Conan after they closed the investigation since they'd already extracted the fingerprints from it and drew their own conclusions from the case.

And, also, what need is there for a BO member to infiltrate the police by now? Amuro and Vermouth tricked Camel into letting out that Kusuda suicided so if they reported that then they had no need to care about what'd become of him anyway. They probably didn't care much since he was a member without a codename and maybe he didn't know much.

And why would anyone compare his fingerprints to Shinichi's?

Irish did so but that's because he probably was interested in trying to see if Shinichi was really dead or not and out of personal motives, but normally no-one would think of it.

For the rest of the BO, Shinichi is recorded as killed by the APTX 4869 and that's it. Another sniffer who was silenced, and that's it.