What we know about Karasuma

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What we know about Karasuma

Postby Swagnarok » December 11th, 2017, 2:43 pm

Due to...*ahem* a new development in the plot, I've decided to take this opportunity to revisit the Renya Karasuma case. The story of the mysterious rich guy is told is told in Files 300-302.
Keep in mind the translation I'm using is heavily flawed (terrible is more like it), so I may may be flat out wrong on some points. I'm assuming that all references to the "Crow Association" are mistranslations, and that the only party involved was a singular individual named Renya Karasuma.
He owned a mansion out in the backwoods of Japan. 40 years ago, he passed away at the age of 99. As he was dying he arranged a set of circumstances in which he was going to murder a whole bunch of rich people in the process. After death, his large collection of art was auctioned off in one big event. Two mysterious men showed up and gave everyone a leaf to roll up and smoke. It was mentioned as probably being marijuana, and everyone there started murdering each other under the influence. Then the two men made off with his treasures. Since it was stated that Karasuma was responsible for it all, it can be assumed that those two men were working for him.
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Re: What we know about Karasuma

Postby Nemomon » December 11th, 2017, 2:57 pm

We could assume that Vermouth's words:

"We can be both of God and the Devil. Since we're trying to raise the dead against the stream of time."

meant reviving Renya, the true Anokata. But since he was a bitch, and Vermouth knows that pretty well, she's against the idea of reviving him, and that's why she sided with Conan and his BO's destruction plan.
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Re: What we know about Karasuma

Postby Spimer » December 11th, 2017, 3:05 pm


Like you admitted, you read a flawed version of the case.

The whole auction and marijuana and the killings were a fabrication by Senma and Ookami (the orchestrators of the banquet) to explain the blood stains around the mansion.

But the truth is that Karasuma, who'd inherited this manor from his mother, called several scholars and archaeologists to try to figure out where the treasure was at: however, feeling that death was close he got impatient and began to murder them one by one to put pressure into the others to find the treasure sooner.

One of them did get a hold of a key to the treasure (Senma's father) but didn't tell Karasuma because he knew he'd be killed nevertheless.

That's all we know, at some point the villa switched owners and the Karasuma family stopped being the owners.

So some like I considered him to be red herring given how his behavior didn't fit Vermouth's description and the fact that he should've been dead for about 40 years.
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Re: What we know about Karasuma

Postby Kor » December 14th, 2017, 11:09 am

Locking this thread so when it gets bumped the title won't show on the index. If anyone wishes to talk specifically about the case, there's the existing thread about it by jimmy. Any other posts and speculations about him being the boss can be continued in the regular Anokata thread. (We may eventually open a new boss thread cause that one's huge and filled with posts that are now irrelevant, but I'll decide on that later)

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