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Aoyama Gosho Let's Talk Day 2018

Posted: January 8th, 2018, 9:57 am
by Spimer
Q&A of the "Let's Talk Day (January 3, 2018)".

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Compressed in spoiler for easier viewing:
Q1: "Why does Kaito hate fish?"
A: "Because I hate fish myself"

Q2: "What's the scene which was hardest to draw?"
A: "The Bell Tree Express. I ran out of temper, yet I wanted to draw another 1-2 episodes. Sorry!"

Q3: "Which characters will be the main protagonists of next year's movie?"
A: "Huh? Can I say it? Hints! A dexterous type, and a strong type! Hah, hah! (laughs)! Those will appear! You dunno them? Can you figure them out?

Q4: "Did you go to the USJ Conan?"
A: "Haven't gone yet, but I want to go by New Year's!"

Q5: "What's the cosplay you really want to see?"
A: "Which I want to see? Vermouth!"

Q6: "What's the source of your energy?"
A: "Guess curry, I eat curry! Cutlet curry!"

Q7: "I want to see Nagashima-kun from "3rd Base 4th" work"
A: "If I could, I'd do it (laughs)

Q8: "Is there some info about Scotch which you can't talk about?"
A: "Scotch? Scotch? Who was Scotch? Ah, yes, Kazami's pal, right, huh? Kazami is older than Amuro and Scotch... Haven't thought about it yet (laughs)"

Q9: "Will Yonago feature a murder case?"
A: "Yonago? And the Mizuki Shigeru Road... Those would be chill (laughs) I'll work on it!"

Q10: "Will there be an episode in which Yusaku and Akai work together?"
A: "There will! Since they're now together!"

Q11:"Where did the idea of Kid's "1412" come from?"
A: "Nowhere in particular, after writing "Kid" a lot of times I casually saw it on my broken down writing"

Q12: "Will you appeared by yourself within Conan?"
A: "I won't. That's for special cases."

Q13: "Will the Ran of 10 years in the future appear at some point?"
A: "You want to see her? Well, wait for it! It won't happen anytime soon! (laughs)

Q14: "Akai parted with Jodie to date Akemi but which of them did he really love?"
A: "Which of them, I wonder... Didn't he love both of them? Hmmm... Guess that Akemi's the one who's still on his heart..."

Q15: "What's Conan's current PIN?"
A: "I've thought of one but I won't say it! I won't say it! I might be using it on real life! (laughs)

Q16: "Are Teitan Elementary and High private or public?"
A: "In my opinion, I don't mind that! I haven't decided that!"

Q17: "Will Kyogoku [Makoto] appear in the movies?"
A: "A while ago I said a bit that--- what, what? I didn't say it! Oh well, look forward to it! Kyogoku is cool!"

Q18: "Shogi now has 8 crowns instead of 7 crowns, but will this affect Chuukichi and Yumi?"
A: "Is that so? I see! Isn't he dangerous? It's Chuukichi... I'll have to add it! He gotta get that [crown], too! If they marry Yumi will enter the Akai family... Isn't he dangerous? Chuukichi, I mean!"

Q19: "What's the memorial day of the school trip kiss?"
A: "I haven't decided that, when is it, I wonder... Well, pick a day of your choice... I dunno! (laughs) I haven't decided that!"

Q20: "Will there be chances for Hakuba to appear in the future?"
A: "I draw an episode with him last year, though... I'll handle things carefully"

Q21:"How about a mystery in Takaratzuka?"
A: "It'd seem Conan's popular there but drawing costumes and scenery is annoying (laughs) I'll handle things carefully"

Q22: "How about Amuro's food likes and dislikes?"
A: "Dunno! Akai feels like he'd eat Calorie Mate, maybe Celery? He might gnaw at it! Somewhat! So let's make Amuro like Celery! (laughs)

Q23: "Is there any possibility of the Miyanos being alive?"
A: "None! There's none!"

Q24: "How about when Ai was younger? I'd like to see the Miyano Family"
A: "I might think of something but haven't thought about it yet!"

Q25: "Is there something on the 30th anniversary you couldn't do or want to do?"
A: "I want to be a director... An anime director, that is... I wonder about it... Guess it must be hard"

Q26: "How different are the Kaito and Kid from MK?"
A: "They're different, right? In MK he's the protagonist, and in Conan I try to make him look like cool and there's also Akako in MK."

Q27: "Will do you Vermouth's mystery?"
A: "I'll do them, of course! But of course!"

Q28: "Has Aoko's mother met Kaito? Will she appear?"
A: "Maybe she has? I'm thinking about it, I'll also do so in the future"

Q29: "Have you gotten into the bath with Ran without we readers knowing?"
A: "I've done so! Indeed! How many times, I wonder... I've done so often... With half-closed eyes..."

Q30: "Could Gin and Tsutomu know each other?"
A: "It's a secret (laughs)"

Q31: "What'll happen to Heiji and Kazuha in the future?"
A: "I won't say it, I won't! Look forward to it!"

Q32: "Who's most fluent in foreign idioms?"
A: "Vermouth, maybe? Hmmm... Shinichi? He might speak a lot of words, Kappei-san will have trouble (laughs)"

Q33: "What about the MO or other old sub-plots?"
A: "I'd prefer if I could find a good way to dodge them... Won't you forget about those? (laughs)"

Q34: "What about Sharon's grave story?"
A: "A fabrication. A falsehood."

Q35: "Have you decided other numbers of the voice-changer?"
A: "I haven't."

Q36: "What about the parts cut in the NHK [airing]?"
A: "Holmes only thinks of Watson so he's just like Ran, but I was very, very curious about what happened afterwards"

Q37: "Is there some character thought to be dead but who's alive?"
A: "Huh... Huh? Said to be dead but they're alive? Ah, there is! There is, yes! I won't say who, though (laughs) But there is"

Q38: "Who's the most handsome member of the BO?"
A: "Huh... Is Amuro considered a BO member, too? He must be handsome, Amuro. Is Akai a BO member, too? I see, maybe Vodka might be handsome, too. But I think Gin is handsome.

Q39: "Will there be a series which'll overcome "Desperate Revival"?"
A: "There might be, I don't know. There might be."

Re: Aoyama Gosho Let's Talk Day 2018

Posted: January 8th, 2018, 12:39 pm
by Zerozaki4869
So Tsutomu and Gin might have a connection then? Probably (Wakita=Tsutomu??)

Re: Aoyama Gosho Let's Talk Day 2018

Posted: January 8th, 2018, 12:57 pm
by Nemomon
Gosho totally forgot about Scotch. Poor guy, he killed himself for nothing, and even his own author forgot about him and his sacrifice. He is not even a third-rate actor now...

Re: Aoyama Gosho Let's Talk Day 2018

Posted: January 8th, 2018, 3:34 pm
by Swagnarok
Nobody asked about the hiatus?

Re: Aoyama Gosho Let's Talk Day 2018

Posted: January 9th, 2018, 8:16 am
by DCUniverseAficionado
Swagnarok wrote:Nobody asked about the hiatus?
I think Gosho said he wasn't going to answer any questions about it.

Re: Aoyama Gosho Let's Talk Day 2018

Posted: January 13th, 2018, 12:16 am
by red.orchid
Thanks, Spimer.

He asked us to forget the subplots, huh? That can't be good. Am I the only one feeling disheartened about this??

Next year's Movie will be about Makoto... I don't dislike that idea.

Re: Aoyama Gosho Let's Talk Day 2018

Posted: January 13th, 2018, 12:12 pm
by Serinox
red.orchid wrote:He asked us to forget the subplots, huh? That can't be good. Am I the only one feeling disheartened about this??
It doesn't reflect well in this translation, but from what I've read, this question is about the floppy disks from the Pisco case and what Gosho will do about those, since they were a vital plot but technology marches on and Gosho asks fans to just forget that they were on floppy disks originally, so he doesn't have to think up an excuse/retcon for that himself. So: it's a joke and not a serious suggestion.

Re: Aoyama Gosho Let's Talk Day 2018

Posted: January 13th, 2018, 1:31 pm
by Spimer
Yeah, thought so, it's also probably that he didn't remember them since they're things of so many years ago (he doesn't remember Araide, was even unsure about who Scotch) was.

Re: Aoyama Gosho Let's Talk Day 2018

Posted: January 14th, 2018, 3:00 am
by red.orchid
Thanks, I see. That's a comforting thought.
It's understandable he forgot about Araide, but Scotch was not that long ago... Poor guy is overworked.