Discussion Thread: Detective Conan 1,006–1,008

Forum reserved for discussing specific points of the story—mostly from the manga. Be warned, these discussions will be current with the manga and will spoil many plot lines for anime-centric fans.
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Re: Discussion Thread: Detective Conan 1,006–1,008 (Manga On Hiatus)

Postby AKAI REI » February 24th, 2018, 5:46 pm

Hey guys, just wondering whether there is any news from Aoyama-sensei about chap-1009?
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Re: Discussion Thread: Detective Conan 1,006–1,008 (Manga On Hiatus)

Postby DCUniverseAficionado » February 24th, 2018, 8:23 pm

AKAI REI wrote:Hey guys, just wondering whether there is any news from Aoyama-sensei about chap-1009?

Not that I'm aware of.
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Re: Discussion Thread: Detective Conan 1,006–1,008 (Manga On Hiatus)

Postby Spimer » February 25th, 2018, 4:02 am

If there was we'd write an announcement in this thread to let you all know: it'll be big news over the net once the hiatus ends so we'll all know at once.
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Re: Discussion Thread: Detective Conan 1,006–1,008 (Manga On Hiatus)

Postby ryndk » March 18th, 2018, 11:47 am

this hiatus's killing me
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Re: Discussion Thread: Detective Conan 1,006–1,008

Postby Kor » March 30th, 2018, 4:37 am

Looks like the manga's coming back on April 11 in issue #20
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Re: Discussion Thread: Detective Conan 1,006–1,008

Postby dccd » March 30th, 2018, 8:42 am

Isnt as clear as it seems due to the cover, but atleast a sign of life.
"5 projects" sounds pretty interesting.
Anyways, lets hope for a quick and strong return.
Thx Kor.

E: Ok, on reddit it seems confirmed. Nice!
EE: Wtf, is it true that there is sth about 1009 being "the final chapter of this arc" mentioned?
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Re: Discussion Thread: Detective Conan 1,006–1,008

Postby Spimer » March 30th, 2018, 12:07 pm

No, I think it's a mistake given how it talks about "most recent episode / file" in a corner of the announcement.
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Re: Discussion Thread: Detective Conan 1,006–1,008

Postby Magical Mystery » April 1st, 2018, 12:58 am

Kor wrote:Looks like the manga's coming back on April 11 in issue #20

It appears to be confirmed on Anime News Network.
Detective Conan Manga Resumes on April 11
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Re: Discussion Thread: Detective Conan 1,006–1,008

Postby CrimsonGenius » April 2nd, 2018, 2:55 pm

Hell yeah! It seems to be most interesting thrilling arc so far. exactly 4 years after Scarlet Series
In this arc maybe Bourbon fakes his death with help of Conan, Akai in return for some special favour, to evade BO/RUM's orders as well as Vermouth warned him to not harm Conan (Shin'ichi)& Ran
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Re: Discussion Thread: Detective Conan 1,006–1,008

Postby Nemomon » April 4th, 2018, 8:58 am

Hopefully it's not April Fools' joke...
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Re: Discussion Thread: Detective Conan 1,006–1,008

Postby k11chi » May 10th, 2018, 8:16 pm

Everythings cool at the Detective Agency. Conan's gotten a fever again. APTX fever I assume. Lol they fooled Kogoro like that.
It was pretty intense phew indeed....

"I have to check just in case.." ...
Lool Conan thought it was a dream.
He's hungry time to go rob the doc.Hmm souvenirs from the trip...

Erm alot of people are outside and Haibara calls. Perhaps at... Shinichis house...? Dang. He's all over the net lmao... LMAO!

Reporters all over his goddamn house this can't be happening rofl. Let's see what mr. subaru has to tell them about Shinichi... Skipped goddamn. Conan conan conan.. This whole thing became viral like a meme.

Rumi sneaking up on Haibara.
Maria from Kansai area. So she must be someone's sister.
Higashikata... Maria... Disappeared. Let's see where this goes. From both sides I guess...
"Looks like mah granny hid treasures for me inside her house!"

Hmm. Looks like a challenge from the grandma but let's see...

Oh my god there's a "the world's biggest Kudo family freak." blog site......... "Let's discuss everything about my beloved Kudo family." This has to be a joke. Who... is... this...

Transitioning to the DBs and the Maria case hmm simplistic looking stuff. An earthquake... Haibara's thinking.
Ahh does the mirror show the real arrow? Yep... Hmm shocked faces? Is she out cold? Damn I was pretty surprised myself as well. Well is she there?
No. She must have gotten away by a hairs breadth. "Please keep things tidy and in order!" is the final clue so... A cleaning closet perhaps? Or is it about those two boxes that won't budge.


So the books can form the arrow perhaps? Hmm. What a weird grandma. They are going all out tidying up those manga volumes. Save Maria, DBs!

Shinichi's side... A live broadcast. Agasa found the vid... Hmm. That was 2 days ago. A film with Heiji's and Shinichi's faces caught on it.
Heiji's all caught up in it. This thing has exploded but if Heiji is... There's this one guy in their school he could use...
Hopefully Conan won't go on the TV to tell lies now. I get chills just thinking about that.

Ok the DB's are done with the tidying and it seems to be a flop. Hmm.. Maybe they're not meant to be arranged from left to right. Hmm ofcourse. That's a simple way to find the arrow from that. The basement. A suspicious staircase..

Ran at the school. Sonoko calls her to the window. A crap ton of press outside the school. Uhh...
The teacher just starts the class not giving a care in the world. He's probably the kudo lover lmao.

DB's side. Maria's room at her grandma's place. That's a clean place and a nice room for a basement.. She seemed to be a nice person. Haibara found a note... Room is covered in square patterns now. Stuff have been moved.. Seems to be a mystery room for sure. Bunch of hints from utilizing a lamp.

A restroom is next. An arrow goes to.. Shower... A large shower. Bado-chan. There seems to be something inside the bird. Help from Conan?

"Kudo Shinichi has a younger twin who died" Perfect.
"It's just that if I stop joking around, I might lose it" Perfect?

There's something unnerving about Haibara of all people calling Conan a traitor.

The biggest huh... Let's go... Phew....

Drinking bird. A toy which will move if you give it water.
This looks hilarious. It's a bird toy with a top hat.
Snell's law.. That's a powerful way to distort vision.

Someone is on the door at Agasa's place as the DB run into the potentially final room. .. .. .. It's Wakita.. Conan's taking notes already.

Holy bonkers. Yusaku is at Tokyo! That's pretty epic for a fan introduction? I'm saving this... Yukiko's hanging along.

At DB's. The door can't be opened what? Uhh hmm a skilled carpenter grandfather huh. What's his name I wonder. Does he make trick boxes and stuff just wonderin'... Apparently he died of illness before the grandma did.

So there's a pressure stopping the door from opening. It's like a submarine. No trick just a problem. That's one thing Maria couldn't have escaped from, she needs to get rid of that door.
There she is. On the TV... A room of memories of Maria with her grandma and grandfather. She seems nonchalant about getting stuck. The grandma must have been mystery maniac since she thought she has to watch all of them videos.

Heiji sharing the facts with the press let's see... Yep. Okita. Looks just like Shinichi. However... Hmm. This is pretty quick. Will they buy it? Heiji seems to think so. Apparently they are pulling back everywhere...
Lol a phantom Shinichi. That would be Kaito now that I think about it.

Uhh was it one of these three I wonder. Amuro been a damn minute since I seen him what's up... Hmm... Apparently Azusa is asking if he has any christmas plans and he does not have any christmas plans. A mail that contains (!?)

"I DEMAND information on Kudo Shinichi"
"Time is money!"
"Hurry up, Bourbon"
- Rum

Lol. "Time is money!" ? Interesting..

Such a massive media circus gone. So we are getting more on this kudo freak. Who the hell is he now... LOL I knew exactly who right after I switched the page, it was SHE, the woman Yusaku... OOH! That's why they were acting like that. I didn't even think about that! Wow! That's another layer to this story I did not even think about. That's a good one. I really like this way of storytelling. I thought it'd be just Heiji talking about Okita and done but it's the Kudo freak that was the biggest problem. That woman is a damn stalker... We may see her again.

Yusaku deduction... Akai... Cipher... Haneda.... 8 letters form a single name.

This is it....................................................

Carasuma. A freaking double spread page in Detective Conan.

Yep there's the man from the sunset manor... Yusaku calls him the most powerful man in japan. Quite the statement. A man with a crapload of money. Let's see if he can utilize that cash well when his time draws to a close.

Absolute insanity...

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