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Re: Discussion thread: Detective Conan 1000-1005

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I think now's a good time to start reading the chapters again managed to stay behind enough... 1004 ended the case. It was a nice one. 1005 continues the story of Ran and Shinichi as the chp opens up with a page about that kiss... "Finale!!"

Ah yes they are at the temple... Ran kisses him in front of everyone. Masumi seems super surprised, well so do everyone even Sonoko. I wonder what Shinichi is going to say to her answer...

"NO!" ooh......... holy craplings naw this is not happening right now lool is this supposed to be his phone that he's mistaking for heartbeat lmao? No it's his own damn that effect doesn't last that long anymore. Uhh... Masumi seems pretty suspicious. If I were Sonoko I'd run after him and slap him I guess. She'd be that kind of person. Crabs Masumi s going for him hmm... What a weird chase Masumi trying to catch Shinichi. Now she's asking for intel... Heiji for the win? Hmm Closing Time 18:00.. I guess that might be something to note if I reread the case. Common and Group entrances are separated as well.

Really she's tenacious. Trying to peek into Heiji's bag... Obviously she guesses Conan would be there... Yep.... Goddamn.

Everyone seems to be talking about Shinichi. I wonder if these kids really would keep from mentioning his involvement to the case a secret but then again whatever they talk about on social media probably doesn't even matter... A mention of a previous case, cool. These people seemed to have paid attention to Masumi hanging with him...

Ahh yes the photo of Okita and Ran was from Sonoko. That's why that thing happened even. Nice. Ran was returning something to Okita hmm karate stuff I assume? No a charm she got from Sato? Okita has a charm as well? What did Kogoro see? I want to see. Ran saw it too...

Whaat who is this? Not yet his girlfriend I see... Oh really a younger sister of your worthy rival guessing his name starts with Y.
There's something pretty damn amazing about this page. About Okita and Ran talking, sharing secrets, and the natural connection of these guys like Momiji and Okita.

Sonoko knows the way of superficial girls. I finished a book just yesterday called funerals for two by james hadley chase and it had an annoying married girl who went after every good looking man. Never ended well for her.

Now these boys are after Ran.. Hmm. Ran compares this to jumping down that fall that the flashback victim did in the last case. An apology message from Shinichi....

Great. This puts a smile on my face as well. I'm saving this panel...
Masumi is on the loose. Mary gets that infoo uhh hmm. It's not going to be pretty for Mary if she tries to go all offensive. She's just a duo with Masumi. And I doubt she'll let Masumi try to kill people. Ahh this is just like how Shuichi acts as well isnt it.

Conan and Heiji riding somewhere. Conan likes to read the phone while driving confirmed. Heiji is a smart man.
BF and GF yeps.-.l,fff.efmrpg.....

So Conan didn't warn him is there something else about this I wonder.. Apparently not just the kiss.

"He's raising the bar pretty high." LOL!!!

Back to Yukiko and Yusaku in L.A. The case made headlines in there as well what... Ah yeah. That's right... The celebrities...
Yusaku showing off his power of deduction again. Yusaku seems suspicious.

Foh. I knew it.... Aijaijaijaijai... This ending is going to be amazing when animated. I can see how it flows. It just shows people on the phones, everyone's interest is on this case.. Lol I forgot about these three. Let's see... Kuroda seems normal. Wakita has nearly a similar phone as Kuroda. He seems to be working at the same place still. Wakasa... There are scars around her. She gives off a Vermouth vibe indeed but we'll see.

What a chapter. I thought it would be presented in the way that Shinichi gets only caught because he got caught on the camera but the way Gosho did it in this chapter was really great. Very good stuff.
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