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My ideas

Post by CrimsonGenius »

If Rumi is the daughter/sister

of Haneda Kouji, that'd make sense she keeping her father/ brother's dying message shougi piece as keepsake/ memento

;) BTW Mary must be little sister of Elena(would make sense of little sister from outer domain, Aoyama's revelation about one of pair of sisters), both are of British descent, that'd makes sense why she looks like Haibara. Also Amuro might've been adopted by Elena.

Ano Kata is Aoyama Gosho himself, which is why musical notes sounds like Tottori area code, Yamamura is his son. ;D

Vermouth might be Ano kata's daughter, hence why she was allowed to exclusively consume anti-aging drug to retain her youth.

reason why Boss likes Nanatsu no Ko is cause of there are Japanese theories that the crow cries singing in the song because it's cute babies (have died, which is indirectly stated by the crow crying), he most have lost important people too, also it might be possible that boss exactly wanted drug to shrink one into 7 year old, has anyone wondered why Conan has shrunk to ""seven year old child" not 6 or 8 years, which would fit with Nanatsu no Ko (Seven Children or Seven year old child). also hence why Nanatsu no Ko is favourite tune, also Crows metaphorically related to BO (as Raven), So TL;DR Nanatsu no Ko is the theme song of BO:lol:, BO members maybe fooled/ don't know true purpose of research yet, that'd make sense of APTX or Silver Bullet originally being top-secret forbidden immortality or anti-aging research

BTW: Akemi's PS to Akai Shuichi must be that "I have realized that I'm your sister/ cousin, would you still......?":rolleyes:

Also how the hell did Rumi got access to BO victims list in ... _Trip_Case?
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Re: My ideas

Post by Spimer »

More than theories they seem more like spontaneous ideas which you've compiled here.

It's half-confirmed that Elena and Mary are sisters which makes Akemi and Haibara cousins with the Akais.

They're not bad ideas but they need more development and backing to be called "theories".
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Re: My ideas

Post by shinichi1977 »

I'm actually glad this topic exists, so I don't have to make a separate one. Houston, we have a problem... if Mary and Elena were sisters. What is absolutely confirmed that Akemi was Shuichi's girlfriend, and given their age, they went beyond hand holding.

Except for accepted Japanese custom or not, cousins dating each other is where I draw the line, especially if it's intentional, and no, it's still unethical, if only Sera is Tsutomu's and Mary's kid, it's still cousins dating each other.

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